Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Follow the River Home by Corran Harrington - TLC Book Tour

Paperback: 220 pages

Publisher: Arbor Farm Press (April 14, 2016)

Daniel Arroyo has suffered a lifetime of guilt over the sudden death of his infant sister, who died when he was eight years old. He now lives his middle years between that guilt and worsening episodes of PTSD from a Vietnam he left thirty years ago. When a violent encounter on a dusty highway forces Daniel to face what haunts him, he finds himself pulled back to the neighborhood of his youth, where old houses hold tired secrets. What really happened on that steamy August afternoon? The answer comes spilling from the old neighborhood, and Daniel begins to find his way home. Corran Harrington takes the reader along the Rio Grande, from its headwaters to the sea.

“Deeply, bravely imagined, Corran Harrington’s radiant fiction records the ways in which our deepest loyalties and grief’s spring from our first soil, brilliantly revealing the secret ways our lives touch each other without our knowing. Compassionate, luminous, wise, this is a book to savor and give to friends.” Kathleen Hill, author of Who Occupies This House


About Corran Harrington

Corran Harrington is a Pushcart Prize nominee, a Santa Fe Writers Project finalist, a Hidden River Arts Eludia Award finalist, a Bosque Fiction Contest finalist, and a New Millennium Writings Award semi-finalist whose short fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals. A former lawyer, Harrington also has a background in cultural and linguistic anthropology. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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 My Thoughts:

The book follows the story of Daniel and the obstacles he has had to live through, from the guilt he has over his baby sister's death, serving in Vietnam and the subsequent PTSD.  He has decided that he needs to search for answers and try to make sense of it all.

One incident along his journey pricks his mind and takes him back to the town where he grew up. A place where memories and lies and even the truth live in the most unexpected places.

The author broke the book down into two stories, which I'm usually not used to but I found that it really helped paint a picture of who Daniel was. 

The first being his story, his life, and everything that has gone on, and then turning it into almost like a compilation of short stories where we get to really know all about Daniel through his childhood home, furniture, his old neighborhood and so on.  She really does a wonderful job and I found myself quite enjoying the book.



Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Sandra, for your nice review of my book! I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into this. Happy reading to you!

Kind Regards,
Corran Harrington

Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

Daniel certainly has gone through a great deal ... I look forward to seeing how his story turns out in the end.

Thanks for being a part of the tour!