Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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About Complete Photo Guide

• Publisher: National Geographic (October 19, 2021)
• Hardcover: 416 pages

Photography is a fundamental skill with the power to enhance our lives, and this next book in National Geographic’s revamped how-to photography line shows how to create great pictures–from composition and camera basics to smartphones, social media, and digital editing.

With more than two billion pictures taken every day, everyone is a photographer now–and we all want to get better at it. This definitive guide shares top secrets and skills from National Geographic’s most talented photojournalists, all sure to help you capture the best pictures of what matters most.

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step pages take you through every technique you’ll need to create stunning images, from exposure to flash to image enhancement. You’ll also discover the broader dimensions of composition, photography history, and how to look at the world like a photographer. Engaging how-to features include “assignments”–such as photographing a single object to explore angles, lighting, and context–and “Why I Love this Photo,” with penetrating commentary from National Geographic photo editors on iconic photos and what makes them great. Finally, a fascinating illustrated time line of photography tracks progress from daguerrotypes to smartphones.

Practical and inspiring, this is the perfect how-to, how-it-works, and how-to-get-better guide from National Geographic, the ultimate source for everything photographic.

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Anyone who knows me, knows how I love photography and my camera.   My canon is by far, one of my most prized possessions, and something that I always take with me, if I know I'm going to a really cool place for the day.
I often think,  how I wish I had had the camera when my kids were born.  The amount of fantastic pictures I could have taken.
Nonetheless, I use it pretty much daily to record my days, and share them with you here on the blog.
When the opportunity came up to review the new National Geographic Complete Photo Guide, I almost fell off my chair.  How could I not want to look into this beauty.  Have you seen the photos taken by National Geographic??  WOW!!!
This book........oh this book.  
Imagine wanting to take photos just like the professional photographers, and then having their insight, secrets and advice given to you freely, page by page, with assignments included.  Yes, assignments to help you take better photos.

I must say over the years I've gotten pretty comfortable with ISO, lighting, composition and so on, but you never know it all, and there is so much more that I have learned just from reading through these pages.
I honestly can not wait to learn more, to practice and even to share more photos with you all.
I think that if you have a photo enthusiast in your home, this is the perfect Christmas gift.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and National Geographic for this fantastic copy.

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