Monday, July 15, 2013

# happy homemaker monday

Happy Homemaker Monday - 07/15/2013

Missed Happy Homemaker Monday last week as we didn't have internet up yet, but boy am I glad to be back this morning :)

I am hoping you all had a fabulous weekend and an even better work and school week ahead.

On to today's list.......

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....Seems the triple digits are back this week and I'm not exactly thrilled, I mean, I did come to Idaho to get away from those temps right? LOL

This is what it looks like, not TOO horribly bad I guess, compared to 119.

Right now I am....Enjoying my morning cup of coffee, sitting on the couch typing this up and listening to hubby sitting next to me as he checks his facebook and tells me the funnies listed on.

Thinking....About next week when my brother and his family arrive in the States, I am so happy and excited though I know that this is a bittersweet and terribly hard moment for them having to leave family and friends and everything behind.  

On my reading pile....Two books on raising chickens, Traditional Kitchen Wisdom and a few Amish fiction.

On my TV.....My Portuguese soaps and a few shows online to catch up on.  

What I found while surfing the net....British Corner Shop, online store where I can find a myriad of products from England.  *sigh*

On the menu for this week....So happy to say that I did make a menu plan and can now get back to normal cooking and shopping.  Nothing like being forced away from it for almost two months to really appreciate it.  For today I am going to throw in a chili into the crockpot as I still have to go grocery shopping.

Monday - Crockpot Chili
Tuesday -  Turkey Breasts with Bacon, Potatoes au Gratin
Wednesday - Beach Street Lemon Chicken with homemade fettucine
Thursday - Meatloaf, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Veggies
Friday - Crispy Cheddar Chicken w/ Basmati Rice
Saturday - Runza Casserole w/ Salad
Sunday - Fish Fillets with Cilantro Sauce, Butter Rice and peas

On my to do list....
Laundry, it's all been washed and folded just have to put it away
Finish the girl's bedroom
Need to buy two more dressers and a video storage cabinet of some sort
Grocery Shopping
Post Office Run

In the craft basket....Dishcloths for the Etsy store.  Been making a few as I have time and it's felt so good to get back to my crochet and knitting.

Looking forward to this week....Getting my house completely finished, and getting ready for my family to arrive next week.

Looking around the house....It's mostly done, like I said just have a few things still laying around that I need to put away, but it's no longer packed with boxes of all kind.  My husband is playing one of his space games on Facebook, the pugs are snoring next to us, Miss Lola with me and Miss Bella with hubby.  Kids are still asleep and the sun is shining through the kitchen deck peaceful :)

From the camera....

July 13, 2013

On my prayer list.....
My brother and sister in law as they get ready to leave their whole lives behind and embark on a new journey in the States.
My stepmother and father, after almost 34 years of marriage they are getting separated and it's heartbreaking for me :(

Bible verse, Devotional....
“As surely as God lives, who has denied me justice,
the Almighty, who has made my life bitter,
3 as long as I have life within me,
the breath of God in my nostrils,
4 my lips will not say anything wicked,
and my tongue will not utter lies.
5 I will never admit you are in the right;
till I die, I will not deny my integrity.
6 I will maintain my innocence and never let go of it;
my conscience will not reproach me as long as I live. - Job 27 1:6


  1. I'm glad to hear that you're almost all settled and that you've been able to craft again! Have a great week. :)

  2. Oooh I should be able to do HHM more now that I'm no longer employed in the outside world. Yay for SAHMs! xxxxxx so excited. :)

  3. p.s. you have to try Marmite (from the British website) and peanut butter on toast, it sounds gross but it's divine!

  4. sorry about your parents, thats always so sad..
    Have a great Monday..

  5. Just one thing, that British expat's shop looks great, but there's a British Import Shop in the US, in Plymouth, MA, where you can get almost anything British your heart would desire, and you'd not only pay less, you'd save a heck of a lot on postage and time being shipped from the UK. Here's the url.

  6. I would love it if you posted the recipe for the fish fillets with cilantro sauce that you're set to make later this week. Sounds delicious!

    Are your family also going to be living in Idaho near you and yours? That is very exciting! I wish my husband's family lived closer, as most of them are in Puerto Rico. I'm glad his parents are nearby but is brother left a few years ago to pursue film music composition in California, so we miss him too. Have a lovely week!

  7. Anonymous7:30 PM

    It seems as if you were just packing and look at you are back to routine! I think you might've sneaked some of the higher temperatures with you..ha.!

  8. I will HAVE to check out that website of British goodies.

    I love your picture of the cow! Such a great picture.

    Your menu looks delicious! I hope to see some of these recipes posted because they sound amazing.

    I'm praying for you and your father and step mother, as well as for your brother and his family.

    I'm glad to see you are enjoying Idaho. It truly does look amazing. Have a wonderful week.

  9. Yeh - glad you're back!! Hope to join again soon when things settle down for me/us. Finally down to less than 2 week until we move!!!!!

  10. Hahaha! I just read that I typed cow about your picture... I meant horse. Yea, multitasking doesn't work well for me lately. Hahaha

  11. I am using this store:
    I love it.


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