Sunday, December 03, 2006


I can't believe that it's THAT cold outside. Well yeah I can but I choose not to, guess that it's the denial thing you know. If I didn't see it, it isn't true???

Unfortunately I went outside to put out the trash and almost ended up on my toosh. There's a thin sheet of very slippery ice covering my front porch. It's really sneaky isn't it? I mean at first glance it looks like nothing is there and then you set your foot down and are suddenly transported to an ice rink, just that you're wearing slippers and sweat pants instead of Ice Skates.

Anyway, come on in and sit with me. I have some Hot Caramel Truffle Coffee (it's so good) and I have some Butter Croissants too. I always feel like I'm sitting at one of those French Patisseries, watching the people walk by while I sip on my wonderful coffee and bite into the flaky crust of the Croissant. Well, there's nothing french about me or my house but we can still daydream right??

So yesterday I went to get groceries and then we decided to pick up a Christmas Tree. Now remember I had said we had decided on getting a real one this year because our artificial one was so old and falling apart??? I've always preferred the real ones anyway, I just love the smell of pine and the look of a real tree.....but we ended up picking up another artificial tree, prelit with white lights, and I have to tell you I'm really happy with it, it's beautiful.

We spent the rest of the day decorating and listening to Christmas Music, just hanging out and enjoying the warmth of the house and the Christmasy atmosphere.

I always get melancholy around the holidays and in one minute I am smiling and excited and then I'm down and holding back the flood gates. It's just a hard thing to to be away from family during the holidays and it seems that we never get to celebrate with anyone. Well last year we had Curt's mom and brother here and that was great, but this year, we're back to just us four, at least Curt isn't deployed right now and I don't have to spend it alone with the kids again.

But moving on, I plan on doing laundry today and some housecleaning, I also have this awesome Crockpot Lasagna planned for today. It's a recipe that was shared by Mary Ann over at "Two Many Cooks In The Kitchen", can't wait to try it.

I know there's a lot of new happenings in Blogland, some Christmas Tours of Homes and other fun stuff, and I so wish I could participate, but I am not even going to say I'll try, I just know it won't happen. Hopefully I'll get some time to go visit and see everyone that is participating, but as things stand now, I'm not sure.

I wish I had time to chat more, but I really don't, my house needs attention and besides that, I'm freezing, I can't even feel my toes. Boy it's going to be a cold winter.

Hope you're all staying warm and having fun, wish I was back in South Africa, they are having a wonderful hot summer, I still remember for Christmas we used to have BBQ' fun is that???


  1. 16 degrees!!! That's cool! I can't wait for it to get cold enough here in OH to have some snow that actually sticks.
    Glad you didn't fall and get hurt this morning, though.
    I finally found a store that sells the Caramel Truffle, but I didn't get it b/c they didn't have it in a small sample bag. LOL
    I love your tree! It looks beautiful! Is it decorated gold and burgandy?
    It is hard to be alone for Christmas. I'm right there with you my friend.
    BBQ for Christmas would be fun!
    Have a great day and stay warm!

    Oh, be sure you wear ice skates, the next time you go out on your porch!! lol

  2. What a beautiful post and thanks for Bing - absolutely my fav. Christmas song.
    Christmas can be difficult time, we have gotten used to spending it just the 5 of us together, and its great. In the past we had guests but now its just a real family day for us.
    Carolyn (

  3. A very nice looking Christmas tree, hope you warm up.

  4. Wow!! That is cold. I was complaining of the 28 degrees we woke up to but that's nothin. Of course it's cold compared to the 75 we had the day before. LOL! Stay warm!!!

  5. Eden - You have GOT to try the Caramel Truffle coffee, it's SO SO Good :)
    Yeah I'm fixing to buy ice skates just for taking out trash LOL

    Carolyn - Thank you for dropping by, it's always great meeting someone new :) I'm going over to visit your blog right now :)

    Scribbit - Thank you :) HOpefully I can stay warm through this crazy cold weather :)

    Courtney - How are you doing girl??? yeah it's freezing but I'm never happy anyway, I'm complaining now and then we get to -20 and I'll be even more upset LOL
    Stay warm and enjoy that wonderful hubby of yours being back :)

  6. I know what you mean about being cold. We were in the single digits last week...BBBRRRR...

    So glad you didn't actually fall on that ice. That could have been bad news!

