Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sick of Candy....

Look I love Halloween just for the whole dressing up and Trick or Treating, but honestly, after a day or two I'm so sick of the candy all over the house.

It's not only a temptation for the kids AND me but it's so bad for you, I just wanna dump it all. Maybe I should? Do you think my kids would notice if they woke up tomorrow and the huge bucket of yumminess is just POOF? *snicker*

Anyway, so Saturday we had a lot of fun, we went trick or treating which was an adventure all it's own considering Mr Nicholas was a Werewolf and couldn't see through his mask Hahahahahahah

I've never seen a kid trip over so many things, he was getting so frustrated and kept saying "For Pete's sake, I can't see in this mask" LOL

Here's some pictures and fair warning, Jasmine's Reaper was pretty scary, even for me.


Nicholas as a werewolf, he looked so cute but from behind it was like watching a little Mufasa running around LOL


I got in on it too, nice little witch that I was *hahaha*


My girl wanted to be the Reaper...I don't know why, but goodness, she was scary looking.


I tell you, she scared a couple of adults and teenagers LOL


And here's Curt, the big daddy Werewolf, he scared quite a few little kids too



It was fun, but I think I already said that, it was all great and good and dandy until we were about an hour into it, then I realized that just because I want to look good in a costume, next time I say I'm wearing boots, someone slap me upside the head.

I am still in pain today, especially on my left foot LOL

But I do have to say, I think what made it worse is what we did on Sunday morning.

We grabbed the kids and headed to the Track on base, at first I thought the kids would get bored and not enjoy it but I was surprised, not only did they have a lot of fun they begged to go back and do this every weekend, so that is what we're doing.


As a family, we have vouched to hit the track every Saturday and Sunday morning and run/walk/jog, whatever....just get some exercise.





So there you have it, you're all caught up on what is going on here, other than the fact that I have a sick Nicholas at home, and no, it's not H1N1, it's just a cold. I took him in this morning just to be sure and everything is fine so he's headed back to school in the morning. Yippee!!

Now I'm off to eat dinner, you ladies just go on over to Full Bellies and see what we had tonight, it will knock your socks off, or is it blow your socks off? I can't believe I don't remember LOL

Lookie, here's a little hint....YUMMY!



  1. Sandra, I agree about the candy...my husband hid it from us (me and the kids). headed over to check out what you made for dinner. it looks great! thanks for sharing. Wendy

  2. You all looked scary - but good!

  3. It's good the kids are enthused about exercise. Now's the time to really get them used to it.

  4. oh my - you all WERE scarey!! I mean that as a compliment! LOL

    And good for you all for getting into the fitness thing together - keep up the good work.

  5. The Great Pumpkin came to our house Halloween night and exchanged the candy for a toy.The next day, the candy then magically appeared in the hands of my friend, who is a teacher. She's going to take the candy to her classroom where she'll slowly dole it out over the year as rewards.

  6. I always have told my daughter should could pick 10 pieces and the rest we donate a soup kitchen (they use it to stuff stockings or gift bags ) or you could send it to the troops overseas (not chocolate though).

    one piece of candy for 10 days is plenty!

  7. My husband had the samw Werewolf mask as your husband! I was also a witch but wore sensible witchy shoes-LOL. I had more issue with the wind and my hat blowing off!! As for the candy I took about half of it to work over two days time and it was gone SO FAST! (I also had an unbelievable amount of people on my office-LOL) But at least we didn;t have to eat it!


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