Saturday, June 08, 2013

Sahuaro Ranch!


First I want to start by thanking you all, so very much, for the prayers and kind words :)

Things are not easy right now, but we're plugging along and pushing through and just letting God guide us.

I can tell you that both hubby and I are extremely stressed at this moment, especially knowing that we are but 3 weeks away from leaving and heading back home.  One thing we do know for sure, we will be fine, way or the other.

So again, thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for our family, we really could use it.


Anyway, this morning we headed to one of our favorite places, the Sahuaro Ranch.  It was actually one of the first places we visited when we first moved to Arizona, and I did take quite a few pictures that day and shared them here.

One of my favorite things to do at the Ranch is to take the free house tour.  It is just so gorgeous in there, and I was all set to take some photos for you all, but they've changed the rules and you're not allowed to take any inside.  Bummer.  I wish I could have showed you the kitchen.....droolage galore.

The surrounding houses are closed to the public, but you can see inside through the glass windows, I tried my best to get a picture of the ONE item that immediately caught my eyes :)


Oh my!

I keep saying that I want to live a simple life and I can tell you that anytime I find myself in one of these old 1800's homes, I feel like I'm HOME. My family always says "you would be happy living here wouldn't you?" and I don't even have to answer, all I need to do is smile, they get it :)


That is the main house, isn't it gorgeous?


The property is surrounded by beautiful, tall palm trees.


One of the biggest attractions to this area, are the Rose Gardens. I took some photos of me and the kids, my in laws and the hubby and I, back in 2009.


In the 1890's the family brought over a few peacocks and to this day, the park has quite a few descendants still roaming around. They are gorgeous, and the kids love watching them.

They also have tons of chickens, though didn't see any today, not sure where they were.




It really feels like you've stepped back in time. It's a little bit of history preserved in a fast paced city. Cars, gas stations, fast food places and then there it is....smack dab in the middle.

This next picture was taken from outside peeking in through the glass window, hence the quality is not that great, but I still like it and I wouldn't mind a little dining area just like that one.






I could easily spend the whole day just taking pictures and enjoying the park, but it's so hot here already.  We were there at 9:30 am and it was 100 degrees, I don't think I need to tell you that it made it quite uncomfortable to the point where Jasmine started feeling really sick, got all pale and I thought the child was going to pass out.




The dairy barn.  I have such a strong pull to old buildings like these.




We weren't there for long, like I said Jasmine started feeling sick and we managed to get in on a quick house tour before high tailing out of the sun.

It's been a very lazy, laid back, relaxed day.  Watched National Lampoon's European Vacation this afternoon, I do so love the 80's comedies they were so funny, nothing like the trash on TV today.  I may watch Funny Farm or Three Amigos tonight, not sure yet :)

For now, I'm going to enjoy the sandwich my husband made me, check my email, maybe get in some blog visiting and who knows what else.

Have yourselves a lovely Saturday night and again thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all the love you constantly shower upon me.  I'm ever so thankful :)


  1. Looks like a fun place to visit, but its too bad it was so hot. Continuing to pray for all of you. You have a great attitude and you're right - it will all work out!

  2. Morning Sandra, what a wonderful place, I would love to tour that old homestead...thanks for sharing ,Happy Sunday Francine.

  3. You have been on my mind and most certainly in my prayers. I was a bit concerned that we hadn't heard from you so I was relieved to see you pop up.

    Have a great Sunday. xo

  4. I hope everything is resolved in a positive way for your family soon! I love these pictures. I have never been to Sahuaro Ranch, but it looks fun so will have to check it out and go. Hope you are managing well in this heat! Let us all know how things work out! Have a peaceful week knowing that God is in charge!

  5. Sandra, you'll all be in my thoughts and prayers. I know how hiccups & rough patches can happen. I'm going through a really rough one. I'm the woman who won the Lucky Leaf contest, with the cupcake inserts & strawberry filling. I'm physically disabled (not in a wheelchair yet, thank God), and a few weeks after winning the contest, I was notified of an apartment that would have made my life easier, so I moved. Within a few weeks of moving I learned I'd been lied to, and there was a serious pest infestation, mice! Due to poor maintenance long term. I'm now stuck having to pay for inspectors to prove the problems, so I can force the landlord to move me to another unit. He doesn't want to, he figures he has a "sucker", hook line and sinker, who he wants to put up with his slap a band-aid on it and ignore it, approach. It's impacting my sleeping and health.

    Take your time and be extra careful with this motel, read reviews online if there are any. Try to keep things, one day at a time, even five minutes at a time if that's the most you can manage. I keep trying to focus on the saying, "this too shall pass", because this bumpy road can sure get wearing.

  6. Here's to hoping things go a bit smoothly for your move. It's never easy. Especially when leaving the military. But you will love it when you get here to Idaho. Just keep that in mind.


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