Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Uggghhh I really really hate doing this, but it seems that with the holidays my posts are going to be all over the place, I may post a few days straight and then I may miss one or two.

I'm trying to be consistent, but consistency went out of the window a few weeks ago, I think it started at Thanksgiving and now it's pretty much non-existent, though I've been reassured that it should return sometime after New Year's Eve. I can't wait, can you???

Thank you all for being so sweet and continuining to comment on my blog even though I haven't had the chance to come by and see you....I do plan on visiting you all this morning, I set some time aside JUST for that.

So it's 14 degrees today, and I'm not going to complain, seems that some of you are in the negative temperatures and now you just make me feel bad for whining LOL
Oh and to my newest friend Mcewen, I won't slap you for being in California and having nice warm temperatures LOL

Anyway, yesterday the kids decided to make their Christmas Wish List....that's all fine and dandy but then I realized they both want the same thing, a Fur Real Pony........ummmm unless I rob a bank (which ain't happening), or my money tree starts working overtime (ain't happening either), there is NO WAY that I'm going to shell out $260 for each pony. That's enough to feed a small village. Ridiculous!!!!

So Jasmine asked me this morning if she can get the pony for christmas and I said "well you know it's really expensive Jasmine, it's like almost $300".....yes I like threatening my kids with dollar amounts because in their head $2 is like a bazillion and they're rich (they chant as they run around in circles)......so she calmy looks at me and says "You KNOW mommy, Santa MAKES toys, he doens't have to buy it".
What the heck do I say to that??? I think I mumbled something about him being too busy and not having enough time, I don't know, I lost myself in the "makes toys you know"....*sigh*

THAT right there is the core of the holiday stress. Not wanting to disappoint your children but trying to find your way around the ludicrous cost of toys these days.

Well ladies I'm keeping this post short, I have tons of errands to run and I want to quickly drop by your blogs and say hi....right now I have over 300 new posts in my bloglines, I can't possible wade through all of that in 10 minutes. Did I not tell you to STOP posting? LOL (just kidding, post away post away).

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone,

The wonderful Eden, over at Air Force Family, tagged me for this meme, so here goes. Consider yourselves tagged if you read it LOL
And you better not read it and then say you didn't ok? LOL

A - Available or single: Neither, happily married
B - Best Friend: Hayley
C - Cake or Pie: Pie
D - Drink of choice: Diet Coke
E - Essential Item you use everyday: Stove
F - Favorite color: Pink
G - Gummy Bears or worms: Sour Worms
H - Hometown: Lourenco Marques, Mozambique
I - Indulgence: Caramel Treasure Chocolates....*drool*
J - January or February: Ummm August???? (my b-day lol) ok ok, I will say January lol
K - Kids & Names: Jasmine and Nicholas
L - Life is Incomplete Without? The Lord and my family
M - Marriage Date: August 1998
N - Number of Siblings: 3 brothers and 1 sister
O - Oranges or Apples: neither
P - Phobias or Fears: Claustrophobia
Q - Fave Quote: Don't have one sorry
R - Reason to Smile: My children
S - Season: Spring
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: I said wasn't going to...so just consider yourselves tagged lol
U - Unknown Fact about Me: I'm a HUGE fan of anything paranormal...shocker huh?
V- Vegetable You Don't Like: Beets
W - Worst Habit: Annoying my husband
X - Xrays: Chest and Wrist
Y - Your Fave Food: Seafood
Z - Zodiac Sign: Leo, but I don't pay attention to horoscopes or any of that astrology mumbo jumbo


  1. Yeah - my daughter wants the freaky pony too.

    We love the line - "well you know sweetie, Santa can't bring you EVERYTHING on your list - just a few things. He has to have room for all the other kids toys too you know...." so far it's worked - but she's only 4.

  2. OMG, I totally *love* this blog design! Awesome! Blue and white/silver are my favorite colors. :) Hey, do you have a good whole chicken recipe for the slow cooker? I bought one today [a whole chicken, that is!] and am trying to figure out what to do with it. Or maybe I should just slow cook the chicken plain so that I will have chicken meat to do other things with during the week? Thanks! :)

  3. heather - LOL I've tried that with mine and they just tell me that he can MAKE it and he has ELVES to help....sigh, oh well LOL

    lisanne - Thank you :) As for the chicken, here's a recipe for you ;)

    * 2 pd whole chicken
    * 4 tablespoons butter, softened
    * S & P, to taste
    * 1 tablespoon paprika

    What’s Next:

    Release the aggression of the day & wad 3 pieces of aluminum foil into balls, place them in the bottom of the slow cooker / crock pot.

    Rinse your chicken thoroughly inside & out under cold, running water. Pat dry with paper towels.

    Place chicken on top of aluminum balls. Brush body (the chicken’s, not yours) will butter. Season with S & P.

    Sprinkle paprika on top of chicken & set the slow cooker / crock pot to high.

    Cook for 1 hour, then turn on low & cook 8 - 10 hours- or until chicken is no longer pink & juices run clear. You now have a delicious chicken to satisfy your hunger cravings & the cold weather blues.

  4. I tell my kids that parents give money to Santa so he can buy either the toys or the "stuff to make the toys". I tell them that Santa has a budget, too. That's why some kids get more toys and why we donate toys for Santa to give to kids who's parents don't have enough to send to Santa. It's worked so far.

  5. Hey gal.....loved the song...singing right along side of Mariah like she and I are buddies or something....ha ha

  6. Great meme, I'll have a go but I'm a bit sporadic in the posting department at the moment, it's the time of year. So it'll appear maybe later, perhaps tomorrow or one day before Christmas, lol.

