Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm baaaaaacckkkkk!


Oh it feels so so so so good to have internet back.  Though, quite honestly I have to say that we did enjoy not having it for a week, we spent a lot of time swimming out back, grilling, watching movies and relaxing.

But now I have so many things to tell you and I don't even know where to start.

I guess it's best to begin in the beginning? And to tell you that God was really on our side during our move because we never would have made it home without Him. There were so many things going on against us and we just put it in the Lord's hand and as always He came through in a big way.


As everything in life,the rough patches always lead to a good place, and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to be where I am at this moment.

So quiet, so stress free, so relaxed and happy.

It's been a crazy busy week though and I wish I could tell you that my house is up and running, but alas it's not, there are still boxes laying around, things to be packed, things to get rid of etc.  It's slow going and I think because I've been on the go for the past few weeks, I'm sore and I'm tired and I'm moving slower than usual.....but we'll get there.

Let me show you where we're at so far.....front yard




View from the living room window

2013_07080033 is the kitchen, I am loving the white cabinets they make everything so much brighter


Kitchen window sill


Dining area, still a lot of random things around but at least we have a table to eat at


One corner of the living room


Here's a better view of the whole living room, nowhere near done, there are still quite a few odds and ends laying around here and there


From the top of the stairs looking at the front door


Looking up from the front door


From the front door looking down to the lower level where my bedroom and bathroom are, the door to the right leads to the laundry room


Back yard....deck


I don't think I'll tire these views, there's nothing like drinking my morning coffee out here while listening to the birds singing


already made a friend, comes and says hi every morning.  I knew it was building a nest, and low and behold, RIGHT next to the deck is a tree with a nest...


I took a peek this morning and saw one egg, took this photo, went inside to help one of the kids...


came back out, and there were two.  I wonder if there's more now, I haven't checked in a few hours :)


It's been great having a deck to sit on and enjoy a snack while watching the kids play in the pool


I honestly don't know what the future holds, or where we'll be a year from today but for now, I'm going to enjoy every single second of this house, every second of being away from crazy city life, and really just settling into this country life which is something I've wanted for so long.

I thank you all for your patience with me during this move, I am so far behind on blog reading and haven't been able to come by and say hi to anyone, but you've continued coming by and leaving me such sweet comments.  I do appreciate them :)

Now I'm off to catch up on my shows and check on dinner which is cooking away in the crockpot.

Hope you're all having a fantastic Monday....oh and I apologize for the lack of Happy Homemaker Monday this morning, I didn't have a way of getting one up and didn't get internet until much later in the morning.  It will be back next week though :)


  1. glad youre settling in nicely Sandra..
    hope the kids are loving it also..
    so neat to see the birds nest, love it..

  2. Well it looks to me like you've got a whole lot done! Your view is awesome and I'd be on that deck every morning too!

  3. Welcome back! I missed you! So glad you are settling in and your new home looks perfect:)

  4. Looks like you are settling in and adding your own touches. I love your views - and the fact that you have a nest to watch!

  5. I am glad that you are getting settled. I agree about white cabinets. Painting mine was one of the better things I have done.

    Your birdie friend is super cute... enjoy!

  6. Dear Sandra ~ Don't apologize for not getting around to blogs. You've just gone through a major change in your lives, and you need time to mellow out and get into your new life in the country and out of the military.

    I'm enjoying the photos, and look forward to seeing more.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. So glad to see the I'm back! I so look forward to reading your blog every day.

  8. I cannot believe how much you have on your walls already, really, you are amazing. You have done so much already, no wonder you are wiped out! It is really coming along and already has your signature on it. I wish you the best on everything in your future - love your sign in your kitchen. Also love the picture of your dog at the top of the stairs - how are they adjusting?

  9. You left something back in AZ - ME! lol So jealous you got to move out of state it is blazing hot here in Phoenix and we are moving Friday to our first home (we are gonna be here for a loooong time). I LOVE the levels in your house. I wanted one like that but all the tri levels in AZ that we looked at were really worn down and horrible looking.

  10. Wow, looks like you have done so much in such a short amount of time!I think maybe when time are toughest, and things finally settle down, we have an amazing appreciation for what life has to offer. I can tell from your writing today, you seem to really appreciate and enjoy all that's come your way. You sound so happy, and I'm so happy for you. Ps, you're home is so cozy!

  11. So glad to see you are all settling in! I have missed reading your updates, but have enjoyed some of your recipes while waiting to hear what is happening in Idaho :)
    Good luck and blessings on your continued adventure!

  12. Yaaa, home sweet home. I know you and your new birdie friend are both enjoying fluffing your nests! Everything is looking great

  13. I love it, Sandra! And you're right, those are great deck views!

  14. The house is already looking great! (And I have that EXACT "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much" sign!!!). Enjoy decorating and getting to know your new home :-)

  15. Happy you are settled in and all is well. I've missed you!

  16. Glad you are settled in, your place looks lovely.
    I've missed you!

  17. Can't believe you've gotten so far on your house already! Enjoy your family, home and those beautiful views from your deck. Take care!

  18. So happy to hear a nice update. So glad you're settling well :) How are the dogs adjusting to the new surroundings?

  19. Oh Sandra, just lovely! I am so happy for you and your family!

  20. I'm so happy to see you back, and mostly, to see you happily settling into your new home. Wow, you guys have done so much in such a short amount of time! The house looks great, and I'm so enjoying all the photos of the views and your sunsets, etc. Looks like a gorgeous place to live. So happy for you and your family :)

  21. You have such a talent to make every nook and cranny contribute to the beautiful homey feeling. (You inspire me a lot. Yesterday a new friend said my house was the most homey that she had seen and it is NOTHING compared with yours, but i love that feeling when we can smile as we look at each corner.) So glad for you that God has/is working out challenges and giving you such joy in the moment!


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