Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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A good cleaning!!!

It's now 8:42am and I'm sitting here waiting for the color to process on my hair before having to wash it out.  My greys are out of control, truly and I wish I was as brave as some women who just let them be and go all colorless.  I can't, it drives me insane.

I just had my go to breakfast, yogurt, frozen blueberries and granola.  Love it, never get sick of it and it fills me up.


So two days ago I decided to try a lighter color on my hair, I should have known it wouldn't work, it never does.

Nonetheless I went for it, and what I ended up with was really light brown on my roots, my greys NOT covered and the rest of my hair black.  It looked a total mess, so I had to run out yesterday and grab another normal black which is what my natural hair is anyway.

Here I sit now, on my bed, with a bag over my head and counting down the minutes until I can get my natural black hair back.  I've given up on lighter colors, my hair just won't take them unless I bleach, and that is something I definitely don't want to do.

Goodness, we never seem happy with what we have do we?


I spent the day yesterday, giving this house a good cleaning, or starting to at least, it's such a big house that there is no way on earth I will get every room done in one day.

The two living rooms and kitchen did get a good cleaning.  I reorganized, put things where they belong, brought in some flowers for decoration, and then the usual vacuum and dust and sweep and mop etc.  Also gave the windows a good cleaning.


Laundry and laundry and never ending laundry.  I had two big baskets of clothes to iron, so I popped in a show and got to work.

It took me a little over an hour but I have it all done, although it's sitting in the baskets right now because I need to get them put away this morning some time.

I've also been remembering to take pictures of what I'm cooking so I can update the food blog.  It's been a while and I find that I miss having the recipes online for me to look back on and remake.


Texas Hash, it's a quick and simple meal to put together, it's filling and it goes far, which is what I need when feeding 8 people.


The Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake was a hit.  I made it for my sister in law's birthday last week.  So good.

I'll try to have both recipes up sometime today.

I also managed to go around and visit all the Happy Homemaker Monday participants which felt great to do, I just wish I had more time to visit you all.


I've been working on meal planning.  I'm actually needing to get a new notebook to work in because this one is quickly filling up.

Oh and I have to show you my new phone case.  I don't like spending a lot of money on things like that but it needs a protective case, even though I'll tell you I am super careful with my phone.

I found this case on Amazon for super cheap, I want to say it was like $8 or something.  I fell in love with it.


It has this super adorable little flower that plugs right into your headphones connection.


And I am so in love with the vintage looking pictures.  The elephant and the little flowers and butterflies.  It's this beautiful soft yellow and mint green.

But yeah, just wanted to share.

My grandmother is still in hospital, her organs are slowly shutting down and we've been told to prepare ourselves.  My father was called in on Sunday night to sign a DNR form. 

I'm broken, I know what is coming and I'm actually at the point where I want her to go because I don't think this is a life for her, I don't want to think of her being in pain, not sound of mind etc.

This in between while we wait for the inevitable is so hard.  I would love nothing more than for my grandmother to live and be healthy, but when she's so sick, I part of me wants it all to end the sooner the better.

I hope I am making sense and I hope no one is thinking I'm wanting her to die. 

It's just really, really hard!!!!

Well friends, I have to go and wash this off my hair, then I need to style it, get dressed for the day and get busy with my housework.  I also have to get all the kid's school books in a box and mailed off.

Oh and later today we are going to check out a local Zumba class.  I am SO SO looking forward to that.

Have a wonderful Tuesday :)


  1. Dear Sandra ~ I need to give my little place a good cleaning. :-) You inspire me.

    Look forward to recipes on your food blog.

    I stopped coloring my brunette hair around the time I turned 50, that's 17 years ago now. I got tired of coloring my hair every few weeks and I did NOT like that cooking feeling on my scalp as I waited under that plastic cap. My hair is mostly silver now and down to the middle of my back. I'm an old hippie who wears my hair in a braid.

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. Dear husband and I had DNR papers already signed, and I had them at the hospital when he suffered a cardiac arrest while in the MRI. They asked me did I want to bring him back and I said No. I said he's with God right now and he's right where he wants to be. He was ready to go. I told them I had the paper work in my purse. They said that was fine. They also told me that if they had brought him back he would be on a breathing machine and on dialysis. That's no way to live.

    I pray your grandmother goes peacefully. Keep all the wonderful memories locked in your heart and feel the love you had for each other any time you think of her.

    Love, hugs & prayers for you and your family at this time. ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hi Sandra! Happy coloring. ;)

    I love your new phone case - so darn cute!! And have fun at zumba... when I used to go that was one of the most fun exercise classes I have ever been to before.

    I'm so excited to see more of your recipes again. Especially that cheesecake! Um, yes please! Lol

    Prayers sent for your Gram to find peace. Blessings to you. xoxo

  3. Hello! That phone case is just so cute! I have to admit I like my grey blonde and dark red hair better than I ever did the dishwater blonde! LOL! That granola sounds yummy.

  4. Prayers for your Grandmother and all of you.

  5. I love that phone case! I just bought Jennah a super cute one for her b-day from Amazon that she loves.

    Have you shared the Texas Hash recipe somewhere? That looks delicious!



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