    And lol you are a shocker, I'm more abnormal than paranormal, are you still my fan? ;) And I'm a Leo too even though I don't believe in it either.

    Big furry bear hugs and a huge cup of coffee to warm you up.

  7. It's funny you mentioned the fur real pony -- as I just read this:
    http://thewaitandwonder.clubmom.com/thewaitandwonder/2006/11/how_nick_jr_is_.html yesterday --- you have to go and read it -- and her follow up post as well!

    I love, love, love your blog look! It is awesome!


  8. Cool. I think I'll keep this one handy for when I have no idea what to talk about - which is a LOT lately. I'm glad you came by to say hi. I was beginning to get a complex! LOL!

  9. I think I'll tuck this meme in my pocket too. I'm too busy to think original posting thoughts these days. Don't stress out over not posting every day. I'm not even trying to. I do get around and read and leave comments, but there just isn't a lot of time to think and write. I think we all understand that and we'll all come back together in January and have a big blog party!

  10. That's just funny because I tagged Eden and yourself and then I went to hotlink you and you said you were too busy and you'd be posting sporadically so I took you off. And now Eden tagged you! :vD

    I'm glad you did it! Fun!

  11. Don't worry so one blames you for not reading the blogs all the time. Who has the time. Anyway I stop by yours frequently but I too am guilty of not being able to get to it this much this holiday season.

    That is hysterical that Jasmine and Nicholas want a pony. Just use the one I have been useing for years, "we can't, they don't allow exotic pets in military quarters," and yes they consider ponys exotic for on post. That way housing takes the blame. See if it wasn't for them the kids could have a pony.

    The meme was a good one I will try to do it one of these days. I have claustrophobia also. I don't know why but I do. This one plus the fear of heights. Now if only I could catch foodabphobia I'd be all right.

  12. Sandra? Inconsistent posting? I can't believe it!! Haha! I understand the holiday stress...I haven't even started shopping!!! (ok, I do have 2 things for SlowMo, but nothing for the Beast, the FM, my parents or my brother!!! YIKES!)

  13. Sandra I'm back! Love the new look...you are one talented lady my friend!!!!

  14. p.s. forgot to say that I got your card, thanks soooo much chuck. I sent yours last week, hopefully Mr Postman will be a sweetie and deliver it to you soon. Hugs.

  15. Hey Sandra!
    Thank you for the sweet card!!! It really brightened my day. I sent yours on Saturday, so maybe you'll get in a day or two. I love the new template. (shakes head in awe) You're awesome, Sandra! It's hilarious what kids come up with in their heads these days. They say some of the funniest things. Hope you are staying warm... it's about 40 here today (I think). :oP
    Love Ya!

  16. Hey Sandra! Thanks for stopping by today and for doing the meme.

    My Steve thinks it's funny that we said almost the same thing about annoying/aggrevating our hubbys!

    Don't worry about not being able to post frequently. I do love your blog though, b/c it really does seem like I'm sitting right across from you and having a conversation with you. But the Christmas season is a busy one and it's perfectly alright.

    It amazes me what kids say! I'm looking forward to when Olyvia starts talking and all kinds of ideas come out of her mouth. lol Luckily, Olyvia isn't able to tell us what she wants for Christmas yet!!

    I do like the song, although, I couldn't get it to play for me. But I did hear it on the radio today.

    Have a splendid day!

  17. This Santa thing is soooo frustrating!!! I have the same problem. My son wanted a playmobile castle that costs over 200 dollars.

    I searched on this pony - it intrigued me - and I find it listed on amazon at 549.00. Which is weird, cause the Hasbro press release says 299. Where did you see it at 260?

  18. BTW - I LOVE your new Christmas dress!!! It is gorgeous - love the colors. You always come up with such great designs.

    And thanks for voting for us!! what a sweet thing to do :)

  19. Hey, I'm sorry I have no advice to offer in the Santa department. I have told my kids from the beginning that Mommy and Daddy buy their presents. I did your meme - it was fun. Here's the link.

  20. I love the meme - I may take you up on that one!! I have a linky today for soup recipes if you want to participate - no pressure, just thought it would be fun!!!

  21. Dear Fellow Leo, LOL

    I would have guessed even if you hadn't told us. We Leos recognize each other.

    OK, what the heck kind of toy pony is that! Are you kidding me? And I have no idea how you respond to "Santa doesn't have to buy the toys." I hated it when mine came up with something like that.

    You really shouldn't worry about sporadic posting - welcome to the huge club. We all do it. No one cares. We all know when you do a new post and we'll be here.

    I'm going to have to check out that Fur Real Pony. That's ridiculous. Honestly, a real pony WOULD be cheaper, except, you know, for having to have a coral and feed and probably a barn and large animal vet bills and.....

    Oh nevermind. Save some money, Sandra. Buy two of the Fur Real Ponies. LOL

  22. My four year-old wants the pony too. I about died inside when she said so because there is just no way we can afford that. Sigh.

  23. I can't believe the price on that pony too - ridiculous to spend that much money on one gift; let alone that much for all the gifts combined :)

    Enjoyed reading your answers - I don't like beets either!

  24. Hey, are you doing a Slow Cooker recipe exchange today? :)

  25. I've been married a month longer than you! My daughter wants that awful pony, too, so I tracked down this poem that said, essentially, that Santa lets the toys pick the kids, and so you get the toy for Christmas that really wants you and that seemed to satisfy her.


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