Monday, January 03, 2022

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/03/2022 }

 Good morning, good morning, good morning sweet friends.  

Welcome to the very first Happy Homemaker Monday of 2022.  I feel strange saying that, but also quite happy to be leaving both 2021 and 2020 behind.  Honestly, they were both so difficult for us all, and many like us suffered tremendous loss, but I have to also say that the growth I went through as a woman, as an individual and most importantly, as a Christian, has been phenomenal.  So I'm thankful for that!

As we go into the new year, many like resolutions and *WORDS*.  I don't, never did make resolutions, did try a word for the year and didn't always follow through.  So, I'm not picking a word or a resolution, but rather  I would really love to be more like my ancestors.

I want to learn new skills (new to me, old from the past), I want to sharpen old ones, I want to continue thriving for a simpler life, I want to cook more homemade food, listen to older music and read a ton of books. 

If anything the past two years have taught me, is to stop relying so much on others, and to rely more on my Lord and the tools and skills He has equipped us with.

My wish for you all, is that you have an incredibly blessed and abundant 2022.  I decree and declare peace, love, favor and blessings over your finances, your health, your homes and your families.  

Now, let's get our first Happy Homemaker Monday off the ground...... I even made a new graphic to start off the year.  Hope you enjoy!

:::: The Weather ::::
This weekend our temperatures plummeted down to the teens, and brought us a snow storm.  It is still pretty cold at the moment, only 22 degrees, with a high of 54.  We are looking at a cooler week, with a pretty cold day on Thursday again, guess we are finally seeing Winter weather here in Texas.

:::: How I am feeling this morning ::::
Still fighting the cold I had, still have a lingering cough which gets worse and kicks off my asthma from the allergies.  Woke up with a lot of sinus pressure, to the point where my eyes hurt when I look up or to the side.  So sick of being sick and it doesn't help that the weather is all over the place.
:::: On the breakfast plate ::::
I just had a cup of coffee about an hour ago, but haven't eaten anything.  Starting today I am watching my weight, easing back into exercising and really focusing on what I put into my body.
:::: On my reading pile :::: 
I shared my reading list for 2022, in the post just below this one.  If you're interested in what I plan to read, or maybe you're looking for some new books yourself, go on and give it a read.

:::: On my TV ::::
I am hoping to cut back a bit on TV viewing this year and rather get more reading done.  I doubt I'll give up television completely because I do enjoy watching vlogs and there are quite a few period series and movies coming out that I want to watch.  Rather, instead of just watching TV, I am trying to organize my day so that I get reading in as well.

Currently I'm watching 1883 on Paramount, which is absolutely fantastic.  I didn't know Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were such good actors, and the show itself is just wonderful, especially for those of us who enjoy shows set in the past.

Also watching vlogs and lately I've really gotten into book vlogs, book hauls, recommendations and so on.

:::: On the menu this week ::::
I need to work on the new meal plan throughout the week, so that I can get groceries on Friday.  Lately, I've been craving Portuguese food, and I think the new plan will be mostly centered around some of our favorites from home.

Monday - Sausages in a cream sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies
Tuesday - Garlic Black Pepper Chicken, Basmati Rice
Wednesday - Pork Roast, Garlic Spaghetti, Salad
Thursday - Sausage and Potatoes Skillet, Fried Okra
Friday -  *Grocery Shopping*
:::: From the camera ::::
Jasmine got Elliott this window seat, for Christmas.  He absolutely loves it.  He loves laying in the sun, watching the birds and the deer outside the window and just getting some good naps in.

:::: Looking around the house ::::
The sun is streaming in through the big windows in the living room.  I opened the back door for just a few minutes to get fresh air in, but it's quite cold so closed it again.
There are some dishes in the sink from last night, that couldn't fit in the dishwasher, just a pot that is soaking and a serving dish.
::::  To do List ::::
I don't know what I'll get to today, but hopefully I'll be taking some pics for a Day in the Life blog post.  Other than that, the usual homemaking.
♥ Laundry
♥ Dust
♥ Meeting my great nephew Dalton today, and taking some photos
♥ Clear out my emails, reply, delete and so forth
♥ Plan out my review and recipes for upcoming blog challenge

:::: Something fun to share ::::
This morning I am bringing you a pretty short video, but I just wanted to share with you all.  I think it's important to remember just how easy we have it nowadays, and yet we still find time to complain about a particularly busy day, having to prepare a meal, or head to the grocery store to pick something up.
Sometimes, all we need is a reminder that we have it quite good.....though I will admit, I would still rather live back in these days than in today's day and age.  Just my preference.

