Friday, December 22, 2006

Wow, that was a record for me!!!!

I've never been away from Blogger for that long, almost a week, that's scary!!!

I do apologize and I know my family is wondering why I haven't updated since Sunday, yes I got the emails inquiring LOL I think that with us being so far apart, me here in the States and them all the way in Sunny South Africa, this place has become our point of contact, the place they come to everyday to know what we're up to, it really does make you feel closer :)

It's been a really crazy week, school just got out on wednesday but there's been school parties and plays and all sorts of stuff going between all that I've been running around getting all my legal stuff done, yes I'm in the process of getting my Green Card and it's just overwhelming. Please say a prayer for me that all this goes as fast and as painless as possible :)

So yesterday afternoon, the skies started turning this really pretty pinkish color and before we knew it, we had snow. I'm used to it snowing and within an hour it's all gone.....but not this time, it snowed hard through the night and through this morning, we ended up with tons of snow. The kids couldn't be happier of course, and I'm thrilled because I know I don't have to leave my house to drive anywhere.

I'm sharing some pictures especially for my family in South Africa, believe me folks, it does NOT snow there, well at least where we lived, I hadn't seen snow until I came to the States and the first time I saw it I was like a kid in a candy store. So happy and giddy!!!

I would post more, but really, who wants to see just pictures in a post??? Other than me???

I am telling you I can't wait for Christmas to come and go, I don't think I can take much more of the "can I open the presents now?"...."is it christmas yet?"....."can I open just one?"....Good Grief!!!

I finally got all my christmas shopping done, the tree is looking beautiful, the presents are wrapped and sitting under it and now it's just a matter of waiting. I always find it so annoying that so much planning goes into it and then within 5 minutes it's all about a joy kill LOL

Christmas in Portugal - Largest decorated tree in Europe

Sunday you will find me in the kitchen all day, cooking up a storm. Since I'm portuguese you know that Christmas eve is our big day, we have a huge dinner and then load the table with tons of snacks.....since Curt is not portuguese (unfortunately lol Just kidding)....we kind of mesh the two traditions into one. So we have a big dinner with Ham and mashed potatoes and all that good stuff, and then we have the traditional portuguese stuff too, I'm making Pasteis de Bacalhau, Rissois de Camarao, Arroz Doce and a few others.....can't wait.

Well I need to get going, just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I'm still here and still kicking, just been really busy.

I don't know if I'll have time for another post until Tuesday next week, you all understand with Christmas I really won't have much free time to spend on the computer.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year!!!!
God Bless,


  1. Well, we're all here, not going anywhere. You just get things done, and be stress-free!! I probably won't have a post up until after christmas too! Well,except for tonights post, and then one ON Christmas....ok, nevermind :)

  2. Oh my gosh I can't believe all the snow you have. It's beautiful.

    I hope your green card paper work goes quickly for you.

    BTW thanks for asking about my husband. Its going well for him so far. I am also always thinking about your mother in law and I hope she is doing well too.

  3. the snow looks like so much fun - I bet Kayla would have a blast in it!

    Good luck with your paperwork!

    Merry Christmas to you guys!

  4. That frog just cracks me up!! I find myself sitting here bouncing in my chair as I read and type.

    Good luck with the Green Card, and have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. You got snow for Christmas! I so jealous. We'll be having another brown one I'm afraid.

    You're dinner sounds so yummy!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Sandra!

  6. Hey Sandra! I enjoyed the Frog song again!! Now, I have Bam Bam in my head. Thank you!!
    I love all the snow you got; the pictures are awesome. I think we're getting snow after Christmas.
    I'll be praying that your green card gets approved.
    What is Pasteis de Bacalhau?

    Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Hello! So happy to hear from you. All of you having a brown Christmas, I'd love to send you some snow from here...we have way to least four feet on the front just keeps coming! Sandra have a wonderfully joyous Christmas! Thanks for the Christmas card!!

  8. LOVE all the snow pictures, how fun!
    Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

  9. It's so nice to hear from you, Sandra. I think we all knew you were probably busy. I mean, you're busier than all the rest of us when it's NOT Christmas. LOL

    Your photos are so fun and lucky you, a while Christmas but not the four feet of snow Denver got! That's just way too much snow. The snow you got looks perfect.

    I hope you and your sweet little family have the merriest Christmas ever and how I look forward to visiting with you in 2007.

  10. I love the pictures! I haven't been around much either because of Christmas & everything but hoping to be back to normal after the holidays. I hope you & your family have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

  11. Wonderful Christmas wishes to you and your family ........I love all the pictures and the song makes me want to dance........Have a blessed day and enjoy the little ones...they grow up so fast.........

  12. Sounds like you are a little home sick and who couldnt blame you. I loved the snow pictures and hope you all have a blessed Christmas!

  13. WOW! Look at that cool is that? Unfortunately for us it was a whopping 72 degrees here today! Hope you have a blesses holiday.

  14. Hi Sandra! How was your Christmas?!?! Just checking your blog for updates.
    Have a wonderful day!


  15. Yey for the snow! :D send some England's way won't you?

    We're all fed up with being sick over here, sorry I'm late commenting on this post.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And by-gum, NO MORE CRAZY FROG. he he he he

    Hugs n'love to you and yours. xx

  16. I loved the snow pictures! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    I need to take our stockings down because Snuggle Bug sees them and asks, "Presents?" I have to explain that he opened all the presents in his stocking on Christmas Day and that they're all gone. :)

  17. Your snow pictures are beautiful Sandra!


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