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# arizona renaissance festival

Renaissance Fair!

Be forewarned, this post is chock full of photographs, but I think you won't mind, I mean, who doesn't like the Renaissance Fair???? But for those who do mind, you can still see all the great photos I took on my Flickr account.

Going back in time, walking the streets of long ago, indulging in the smells (thankfully the good ones and not the real ones from back then), the sights and the action of the Middle Ages from 1450 to 1600.

The Ren. Festival is fun and for someone like me who loves Photography, it gives me an abundant array of objects to photograph.

If you purchase tickets from a local Fry’s Supermarket, the cost is $18.00 for adults, $8.00 for kids 5-12 (kids under five are free). If you buy the tickets on-line, it’s $19.00 for adults, $9.00 for kids. And if you buy tickets at the gate, it’s $20.00 for adults, $10.00 for kids, $17.00 for seniors.

The Enchanted Hat

Imagine if you will, stepping back in time?

You can outfit yourself in full Renaissance garb from one of the many vendors throughout the festival. Whether you prefer to be a pirate........aaarrrrrr matey! Or a fairy or a viking, a wench or a princess, whatever you want, they have.

There are twelve different stages with numerous entertainment acts throughout the day, from Pirate Shantyman and Bonnie Lass to the amazing Medieval Baebes who have traveled all the way from England to perform at various Renaissance Festivals. They are unbelievable, not only gorgeous in appearance but with stunning voices too, and if you go to their website you can hear a sample of their music.

Medieval Baebes

Hat Shop

A quick stop at the Enchanted Hat shop to buy a Robin Hood hat and a Jester Hat

Hat Shop

Oh if only I had the money to buy one of these, I don't know where I would wear it though, not sure I could pull this look off while shopping for groceries at the base commissary or driving kids to's a dream, maybe one day I'll have the means to purchase one and I'll buy it and keep on display.

Clothes shop

Instrument vendor, we stopped and bought the kids some whistles. They're not as easy as you think to play but I love the sound once you do get it right.

Instrument Merchant

Pirate Shantyman. We saw his act two years ago when we first went to the Arizona Ren. Fair and we loved it, unfortunately this time around we ended up not getting to any of the shows.

They made us laugh though because when the fair grounds were closing down and everyone was leaving, he and Bonnie Lass were standing at the exit with a big blackboard sign that read "We moved your cars....Good Luck!" LOL

Pirate Shantyman

Jasmine playing her whistle

Playing the whistle

Entrance to the Storybook Castle. You walk in and complete immerse yourself into all sorts of stories, fairy tales and nursery rhymes. (You can see the photos I took on my Flickr Ren. Fair Set)

Storybook Castle

Now onto one of my favorite areas in the fair, the village. I love seeing them all go about their day, preparing meals and doing their crafts.

Making Orange Juice

Cooking over an open fire

Cooking on an open fire

Getting lunch ready

Preparing lunch

Local Yokels

As a family, one of our MUST SEE and CAN'T BE MISSED events is the Jousting, namely the Joust to the Death.

Sir Alexander

Above you see Sir Alexander, he was the Champion and the crowd favorite.

As usual, no matter where we sit, we end up cheering for the one that goes down first LOL It's become a joke in our family, this time around it was even worse, our guy started off the Jousting already hurt and bleeding, I mean, really? HAHAHA

Knights in combat

Knights in combat

Sir Alexander

A Joust to the Death

Sir Ageron

This was our Knight above, Sir Ageron.

Royal Procession

The Royal Procession before the Jousting.

Renaissance Festival Grounds

One thing about the Renaissance Fair, if you're hungry there is so much food to eat. A little on the pricey side but good nonetheless, from Shrimp and Fries to Steak on a Stick to our favorite, Smoked Turkey legs which are as big as....well....your legs.

Turkey legs

Group of Pirates

9 foot tall woman. She's a tiny little thing but very sweet.

