Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Quiet Veteran's Day!


It's cloudy outside and quiet, really quiet. It's funny you don't really notice it unless you live on a Military base and celebrate these holidays dedicated to our soldiers.

Usually it's a busy noisy area, there's uniformed soldiers constantly on the move, going to or coming from work and there's the loud jet engines overhead.

Today, they're all at home, relaxing, enjoying their day off and their much deserved break.

I send my love and my appreciation to all the men and women, present and past, who have dedicated their lives to this country. Who fight day in and out for our freedom, for our children to have a future.

It's such a huge sacrifice and I think it goes unnoticed far too many times, they are taken for granted and I only wish that every single day could be dedicated to these amazing troops.


We have our very own hero at home, my hubby. He works extremely hard for our family and I love him for it. Thank you honey, for your devotion to me, to our children, to your country and to God.


We started the morning with a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, little smoked sausages, biscuits and gravy. Yum!

It's one of those things that as homemaker, it brings me joy to do. The minute you start looking at your home as a place of love for your family as opposed to chores and too much work, your whole attitude changes.

Everything I do, I do with love.

It doesn't matter if it's cooking or laundry


Or washing dishes.

You know that I have a dishwasher but I find myself washing them by hand more often than not, and it's not because I hate the dishwasher, I just find dish washing relaxing. It's another way of simplifying my life, I don't have to get rid of the technology around me, I like having the option of using it if I'm sick or not feeling well or just don't want to do it by hand.


There's a common misconception that if you simplify your life it means getting rid of all the wonderful things around us. Wrong! At least for me!

It just means not relying completely on those things, it means that if the internet suddenly goes out I won't walk around in a daze not knowing what to do with myself.

If the TV isn't working, I will read a book and not freak out over the fact that I'm missing a show.

If the dishwasher is broken, I have two able hands that can do the work.

If I don't have a microwave available I make do without and believe it or not, I hardly ever touch my microwave.


I've learned to stop being afraid of telling people that I'm a homemaker. You know how it is, someone asks what you do for a living and you tend to shy away and do the quick "Oh I'm just a housewife".

I am guilty of doing it and I think it's because for the longest time I was under the impression that it was a bad thing, it was embarrassing.

Not anymore, I am proud to say "I'm a Homemaker". It's what I am, I am not just an invisible part of my family's life, I'm an integral, pivotal, important part.

How many of you are able to say it? How many of you still feel a little shy about it?

Let's chat, I want to know what you think of housework, do you do it because you have to, or do you look at it as more than just a chore?


  1. Please tell your husband that my family says thank you for the sacrifices he makes while serving in the military. We wouldn't be where we are without men and women like him.

  2. Hmm I never thought about how I felt about housework I just do it and yes I've often complained about it but you really gave me pause for thought when you said we should consider it as love for our family.. a lot of truth there..
    Bless you and bless your husband for his dedication to our country and all the other service men and women.. they keep us safe and we all should pause and thank God for them.

  3. First of all, Happy Veteran's Day - glad you & your family got to enjoy a day of well-deserved rest!

    As for being a homemaker/SAHM - I can't wait to become one again!!! I officially quit my job as of 11/30 - and I can't wait!!! After working full time for 3 years, I realized I hated it & I felt like I was neglecting my family and home :( I just couldn't balance it all. Working part-time was a little better - but to be a full-time HOMEMAKER again is something I will never take for granted! I love cookng for my family & having them enjoy the food - I love having special treats ready for them - or giving them loving luxuries like a fresh made bed when they weren't expecting it. They are my ministry - and I will cherish each day coming up!

  4. I am a bit shy about saying I am primarily a homemaker. Yes, I nanny two days a week- but mostly, I work at home. I don't much like saying, "I am a homemaker" because the second question is always, "Do you have children?" No, no children at home. Just me and Hubby. I do love my homemaker status- but I think people tend to think I'm just too lazy to get a "real job" when the truth is that I make sure everything on the homefront works and runs smoothly and on a budget. Which, I'm sure you know, is a task in itself!

  5. Happy Veterans Day to you and give Curt our thanks for his service.
    I think your way of thinking is very refreshing, and I wish I could go back to being a homemaker again!

  6. Aren't our guys amazing? Holding mine extra close this year after the Ft. Hood tragedy.

    I'm one that doesn't enjoy housework - but it makes hubs so happy to have a clean and tranquil house after his upbringing that I dislike it less and less as I grow up. LOL!

    At this point I am struggling with the SAHM title only because my youngest is now at school. It would be so easy to get a job for the money. Yet, it would limit the extra activities my high schooler is involved in among other things. Its a struggle right now to figure out where God would have me. And to feel justified in staying home still.

  7. Right now Its a chore because life is so busy. But normally I enjoy it...Now I love to cook no matter my is my passion. Love it. It de stresses
    I love your doenst bother me either to say Im a mommy full time or a homemaker....I'm just proud we can actually do it and survive.

  8. Lovely post and thank your DH for me too.

    Never be ashamed in being a 'homemaker'.


  9. I love being a homemaker! I run into all kinds of people that think I'm crazy for quiting a nice paying paralegal job to be a homemaker. But it is what God has called me to do. Not always easy but very rewarding. I find myself doing more dishes by hand and hanging our laundry on the line. Have a great Veterans Day! Thanks to all who serve and served in the past.

  10. Sandra,
    Thank you,
    I just love this attitude and hoping and praying mine will come in line with this. I really needed to hear this.
    God Bless your husband and family

  11. Sandra, check this out!

    I was checking the site for something else and saw the free patterns - when I saw the biscuits and cakes patterns, it so reminded me of your knitting.


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