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{ Big Mountain Foods Recipe Contest - Cauli Crumble and Cheese Rangoons with Onion Chutney }

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Big Mountain Foods. All opinions and recipe included are my own.  


Our Story:

Big Mountain Foods has been proudly family-owned since 1987. Our Mission is to make food that we would proudly serve our own family. In other words, real food that tastes good. Food with no additives, no subsitutes and no names that you cannot pronounce. That is, unless your mouth is full. Which we guarantee it will be once you make a meal of our veggie patties, veggie links, bites and crumbles.
Big Mountain Food products are all certified vegan, gluten free, soy free, cruelty free, certified kosher, nut free, common allergen free, dairy free, non-gmo verified, women owned company, keto friendly and made in Canada.

For more information, or to check out the products available, you can head to their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I was sent a few products to try:

But they have many others that are sure to be a hit with your family. 

I want to start by saying, I am not Vegan, my family is not Vegan, but we love food and we love trying out new products.  I have been wanting to steer away from meat a bit more and delve a little deeper into some Vegan recipes, and this was the perfect way to kick that off.
For someone who is used to meat, the thought of a product that is supposed to be like meat but is plant based, is quite fascinating and very intriguing to say the least.  I don't know how that is possible, but I am willing to try and give you my honest and humble opinion.
I will be trying the rest of the products over the next few days, and will let you know what I think.  Really, my plan was to try them over the holidays but there was so much going on, and then sickness hit our house and we are still trying to get over this second bout.  

So for my recipe, I wanted to create something for the holidays, a quick appetizer that I could throw together and that everyone would enjoy.  Of course the holidays are gone, but there are still plenty of get togethers coming up through the year, and I really think this is a great appetizer to serve to your family and friends.

One of our family's favorite appetizers, are rangoons, whether cream cheese or crab.  Of course cream cheese is a dairy product and not vegan, but I still wanted to create something similar.  A delicious bite of dough with a yummy filling dipped in some sweet chili sauce.

I raided my fridge and pantry, and quickly realized that though I had what I needed to throw these together, they weren't vegan products, so I made a trip to the store to remedy that issue.

What I came up with, are the delicious Cauli Crumble and Cheese Rangoons with Onion Chutney.  SO GOOD!!!!

Cauli Crumble and Cheese Rangoons with Onion Chutney

1 pack Vegan Wonton Wrappers
Vegan Cream Cheese
Onion Chutney
Sweet Chili Sauce for serving, dipping

These couldn't be easier to throw together.  Cut the wonton wrappers into squares.  If you have the rectangle pack, slice them in half, if you have the big square pack, cut wrappers into fourths.

In a skillet, warm up the veggie ground, turn off heat and add the vegan cream cheese.  Stir well to combine.

In the middle of each square of wrapper, place one teaspoon of the veggie ground and cheese mixture, and then top with a bit of onion chutney.   

Dab a little water on the edges of the wrapper, then bring up two sides and seal, then bring the other two sides opposite to each other, to create a little pouch.  

Place on a baking sheet lightly sprayed with oil.  

You can fry them at this point, but I wanted to keep them light, so I gave them a quick spritz of olive oil to help with browning, then baked them in a 375 F oven for 20 minutes until golden brown.

Serve with sweet chili sauce.

These turned out so delicious.  My 22 and 18 year old, devoured them.  

I have to say the Cauli Crumble Veggie Ground on it's own, is absolutely delicious.  It completely blew my mind just how delicious it was, but when you add in the vegan cheese and the onion chutney, it takes it to a whole new level.

They are seriously addictive and dangerous, I could eat the whole shebang on my own.  

Thank you again to Big Mountain Foods for providing me with these delicious Vegan products.  They may have just set me on a whole new journey, eating healthier food.


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  1. YUMMY! I often use a cauliflower crumble as a side dish in lieu of rice or potatoes and was also surprised by just how much flavor it has.


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