9 foot tall woman

The London Broil entertainment act are so funny, be sure to watch them if you make it to the fair.

London Broil Act

My kids were fascinated with the Greyhounds, they are such beautiful dogs, so tame and lovable.

Greyhound Manor

Renaissance Fair Grounds

Be sure to visit the Royal Stables where you'll be able to see the Knight's horses and the Jousters.

Royal Stables

I was fascinated by this beautiful Belly Dancer, she was stunning and moved so gracefully

Belly Dancer

Jasmine's favorite part of the day was when she got to meet and pose for a picture with Twig the Fairy, she even got a special glittery stone from her.

If your daughters love fairies, you just have to stop by and say hi, Twig is such a beautiful fairy.

Twig the Fairy

It was a wonderful day, the sun was shining, it was almost 80 degrees and the perfect way to spend the day with the family.

You can't leave the Ren. Fair without buying a few items here and there, for me personally, I have to indulge in girly things that make me ooooohhhh and ahhhhhh.

I bought 3 handmade candles, 1 lavender of course and 2 Moon Shadow and oh my, I had never smelled that scent before but it's wonderful.

Erie Candle shop

STOP right where you're at and go online to Spice Traders Teas, you have got to check out their tea selections, for a 2 oz. tin can you pay $7 but it will last me a while, I don't drink tea every single day, although that may change now that I have these two delicious blends at hand.

Assam Blend is SO good, it's a darker tea which I love and it was recommended by the Tea Vendor when I asked him for a good English Tea.

The Cinnamon Apricot blend is YUMMY. Jasmine actually picked this one and she already had a cup of tea and loved it, this is her favorite, it's a very mild tea, great for kids. Cinnamon chips, diced apricot pieces, marigold petals, apricot essence and black tea.

I also bought a little mesh ball for my tea leaves which works great in the cup and stops all the little pieces from floating around while letting the goodness seep through. Very inexpensive and definitely a must have if you love drinking tea.

And finally, I had to pick up this years Arizona Renaissance Fair memento. I picked the Queen's Goblet and it now sits next to the mug I got in 2008.

Alright, alright, I think I've bugged you enough and probably talked your ears off, I'll let you go now, hopefully to plan a trip to the fair next weekend, if you live in Arizona and close enough to Apache Junction OR maybe search for one in your could just grab a turkey leg, sit on the computer, go to my online album and look through the photos and pretend you're there?


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I just happen to live in Tucson and we've been wanting to go, so this is just the nudge we needed. Thanks for posting all of these pictures! They're great!

  2. If I remember right, you went to this last year too? It looks like so much fun. I love things like this that make you feel like you are stepping back in time. Loved the pictures!

  3. I love all the pictures! I feel like I was there with you guys instead of stuck in the snow here in the midwest!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  4. OHHHH you have made me long for summer!!! We have a ren. festival here in NY at the end of summer. We have never made it to it but this year we may just have to go. I LOVE the dress...I'd say just buy it and wear it! Maybe you'd start a trend. I love their dresses and the dresses from all the Jane Austen shows.

  5. I have never been to one, but it looks like fun.

    I love the new picture in your header. I makes me think of warm weather. I am certainly dreaming of it since the snow is flying out of my window.

    Have a great day!

  6. I absolutely enjoyed looking at the pictures, every single one. I have never been to a Ren fair, but I hope we go to a state that has one some day. This looked like a fun day for the whole family. Something for everyone. I am going to check out the tea online. It sounds heavenly. I think I'd like the flavor Jasmine picked out too.

  7. Sounds like you all had lots of fun! I loved the pictures ~ they are great.

  8. Sandra,

    I had the best time when I attended our festival here in California. We actually rented costumes and went in full attire. That just made it even more fun. What memories, loved all your beautiful pictures!

    Be sure to stop by my blog today and sign up for my giveaway!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. love the renn fest, we take the boys every year!

  10. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Looks like a great day!

    Thanks for sharing your photos.



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