Thursday, March 29, 2018

{ Rain, birds and what I'm watching }


I wish you all could hear what I hear at the moment.  The birds are chirping loudly out in the backyard, fluttering back and forth between the trees, swooping down to the grass and back up.

Spring is most definitely finally here.  I started laughing the other morning because I looked outside and said "ooooohhhhh the grass is all green, so pretty".  To which Curt quickly replied "Noooooooo that means I have to start mowing 3 acres again".  LOL


Nevermind him though, he does enjoy being outside and doing yard work, but he's right, when we're in the middle of hot summer here in Texas, it's not much fun being outside mowing for hours.

We've had rain the whole week, it started Monday morning and just continued throughout the next few days, and only stopped this morning.  Woke up to a wet earth but clear blue skies and a sun shining super brightly.



There's something about the rain that I love so much, it's almost therapeutic.  I love the smell of the rain, I love watching it coming down, and the way tiny drops of water just stick to every single surface, taking turns plopping down to the ground.

I always find that rainy days make any home look cozier, especially when you light the candles, grab a good book and sit down to read with a hot cup of tea.


While the rain continued outside, I worked inside.  I did some major reorganizing, moving furniture around, switching things here and there, baking and cooking and taking pictures for blog posts and so on.

I worked non stop for 3 days and it felt amazing.  There's nothing quite like feeling that sense of accomplishment when things are getting done.  It's so easy at times to let the house go, to watch that pile of paperwork on the dining table, just getting taller and taller, or the kid's shoes in the living room just laying about, the kitchen counter tops an overcrowded mess of left behind cereal boxes, or empty mugs or plates or whatnot....and to sometimes say sod it to the cooking and grab a take out.

We all have those days, we're human, and I too have days like that, believe me.  It's not all perfection around here Hahaha

But I've been on a roll lately, getting things done, keeping things clean and tidy and not allowing it to get out of hand, because we all know that the more things get left as they are, the more the continue to get worse because that sense of overwhelming won't let us get right in there.  Am I right, or am I right?



In between my chores and tasks, I had my teapot out with delicious tea to enjoy.  What is it about tea poured from a teapot that makes it THAT much more enjoyable?




Another thing I've been doing, is keeping an eye on the birds that live in my yard, and let me tell you, I have so many different species, this is but a fraction.  I even have two big owls.

One of my bird seed wreaths finally broke and fell apart, a few days ago, and since then they've all been enjoying the scattered seeds right outside my front door, which is great because I've managed to get some really good shots of these precious beings.

How cute :)

But anyway, let me talk to you a bit about some shows I've been watching, some new ones coming up that look quite interesting, and some movies that I want to watch as well.

I'm trying to catch up on some series as well, but between homemaking and spending time with my camera observing the birds, I haven't had much time for TV, which is not a bad thing.

Right, so let me show you a list of the ones I need catching up on.  Also don't forget that if you enjoy Period Dramas I have a ton for you to watch, just go check out my lists on the sidebar.  I'm sure you'll find plenty you'll enjoy.

Catching up on:
Call the Midwife
There's no Place like Home
Jamestown Season 2
The Durrells
Dark Angel

New shows I've either started watching or have my eye on:
The Curse of Civil War Gold
The Terror
The Victorian Slum
Howard's End
Picnic at Hanging Rock (releasing May in Australia)

Paddington 2
The Zookeeper's wife
King Charles III
Ethel and Ernest
Darkest Hour

These are just a few and I'll obviously not be watching everything within the next few days, that would be a bit too much TV even for me.

Right, well I'm taking today off to relax, I have some major cramping going on, my shoulder is hurting from all the overdoing the past few days AND my allergies are seriously acting up.

It's couch, coffee, cookies and other snacky bits and tv watching.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week so far, I'll be back with another post very soon :)


  1. Please send some of that sunshine our way! It's been rainy and cold every single day this week and it's our spring break. Loved seeing all your bird photos. I've heard really great things about both Dunkirk and The Zookeeper's Wife. My oldest and I went to see Black Panther at the theater on Tuesday and both really enjoyed it (I wasn't really enthused about it but the story is surprisingly good). Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. Beautiful’s been raining non stop here in Ohio, this morning turning to a snow mix.....I just know spring is coming, I think, lol...robins are abundance, chick a dees.....I even seen a crocus or two pop up in my flower beds.....have a wonderful Easter, look forward to hearing about your fryer...hubby wants one with rostisery may I ask where you got yours? The dehydrator would be great too we make jerky......

  3. I just took a day trip with my Mom and one daughter. We had a great time. I am in the process of doing the extreme clean in my living room, and moving furniture. I'm waiting for a better weather day though - shampooing carpets requires opening windows or running the ceiling fan. It's been cold with the rain, so I'm doing the small stuff and purging anything until then. Have a nice Easter weekend.


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