Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oh boy, not much time left!

I keep looking at the calendar and hoping that by some miracle it will just stop or rewind or something, anything, to make the time slow down.

Do you realize we have but 20 days until Christmas???? That's it.....not much time at all and I for one have not bought one single present. For shame!

I'm more of a *under pressure buy everything Christmas Eve* kinda gal, what can I say, I love it.

How are you doing on the shopping front? Do you have everything bought and wrapped and ready to go? Are you just doing Homemade gifts this year?

Speaking of Homemade gifts I always do them, but I'm drawing a completely blank and I need all the help I can get, so could my wonderful, crafty, inspiring readers throw me a life line? Give me some ideas on gifts for hubby and kids, keeping in mind that I have a girl who is 10 and a boy who is 6 years old.

Now that I got that paranoia out of my system *snicker* I can tell you that it's only 37 degrees here today and I'm in pure bliss. You can stop laughing because I'm sure most of you deal with these cool temps year long but for us folks melting in the desert when it dips below 60 degrees it's considered a good winter LOL

It's cloudy and rainy and cold and I'm sipping on some hot coffee with Creme Brulee Coffee Creamer. Goodness, have you tried this flavored creamer? I'm usually more of a milk gal but I tried it for the first time about two weeks ago and now I can't do without, it's so delish.

My day is going to be spent pottering around the house, laundry and dishes and cleaning and crocheting, watching movies, eating popcorn and planning, lots of planning for Christmas.

Lists and Gift ideas and Menus and all that good stuff.

I best hop on out of here and get started. I do hope you're enjoying your weekend and for those with snow, I envy you at the moment, I would give anything for some beautiful white snowflakes drifting down from the skies, but I'll settle for made up snowstorms and warm comfy blankies.


  1. I'm making loads of scrappy fabric belt from juicy bits' tutorial for all of the younger female relatives.

    We woke up to snow this morning, there are some photos on our blog.

    also, we're giving away a copy of Stephanie O'Dea's (from A Year of Slow Cooking) new cookbook, Make It Fast, Cook It Slow.

  2. Yes, everything is bought and wrapped and hidden away. Packages come out about every other day - Sophia comes home from school and checks out the tree to see if an elf has paid a visit while she was gone!

    I do most of my shopping online - some things I buy when I see them (although I have to be careful about hiding them away because I forget where they are hidden!) but most of my shopping occurs between the middle of November and the beginning of December. I really like to have it out of the way so I can enjoy holiday happenings without having to worry about getting my shopping done. We like to stroll through the mall without feeling pressured to find the perfect gift and there are a lot of things going on in the community that we like to visit. Sophia is in the high school Chorus so there are performances to attend and holiday parties and open houses.

    That being said, I have one last gift to buy - a new phone for Sophia - but it a tough one since she keeps changing her mind as to which one she wants. I'm going to have to give her a "Final Answer" deadline soon!

    If you have time to get things knitted, I'm sure Jasmine would love any of Jean Greenhowe's designs - there were free patterns on her website. It's a bit harder for me to come up with ideas for Curt but here's an idea for Nicholas if you sew - Vic made fleece blankets and pillow cases for our nephews one year. There seems to be every pattern of fleece - Marc's was the San Francisco 49ers and Alex's was the solar system. The blankets were simple - just hem a big square and the pillowcases were sewn like a big envelope to slip a square pillow form into. The boys take them everywhere and they are great for curling up on the couch during a movie.


  3. I don't have any good tips for you, but I'm glad it's feeling a little christmasy for you! It's been snowing like crazy here!

  4. I'm making Super Hero Capes of sorts for my kiddos...your son might enjoy that?! :)

    I'm USUALLY an under the wire type person also...this year, I TRIED to get a bit of a jump start though. My family is done but now extended family to go! :) And all those loose ends and half finished projects! :)


  5. I'm sewing pyjamas for my girls, who are much older than your kids but I think they are a pretty universal gift. Books and new art supplies are great choices for kids, I think. Do they have their own cameras? You can buy some pretty decent cameras for pretty reasonable prices these days. Hope you find just the right gift without any hassles :))

  6. I know. Some time ago it was too far and looked silly being always talking about Christmas. Now it looks the day is too close to do so many things.

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