Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jasmine's first Band Concert!

Last night we went to Jasmine's first Band Concert at the school, she was nervous but so excited to be there and get to play and I love seeing that portrayed in her eyes.

We are so proud of her, playing the Clarinet seems to be something she is truly enjoying.

Daddy and son playing a little Rock Paper Scissors while waiting for the concert to being.


Here's our girl, she said she was really nervous but I can't tell at all, can you?



Taking a little breather LOL




This one just cracks me up LOL


And there she goes.....and it was also at this point that I was faced with the dreaded "you're embarrassing me" moment.

I truly didn't think I would be dealing with it for a few more years, but I guess being 10 years old and having your mom there taking pictures and waving is something to frown upon.

I tell you being a mom is tough, actually I'm sure I don't have to tell you mothers out there who have teenagers right now or already went through it, but no matter how much you hear that this is normal and it's just hormones and all kids go through that phase.........when it first hits you, it's heartbreaking and I admit to shedding a tear or two on the way home.

Good thing is that we had a really long talk and I laid down some rules and said some things that she needed to hear as a 10 year old, she didn't like it all BUT that's life.

Oh boy, I'm just not ready for any of this tween/teenager stuff, really not ready for it at all.

Apparently I'm now in the "not cool" club. Being seen with mommy is a big NO NO. *hold me* LOL


  1. What fun pictures!
    I remember feeling that way when I was young, and then going though it with my girls. Boys don't seem to do it as much. Don't worry - it'll pass and she still loves you - just not as publicly!

  2. I am playing tomorrow night in church at our Christmas program...the clarinet as a matter of fact. I remember how nervous I was that first time on stage...let me tell ya I STILL am! I'm just hoping I don't squeek...LOL!!

    As for the tween/teen thing, I remember the first time Katrina told me not to talk to her in public. I wanted to cry right there. Maybe I should of that really would of embarrassed her! LOL! Its good you had the talk with her.

  3. OH and I'm the President of the NOT COOL CLUB for Mom's only!! Sending hugs to our newest member (((HUGS))) LOL! It must be all the snow we are getting here, its making me a bit silly!

  4. Sandra,

    I too need to pick up my membership card and join the rest of you! Since I have two, it's twice as bad, but I love them anyway. It's a moms right!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. awwwwww, great pics of the concert :) And I'm in the "not cool" club sometimes too ... my kids are 9 & 11. SO not ready for the pre-teen thing!!!!!!!

  6. Great pictures! I have 2 teens who play the clarinet. :)
    As for the club-yes they get like that BUT have hope they come back to you-where they aren't embarrassed. I finally have all 3 of mine happy to be seen with me-I have 2 girls(17 & 15) and a 13 year old boy. I think my Boy was the hardest. Not sure if it was the fact he is the only boy or my baby. lol :)

  7. Glad to hear it went well and she had fun. Love the pics. I haven't run into the "embarrass" me phase. I'm not sure I will with the girls not being influenced in public school. I still get loads of hugs each day. I hope I didn't jinx myself. :)


  8. Great pictures. Chatterbox is a clarinet player, she loves it. We are watching her at a band concert at a local high school on Saturday, we are so proud.

    You got some really good pictures there and a funny one :)

    Squidge doesn't like public displays of affection and she's only 5. She reluctantly lets me give her a kiss when I take her to school. But at home she loves a cuddle. Chatterbox on the other hand (she's 8) loves a big cuddle when I take her to school. I don't know how long that will last though.


  9. The pictures are awesome! How exciting! I have been absent for so long. I am just getting back to things. I hope all is well for yall!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  10. Sandra, me too-been there, done that! And yes, it hurts a lot. But just try to remember that especially nowadays, kids can be really cruel, so that may have a lot to do with our sweet little kids being 'forced' to grow up too fast and having to try to be all 'detached' from the parents. I'm not trying to excuse them, but just looking at the news, you know there is a huge problem with bullies in schools, and our kids sometimes have to avoid those difficult moments as much as possible.

  11. She is growing up momma.....i love it....we did Madison's choir concert last week.....another one bites the dust.

  12. I can remember how nervous I was with my first concert and we played the same instrument as well I believe that when you are nervous it is good if you start to relax as the music starts Good Luck to your young musician

  13. Gotta love the clarinet - my daughter used to play it too. I think those concerts are so much fun to go to. It's just amazing seeing the improvement over the years.

  14. Sorry Sandra - the last comment was from me. I have no idea how that name got put in my computer!

  15. Great pics! My daughter plays flute and had her first concert last spring. I am not sure I've ever been so proud as when I heard her play that solo.

  16. Ten, and doing the 'you're not cool'? I tell ya, I'd struggle with that too.

    Send your daughter to our school (a little far, I know). One third of the staff are current parents. She'd be in fine company to offer Mum a hug no matter which friend is around!

  17. congrats to Jasmine! She looks so grown up in those pics!


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