  7. I love that picture with the falling snow. Where do you find these great things? Your tree is beautiful. Really, you should at least participate in the tour of homes. I know everyone would love to see your Christmas decorating. You're so crafty I'll bet it's amazing.

    Guess what? It's exactly 16 degrees here, too, and I'm about sick and tired of it. It's so hard to stay warm. We had to go out today to fix my tree light mistake and I thought I'd die before we got back home. Cold, cold, cold.

  8. Brrrrr..stay inside and keep warm! I love the new Christmasy look of your blog! Blue and white is so pretty together! Your tree is gorgeous, I love the white tinsel!

  9. LOVE THE NEW LOOK! It's so homey...sorry I'm just now playing catch up.

    I can't believe it's 16 degrees - definitely holiday cheer. Sure beats our 60's degrees and sunny here in AZ!

  10. Brrr, sounds chilly! Get under a quilt with a jug of coffee by your side! Hope you warm up soon. We have our decorations up too, although the kiddies seem to just want to un-decorate!! Grrr. Hugs.

  11. Brrrr! Hope that wonderful sounding coffee is warming you up. Your tree looks lovely and I'm so jealous you got a pre-lit one. I'm trying to work myself up to doing the lights on ours today. That's the only part of Christmas decorating that stresses me out. :v}

    Sorry you can't be with family. That is hard. Is there maybe another military family or a church family that you know of that are by themselves too, so at least it's more than just your family if you like more people?

  12. Hey Sandra! You've been tagged for a meme. Come on over if you are interested in participating.

  13. The tree pic didn't show up for me yesterday but I see it now & it's beautiful! I love it. We did ours yesterday & it was also prelight. We ran out of garland so I'm posting pics tomorrow. I love your new look on here too. It really gets ya in the Christmas spirit.

  14. Love the tree. I hear you on the emotions. It is so hard to be away from family. This will be my first Christmas away from my sister, and thus my neice and newphew. It seems to silly when we are in the same town.

    I found myself thinking about my family in South Africa the other day. Wishing that I could see them, like I did last November.

    Good luck with your to-do-list. I have to get to mine this week.

  15. It was 15 here this morning...your tree is beautiful..I lvoed it. The lasagna sounds great I may have to try it.

  16. your tree looks great!

    I'm sorry it's so bittersweet for you at the holidays. I completely understand though - it'll be just the 3 of us for Christmas too!

  17. Oh Sandra how I've missed you! Your blog is like home to me, weird as that sounds. I love reading what you're doing everyday. While I sip my own coffee...LOL. I should have known that when I came back your template would be different! I love it!! WEll, I'm down in southern Illinois now, and they don't get much snow here. It hasn't snowed yet, it's cold..32 degrees, but that is it. I'll be up north for christmas though, and I'll hopefully be enjoying a white christmas. Hey, you haven't stopped by in a long time.....remember me???

  18. It is COLD here. -33C this morning with the wind chill.

    Lovely tree :)

  19. I don't like the cold either! we have been getting in the single digits at night of late.

  20. So if I mention 'shorts' and 't-shirt' you'll smack me? [not literally]. That's what so great about the United States - the variety.
    Compliments of the Season to you and yours from us over here in Jolly Old Sunny California

  21. Burrr! This Florida girl would be frozen and probably blue around the gills! 16 degrees! It's been 78 - 80 degrees here. We have to improvise when it come to that winter wonderland feeling thing.

    Love your tree! Beautiful! I had no idea they come prelit now. What a great idea! lol

    Keep those little toes warm Sandra and by all means, stay on your feet! lol

  22. I did buy the real tree and every day as I am vaccuming up 2000 pine needles I can't imagine why. I should of got a nice one like you did and sprayed that pine scent all over it. Now I am wondering how the heck I am going to get the tree out to the garbage when Christmas is over since hubby left for Iraq on Sunday. Boy do I miss him. I hope Curt doesn't have to go. Keep us posted.

    Your tree does look beautiful. Like you it is just my immediate family here. No visitors. It is kind of lonely but what can we do.

    I am going to pop over and get the recipe for crockpot lasagna. Now that is something that will make me happy.


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