Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quick check in!


Hello my sweet friends :)

I don't have internet at the house yet, will only have it on Monday.  BLECH!

So did a quick sneak into the public library to use the wifi and let you all know that we are well.  We got to the new house and literally within 5 minutes our household goods arrived LOL


We've been busy unpacking and finding room for things, thankfully we have a garage AND a storage shed so it's been easy to put away things that we have no place for in the house.  I love my kitchen even though there is no pantry, so the laundry room downstairs is now the laundry room and pantry, but I'll take pictures and share another day.

Just wanted to drop by real quick and show you some of my views, this girl is in pure heaven.

This is the view from my living room window....


And from the deck out back....


And just to show you the sunset the other night from the living room window


And the sunrise from the deck


So yes, I'm happy and I'm loving the views and the peaceful country setting.  The pool is going up today and then I'm going to get started on gardening as soon as the house is set up.

Hubby and I are sore and tired so we're taking it easy, but by this weekend it will all be in place.

Anyway, better skidaddle on out of here, can't wait to get back to daily blogging :)


  1. I think I like the front view better than the back. It's all so pretty though. Much prettier than SE Kansas. :-)

  2. Oh my Heavens. Your views are absolutely breathtaking! What a blessing to live in such a gorgeous place! Good luck with the unpacking and settling in. Can't wait to see what you do with the place! :)

  3. love the pics...take it easy and so good to hear youre home..

  4. Welcome home! What a truly beautiful setting, a place that you all will certainly enjoy for a long time. Have fun settling in.

    A very happy Independence Day to you and your family. xo

  5. I've got to admit-I'm so jealous. I'm sick of the desert and 100+ degree weather. *sigh* December and a trip home (Oregon) can't come soon enough.

    Your views are amazing btw.

  6. What luck to have everything there in just minutes! How awesome! Gotta love our sunsets. :)

  7. Hurrah for the public library and WiFi!! So happy that you took the time to post today, because I think about you and your new Idaho home every day and hope that all is going well. Those pictures of the views around the home show that it's a beautiful location. Knowing your love of cooking, I'm sure your kitchen will be up and running VERY quickly!!

    Take some time to rest...a cup of tea on that porch sounds good-good!!

    Hope the kiddos and pugs and hubby are doing well.


  8. I can see why you love the views. They're right out of a Little House on the Prairie. Congrats on the new house. Have a wonderful 4th!

  9. It's so fun to read about your adventures! Looking forward to seeing your new home all put together! I'm happy for all of you and know God is right there with you every step of the way! Take care.

  10. Oh Sandra, you are living in a beautiful area! I can't wait to see more photos.

  11. What a pretty country setting! Love the very favorite. So where is this? So pretty!

    Have a wonderful 4th and hope all goes well with setting up in your new home!


  12. It sounds like everything is falling into place. I am so happy to hear things are going well for you. Enjoy your view!

  13. Your post sounds so happy and relaxed. Enjoy setting up your new home. I look forward to seeing many photos.

    Your views are spectacular.

    Love and hugs to all of you ~ FlowerLady

  14. Hey Sandra! What a view! Beautiful! Glad to here you guys are there and can start to settle in now!

  15. Just gorgeous. Have fun getting that house set up as your home!

  16. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Sigh....Your views are beautiful! Welcome to your new home!

  17. Fantabulous pictures Lovely Sandra!!! Very eagar to see your house.. Have A lovely weekend .
    Love Nimmie From India

  18. Beautiful view...I like the country surroundings,can't wait to see more pic.

  19. So very beautiful!! :) Hope you get some rest and are all settled in soon!!

  20. Gorgeous views! I would love land like that (I am in a large city with views of other houses). :)

  21. looks so peaceful and such beautiful views and sunset!!


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