Thursday, February 05, 2015

Crochet Items for Sale


This is so weird to me, I have never sold any of my crochet items nor did I ever think I needed to or should.

Maybe it's the fact that I always thought that no one but me would be interested in buying any of my creations, but you have all been so kind and have shown interest quite often.


I think now is the time for me to part with some of my crochet goodies, and I also find that it will give me something else to work on, recreating all these goodies for myself because I have been in a bit of a crochet funk, so to speak.

Know that a lot of time and love were put into each of these and I just hope that you will love them as much as I do.  And keep in mind that these are homemade, they are not professional so there may be some flaws here or there, I would never presume to sell something under the assumption that is absolutely perfect.  :)



Corner to Corner blanket in red and tan - $25 plus shipping (SOLD)

Made with worsted weight yarn.  Measures 38x38.
Perfect lap blanket or baby blanket.


Corner to Corner Granny Blanket - $45 plus shipping (SOLD)

Made with worsted weight.  White and multi colored stripes, with an edging in yellow.
Measures 43x43.


Crochet Mood Blanket - $65 plus shipping (SOLD)

This was one of my favorites to make, it was so much fun and I'm looking forward to making another.  Multi colored blocks with a white edging, it is pretty heavy and so warm.

Made with worsted weight.  Measures 39x57.



$5 plus shipping (SOLD)
Cotton dishcloth in yellow and blue.  Measures 6.5x6.5


$10 plus shipping (SOLD)

Cotton dishcloth set.  Bigger one measures 7x7 and the smaller one is 6x6.


$6 plus shipping (SOLD)

Cotton dishcloth set, small.  Bigger one is 4.5x4.5 and smaller is 4x4.


$4 plus shipping (SOLD)
Cotton wiggly dishcloth.  Measures 4.5x4.5


$4 plus shipping (SOLD)
Cotton wiggly dishcloth.  Measures 5x5


$4 plus shipping (SOLD)
Cotton flower dishcloth.  Measures 5x5



$6 plus shipping (SOLD)
African Flower Doily.  Measures 7.5x7.5


$15 plus shipping
Cotton Mandala.  Measures 12.5x12.5


$8 plus shipping (SOLD)
Cotton Mandala.  Measures 7.5x7.5


$8 plus shipping (SOLD)
Cotton Mandala.  Measures 7.5x7.5

Those are the ones I have available right now, I do plan on going through my yarn stash and if I have time, making a few more items to sell.  For now though, these are what is available, please understand that I don't do custom orders, what I post is what I have :)

I can only ship to the States at the moment. 

If you see an item that you wish to buy, please email me at 


  1. Good luck with your sales!! As you know I am rather overrun with my own crochet, otherwise I would be tempted, so I hope that others are keen to give some of your things new homes. Then as you say, when you are settled you can start making new things! How great will that be! xx

  2. Make more wiggle dishcloths, please! I'm sorry to have missed out on them. Good luck with your sales. We're moving in about 7 months and I'm determined to get down the number of WIPS before that. Best of luck!

  3. I have always loved your work Sandra - email has been sent!!

    Best of luck with the sale of all of it dear lady!!

  4. Oh Sandra good for you, your crocheting is wonderful and no doubt it all will go fast....


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