Friday, June 05, 2020

{ Lately around here }


Hi friends. *waving*

It has been a while since I've sat down to compile an actual post, you know, to talk to you and tell you as well as show you what has been happening around here.

Life has been, well, chaotic I think is a good word for us all to use.  It is nothing like I ever thought I would see and at times I find myself completely perplexed at the situation we are living in.

Truthfully said, there is only one way out of this, and that is through Christ's love and grace.  It is more than ever, important for us to inch closer to God, and if we don't have a strong relationship with Him, we may want to start looking into it.  Sooner the better.

So I briefly mentioned in my Happy Homemaker Monday that we were dealing with some spiritual attacks, and I think that it's safe to say that many of us are going through the same.  I've seen many friends and brothers and sisters in Christ, talking about this very same issue as well.

I was a mess the beginning of the week, but as I allowed myself to rest in God and not on myself or life around me, a sense of peace took over.

And so I turned from being a lost stumbling fool, to leaving it where it belongs, in His hands, and turning towards my family and home.


I have a few books coming in for review, which always make me happy.  Is there anything like opening a book and allowing yourself to be carried away in it's pages?

This is the current read, The Summer House by Lauren K. Denton.  I recently became acquainted with Lauren's books, I think I've review one or two of hers before.  Easy, sweet stories that I much appreciate at the moment.


Candles have been another of my go to.  Some people only burn candles in Fall and Winter, I'm a all year long candle burner.  Just love the way they smell, love the way they look and the feeling they evoke when you walk into a room.


I've also been giving special attention to my house plants.  I've now managed to successfully transplant and split up a few plants, and they are doing amazingly well.  There is something about seeing the pretty new green shoots coming up that just gives you a warm feeling inside.

I am about to go and grab a cutting from my Arabian Jasmine plant, so that I can try and propagate more of them.  It smells amazing.  Jasmine, Hyacinths, Gardenia and Lilacs are my absolutely favorite flower scents.

Wouldn't mind living surrounded by a constant aroma of these gorgeous plants.

That's kind of my plan, to propagate as many as I can and then plant them all around my property.



The wildflowers I planted have started popping up.  How gorgeous are these dark purple ones?

And likewise, our new Pear tree has started growing dozens of shoots.  I couldn't be more excited at that prospect.  We have a pear tree in the back along the property fence, but before we ever get any fruit the birds destroy it all.  It is also in a very weird spot, not sure why it was planted there, but we don't want to move an established tree and risk killing it, so it will stay.



My veggie garden is also coming along.  It's growing in leaps and bounds. 


My potato plants are looking beautiful, look at that.  Now this is my first year growing potatoes, and I didn't grow them from seed but rather from store bought potatoes that grew a ton of eyes.  I planted 4 and I only one of the potatoes didn't take, I have 3 potato plants growing right now.


My zucchini is also growing so big.  Tons of blossoms on it already.  This weekend I actually need to stake the plants to get them growing vertically.




Likewise, my tomato plants are doing amazingly well too.  I also need to cage them this weekend, it's easier to do while they are still small enough.



Overall, my garden is growing in leaps and bounds and I'm enjoying sitting back and watching it all come alive.  Gardening is work, you do need to stay on top of it, but the rewards are so worth all the faffing around.

In ending this post, I want to ask you all to please pray for protection for our country and the President today.  There are numerous prophets and Christians all over the world joining in today in deep prayer for our nation and the world in general.  Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus, put on the full Armor of God and stay vigilant.

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  1. Praying for peace in America. I love all your plants - both inside and out. Have a good weekend.


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