:::: Today's devotional :::: 
I just started a new devotional book by Paul David Tripp, it is the one I showed in my Christmas gifts post.  I've had many devotionals over the years, but I am loving this new one.  It is so good, soooooo good.  It's called New Morning Mercies.  I thought I would share a little of it today for you all.

Think about this:  if God has already granted you a place in eternity, then he has also granted you all the grace you need along the way, or you'd never get there.  There is grace for our fickle and easily distracted hearts.  There is rescue for our self-absorption and lack of focus.  The God of eternity grants you his eternal grace so that you can live with eternity in view.

Wow!!!  I read that and immediately regretted all the times I sit and worry about how I'm going to get through my day, how to deal with trials and tests, or how to get through this broken world.  The answer is and always has been God's grace, and he freely gives it to us.  Sure puts things into perspective, doesn't it?


  1. You and I are so much alike sometimes I just know there is a kindred connection though ironically this is the year I finally chose to choose a word, DEVOTION, and make a doable list. I mean I make lists all the time, but I posted this one to help keep me accountable. I'd give up TV, but hubby enjoys it so we do it together. Our cats always loved window seats. Sady in particular loved the birds so much I was afraid she'd try and go through the window! That is a powerful devotional. Have a WONDERFUL week my friend - get over your cold and stay warm.

    1. I knowwww, it's insane how much alike we are. We technically could be the Borg from Star Trek, one mind, different bodies hahahah
      I can't give up TV completely, I think I just need to plan my time better, and instead of only watching TV, adding some time in for reading.

      The whole devotional book seems fantastic, I'm only on day 3 and WOW, just WOW!!!

  2. Hope you start to feel better very soon! Elliott looks super content in his window seat. I personally enjoy choosing a word for the year and making a list but it's important to be true to yourself. I think it sounds like you have a wonderful plan for the year ahead. Have a wonderful first week of the year!

    1. Thank you so much Jean :) Elliott loves the window seat. So many people enjoy choosing a word and a resolution, I just never did....well actually, I did words, never did resolutions, but I gave up on words too because I never follow through.

  3. Hello! I love your thoughts on living like our ancestors! I have several photos of my ancestors hanging in our dining room. I often glance at them and think how they would be spending their days. I join you in trying to cook more and worry less! Feel better soon!

    1. I just love the simplicity of days gone by. They didn't have it easy, but I think they appreciated things so much more than we do.

  4. Thanks for the Link Up! 24 books Wow! I'm going to try for 12-15 hopefully. I watched the 'free' episodes of 1883 but not willing to pay for more streaming service, Paramount+ is extra for us. Love your Elliot...I made a window seat for one of my FurBabies..snubbed their nose at it.

    1. I know, 24 books sounds a bit insane for me, and I am not sure I'll be able to reach that goal. The thing is, I am a fast reader and usually get through a book in 2 to 3 days, so it's not that crazy for me to set a goal of 24. Problem is, I haven't been reading much or in a reading mood so this may prove hard hahaha
      I don't like paying for extra services either, but I got the Paramount + through Amazon and they have a special right now where it's just 99 cents for two months. So I figure I'll watch 1883 and then cancel.

  5. Hello Dear Sandra!
    I pray this year brings you good health & less allergy issues! 😉 I think any year that is started with intent - whether through resolutions or something inside us - is a good thing.
    I love Elliot's new perch. He's so sweet!
    I love the thinking on our ancestors and of the old days. Life is so very different now and not always for the better. I hope you have a great week ahead! xo

    1. Thank you so much Carrie :)

      Absolutely agree with you on starting the year with intent. That's what matters the most. I just never follow through with the resolutions or words so I gave up hahah

  6. Blessings to you! Hubby discovered 1883 last night, so we watched and I really liked it. It is great to watch a series that catches our attention. Life is a ride full of learning and adventures. Sometimes we have to wear our seatbelts.

    1. It's fantastic isn't it? And Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill are really good in it as well.

      It's been a while since I've watched a good period series set in early America, usually it's all from England.

  7. I've been watching 1883 as well. I watched all of YellowStone on my Dad's recommendation and then saw the commercial for 1883 and added Paramount Plus so that I could watch it. It's amazing! I love it so much. I wish there were already 10 seasons :)

    We had a cat bed like that for a couple of weeks - but my fat cats broke it :D lol

  8. Happy New Year. I like your goals for 2022 about lost skills.
    Your cat looks so happy in his cat bed.

  9. Dear Sandra,
    Thank you for hosting!
    Hope the Lord is sending many little blessings during the year just begun
    XO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~


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