Sunday, June 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home!!!


We're here, we made it to Idaho in one piece and I can't begin to tell you just how happy I am at the moment.

It is almost surreal to be back in our old town, to drive the streets and see the same buildings.

The drive was long, oh so very long and though quite uneventful, we did have a few things happen.

The Betta Fish????  Didn't make it.  :(

The pugs almost died of heat stroke.

We came across a car that had just rolled into a ditch, out in a long stretch of road in the middle of nowhere Nevada.  We stopped to help, so did quite a few other cars and semi-trucks, though many just slowed down to see what was happening and sped off on their way.

I was so scared that it would be a family with children in that car, but thankfully it wasn't, however it WAS a 30 year old male who was pinned in.  We were 40 miles from the next town so all that could be done was to keep him warm in the desert heat, wet him down with some water and provide some shade.  The worst part is that there's never cellphone reception in that area so most of us couldn't call for help, but someone was able to use a satellite phone to call 911.

We couldn't stay there the whole time while waiting for the ambulance as my car was getting very low on gas and the pugs were dying in the heat, it just wasn't possible to stay and since there were so many others around to help we decided it was best to get on our way.

Literally drove into town on fumes, gas is so expensive and it takes at least 3 full tanks on each vehicle to make the trip.  Ugh!


But I can't tell you the joy of seeing the Idaho State Line and leaving behind the brown ugly desert, to be welcomed to farm land covered in the greenest grass you could ever see, lightning in the distance and rain.

We drove through country roads lined with white picket fence houses, red barns, cows and horses.

It's one of those moments when you wish you weren't driving so you could be snapping pictures. I'll definitely have to get back to some of these areas for some good pictures.


Had to get out and stretch our legs which felt so good after almost 12 hours in the car.

First day we drove 7 hours but hubby and I were so exhausted after spending the past 3 days moving and then Thursday into Friday morning we were up until 12am cleaning the house for inspection, then up again at 6am to finish and then on the road without a break.


These kids were SO happy to be back in their home State.  It was so cute to see.


And then big sis leaned in closer and the faces started LOL


So she really went in for it and his reaction is priceless LOL


Even saw a wild chicken by Snake River


So, we are now in a motel, spent last night and will spend tonight here and then tomorrow we move into the new house. We're heading to the base here shortly to drive around and see how it looks now and then heading by the new house just to see it.

I'm going to take tons of pictures, of course and then I'll be back later to share them with you :)


  1. so happy you all made it back home safely...
    i was afraid for the pugs, going to the desert, glad they are ok..
    take care Sandra..

  2. I love your pictures! And so interesting, your driving. Your kids look so cute...esp. little brother..ha..
    So nice to see you happy in Idaho! Good luck on the house move tomorrow!

  3. I've never been to Idaho. For some reason I thought Idaho would have far fewer trees and foliage... But it looks beautiful thus far! Can't wait to see more pictures! Have fun redecorating and settling it :)


  4. In spite of the difficulties that happened on the way, this is such a happy post because you are finally home!

  5. Hi Sandra,
    I'm so glad you all made to Idaho safely. Now the fun begins...getting settled in and enjoying your home. Can't wait to hear all about it.
    God bless,

  6. So glad you are there safe and sound. I bet you were like angels to that poor man trapped in his car! Can't wait to see photos. Xxx

  7. I was just checking the weather and they were saying how horrible it is on the west side of the states, showing Arizona and Idaho being right in the zone. I said a prayer that you all were ok, and then here is your post. I am thrilled you made it 'home'. The photos you shared are wonderful.

    I'm so glad the trip went smoothly for you, but sorry about the young man in the accident and hope he will be fine. Sorry about your fish too. Glad the pugs didn't suffer heat stroke.

    Enjoy being off the road tonight and have a nice day tomorrow moving in. I can hardly wait to see photos.

    Love and hugs to the four of you ~ FlowerLady

  8. When I drove back to North Carolina after being away for almost 18 months, I saw those tall pine trees and knew I truly belonged to that land. Its an awesome feeling when you realize where you really know as home in your heart. So glad that the trip was largely uneventful. Hopefully things settle down for you soon so you can get some rest.

  9. Welcome home! So glad you made it there safely and look forward to reading more! Good luck with everything!

  10. I am so happy that you are finally 'home' and you had an almost uneventful trip.

    Can't wait to see more pics and here all about your new 'nest'. xxoo

  11. So happy to see that you're safe & sound! I'm sorry about your Beta's but glad your pugs made it ok! What a long drive that was... hope you get some rest & relaxation soon! Hugs & prayers!!

  12. Welcome home to Idaho!! So glad to hear that the trip is over and that you are ready to begin your new adventure in your new home :-)

    Looking forward to sharing the adventure with you!

    Green grass, big trees, rivers with WATER...hurrahh!!!

    Elizabeth in Mississippi

  13. Glad you made it safely!!!!! :) Excited to hear more about when you settle in there!! :)

  14. Welcome Home! Glad it was a safe trip!

  15. I'm glad you all made it safe and well to Idaho, the photos of your kids are adorable. Reading your blog has become a daily thing for me. God bless, and pace yourselves with the unpacking.

  16. Glad you made it safely...why didn't you tell us you needed gas money? We woud have sent you some <3 Glad your pugs made it also...what's important is your happiness..

    Aunt Nita

  17. Glad to hear that everyone made it safely home. Be careful moving in today in the heat. It's going to be a hot one! :)

  18. Yay! I'm so glad you made it okay. How kind you were to stop and help, we had something happen to us on our vacation in Door County and I'll be posting about that. I can't wait to see your photos. Get some much needed're HOME! :))

  19. Bless you for stopping to help a fellow traveler. So glad you got out of Arizona before the heat hit big time. I am a little envious! Have a good 4th of July!

  20. So glad it all went okay. Best wishes in this wonderful new phase of your life. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  21. So glad you made it safely! Welcome home :)

    Have a wonderful week.



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