Friday, February 12, 2010

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Do you like Period Dramas?

I think you know by now that BBC is one of my favorite TV networks in the world. When I am looking for a good show to watch, I always do a search for the latest BBC movies or series, and you know why? Because I love Period Dramas and I don't think there is anyone out there as good at producing those as the BBC network.

So, as I sat today looking for movies to add to my Netflix Queue, I was having a really hard time finding exactly what I wanted.

Maybe I wasn't putting in the right search words or who knows.......and then I remembered that just a few days ago I found an amazing blog called Enchanted Serenity of Period Films and she listed 150 Top Period Dramas.

You have GOT to read these posts:

Top Period Dramas A-L
Top Period Dramas M-Z
Top BBC Period Dramas

Also take a look at her Film Index. My word, this woman is my hero. I have found so many good shows to watch and my Queue is overflowing with goodness.

Now while we're talking of Period Dramas, thanks to Sherry, I found Bright Star, added it to my Netflix and was lucky enough to watch last weekend. I don't think there is enough that I can say about how much I loved the movie.

The love story of 19th century poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne, what an amazing and yet sad movie, I laughed, I cried and I was absolutely in awe of the costumes and cinematography.

If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it.

Right now I have Aristocrats on my tv and I'm kind of enjoying it but just don't know, it's not one of my faves.

So there you go, I wanted to share some links with you especially since we have a long weekend coming up, might give you an idea of some great movies to watch. Oh and if you don't want to wait for your Netflix movie to come in or can't find them at the movie store, you can always watch them on YouTube.

The wonderful Charleybrown of Enchanted Serenity of Period Films also has a list of all the great Period Dramas found on YouTube. I'm telling you, this blog is a treasure chest full of wonderful goodness.

Now tell me, what is your favorite movie genre?


  1. love period drama as well - thanx for sharing this new blog & giving your recommendations.

  2. I just knew you'd love Bright Star as much as I did! A friend I went to highschool and college with recommended it to me!

    Thanks for that blog! I am always trying to find new period dramas that I will find interesting! I've been watching the Lark Rise to Candleford DVDs and I like those quite a bit.


  3. That looks great xxxx

  4. Oooo...thanks! :) These are my favorite kind of movies! Have you seen North & South by Elisabeth Gaskell? I watched that recently and LOVE it! It has a harder edge to it as it portrays social hardships etc but I REALLY loved it! :)

  5. Thanks so much for this wealth of resource for period dramas! I love the PBS dramas-- love, love, love Cranford and Return to Cranford, and of course all of the Jane Austen Masterpiece pieces.
    While watching Cranford on my computer, I noticed how every frame is a cinematic work of art- the beauty in every scene is amazing.

    Thanks for this post! and Happy Valentines Day:)

    Linda C

  6. Hi Sandra...I saw Bright Star at the theater...a real treat since I don't go often. I love period films, and have bookmarked this most lovely blog. Thanks for the're the best!


  7. Wonderful! I do love period dramas. I am happy to have all of this information, and will use it.
    Sometimes I wonder if I should have lived in a different time period. It's fun to imagine. :)

  8. I love period films and have been watching them free on Netflix. I only discovered lately that they have so many movies available to watch on your computers. I mean, a lot of movies, sometimes, I have a hard time choosing one. lol


  9. Okay...ha ha ha ha!!! I obviously don't love "period dramas" because my first thought when I read it was thinking you were talking about "that time of the month" period drama...especially as it is going on in my house this week (LOL) daughter..the one with the drama, does however love the Jane Austen movies and all those others.

  10. I'll be checking out these links today. I too love these type of movies.


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