Monday, June 03, 2013

What a crazy ride....


First and foremost, I miss you guys.  I miss catching up with you, I miss reading your blogs and I miss my daily posts on here.  I am so looking forward to being back in Idaho and to settling into my new life and getting back to blogging.

It hasn't been too long since my last post, actually it was just 3 days ago, but it feels like 3 weeks, and I guess it's because I was so used to being on here every day that I'm finding it a little weird not coming in and chatting.

It's now 9:30pm and here I am, writing this post before I go to bed.  The family and I have just finished watching National Lampoon's Vacation, one of our favorite movies, we always laugh so hard and say that if this was us going on vacation across the country, it would probably end up the same way.  Hahah

So, now onto what I've been doing the past few days.

Friday morning, Curt and I had an appointment at the Airman and Family Readiness Center, we had to go over all the retirement paperwork and SGLI benefits etc.  It's never something I'm comfortable talking about and I felt like a nut getting teary when talking about my husband's death and what it would mean for me and the children, but it's one of those necessary things to have done and taken care of.

After doing that, we ran a few errands around base, dropped off paperwork, picked up other paperwork, then came home to get my Durango ready to be picked up.

If you've been reading my blog for years you will know that the Durango was my dream car for many many years and I was beyond ecstatic the it came home.

Unfortunately for many years it's given us problems and we've fixed this and that and it just seemed to keep needing repairs.  Someone made a good offer on it and we decided it was the best time to part with it especially with the upcoming move.

Ladies, it was SO hard to so goodbye to it, I bawled like a baby, I can't even tell you.


This was right before they loaded her up. It was heart wrenching for me, isn't that crazy?? Anyway, it will be fixed and taken care of and that's all that matters, it's time for me to move forward and concentrate on other things.

That was my Friday, lots of emotions and ups and downs. It did end on a good note with some yummy homemade pizza. Food does help doesn't it?

I tried a new pizza dough out, mainly because I didn't realize I was out of yeast and so baking powder it was and wouldn't you know it? The tastiest, crispiest thin pizza ever. So good.

Baking Powder Pizza Dough

Saturday I took a little break from packing and headed outside with my camera. Ever since our garden in the front has bloomed, we've had a crazy amount of butterflies around and I do so love them. Usually they won't stop long enough for me to capture them on camera, but these guys seemed to be enjoying the flowers and so I snapped away :)




Sunday was a rest day for the most part, I packed one box and then called it good.  I swear this heat just sucks the energy out of a person, we've been in the triple digits and hit 110 on Sunday.  Good grief.

Hubby took the kids and I to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Am definitely going to miss it and the good Mexican food in Arizona.

Which brings us to today, and house hunting, oh boy. Well Curt was supposed to go up to Idaho next week to look at some houses but the move is coming up very fast and quite frankly between his truck needing new tires before we leave, car registrations for both vehicles are due now, the cost of the road trip up there, plus hotels, plus closing costs on the house we get is just not something we can do right now.

So we have someone working with us up there, they are our eyes and ears, there have been extensive phone calls and emails and photos back and forth and a gazillion questions answered, and we had narrowed it down to two houses. Unfortunately one got an offer on it today so it's out of the question, left us with the other one....and we made an offer on it today. Now, we wait.

If it's meant to be then we'll be home owners shortly, if not, then I guess our quest continues until the right house comes along.

Either way, I know that God is already there and He already has our home prepared for our homecoming, and that is fine with me :)

And just like I said previously, what keeps me grounded, aside from my family and our amazing Lord, is the ability to stop and surround myself with things that make us smile.  Like baking a cake, a German Chocolate cake with Coconut Pecan, and mind you not made from scratch, cause you know sometimes it feels good to just do it the easy way.

That's what's been going on around here.  I can hardly believe that in 3 weeks and 4 days we will be driving out of here.  It's been a long 6 years on this base and we're ready to move on.

I do so hope that you've all been doing well, and I can't wait to come around and see what you've been up to.  For now though, I'm taking myself to bed and hoping for a better night, I didn't get much sleep last night, kept tossing and turning and thinking and rethinking, drives me nuts when you wake up for a split second and then can't get back to bed, and it's usually when your mind decides to go into overdrive.

Anyway, time to hit the sheets.  Have a great night, or morning depending on where and when you're reading this :)

God Bless,


  1. I always have a hard time selling my cars too. They kind of become like people if you know what I mean. :)
    It has to be hard to try to buy a house from a distance. God has the right one for you though!

  2. Ha...that is a good movie to watch! (and if you ever get laid-off, "fun with Dick and Jane is good") I love watching movies to parody something we are doing.

    A good movie for moving, also, is richard pryor and Randy quaid's "moving".

    there are clips on it on youtube. It is an old movie, very funny, but richard pryor uses alot of swearing, so we usually fast forward over that.

  3. Aww... Hang in there Sandra! Praying for you:)

  4. Hey Sandra! You must be so busy, getting ready to move. I really like your new blog header. It's very cool!

  5. Dear, dear Sandra ~ You are doing very well with this move, keeping your positive outlook, taking photos, cooking great food, loving your family.

    Don't worry about visiting me, you just take care of you and yours and write when you get settled in up there in Ohio.

    I do enjoy reading your posts and am really excited for all of you.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. I think you are doing great with the HUGE lifestyle change you are making. Leaving the military is a whole new can of beans, bittersweet for most families. Hope you can get a good night sleep

  7. I know how you feel about your car. I had a Dodge Intrepid that I LOVED (that I'd been wanting for years!) but I had to sell it due to the repairs being too costly. The repairs would've cost almost as much as the car was worth. The worst part was, I only needed the repairs because someone stole the car! I was fortunate enough to get it back, but it was in bad shape and only lasted a couple of months before I had to sell it. I don't know if I'll get another Intrepid or not (since they stopped making them in 2006), but all I know is the car I have now doesn't compare at all. I always wanted a BMW so maybe I should start working on that! LOL

  8. Aww, your beloved Durango! Once they start needing all those repairs though, it doesn't seem to get better. Hopefully you will find something you love just as much.


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