Monday, February 09, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday - 02/09/2015

Good morning everyone.  I hope you've had a great weekend and are ready to tackle this new week ahead.  I am but in a way, I am not, if that makes sense.

My husband leaves for Texas on Friday and then it will be 4 months before we see him again, definitely not something the kids and I are looking forward to.

The weather outside is::::
It's been raining, yet again.  Sometimes I feel like we live in Seattle, with the constant pitter patter outside.  I love rain, but I'm a bit tired of the gloomy weather and ready for summer.  

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
Just the normal cup of coffee, but here in about an hour I will probably have a Breakfast Burrito, or some toast.  Not sure yet because my stomach feels a little off at the moment. 

As I look outside my window:::
Cloudy skies and the roads are all wet from the overnight rain.  I am hoping that the skies open up and we see some sun this afternoon, I'm sure that would lift my spirits.  Right??? 

Right now I am::::
Still in my jammies, actually slept in a little today.  I'm compiling this post and also have a list next to me of things hubby and I need to get done today, we only have a few days left before he leaves and I feel like we have so much to do.

As I look around the house::::
Boxes line the's become such a normal sight for us that it doesn't affect me anymore.  LOL  I've been packing up, hubby has been packing up things to take and the house is starting to look a little empty.  That's fine, because I've decided that I am doing a major purge on this move and a lot of things are not going to make it to Texas. 

On today's to do list::::
Laundry....Have two loads to iron and put away.    
Cleaning....Usual housework

Currently reading::::
Book for review, it will be up next week.

On the TV today::::
The new Walking Dead from last night.  Not sure what else we will have time to watch. 

On the menu this week::::
Need to get some groceries today so don't have a menu yet....have yet to write it up

Monday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -

What I am creating at the moment::::
Nothing, just boxes like last week lol 

New recipe I tried or want to try this week::::
Nothing new, just very simple meals we've been having lately.  With hubby being gone, the kids and I will also be having easier, kid pleasing meals, so I don't foresee major kitchen cooking for me the next few months.

Favorite photo from the camera::::

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals::::
"I am coming to you now, but I say these things while I am still in the world, so that they may have the full measure of my joy within them."
John 17:13

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threesidesofcrazy said...

HUGS & PRAYERS as you ready for Curt's departure.

I'm right there with you on the rain as it is pouring outside my window - AGAIN!

BTW your link up is not in the post.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Thinking of you and your family as you get ready for the changes ahead dear Lady! I posted my HHM but you don't have the link up...but just wanted you to know I joined along.

Wishing you strength as you face this week. Prayers, hugs and love to you all. xo

The Frau said...
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threesidesofcrazy said...

no link up so here's mine

Simply Quaint said...

Many prayers for all of you, the time will fly and you can all be together soon.....

Conny said...

Thinking of you all!!

I actually posted today! :)
No link-up so here it is:

Amy at love made my home said...

I expect that four months will fly by really quickly as you have so much to do. I hope that your husbands journey goes OK and that all the packing goes well too. xx

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Here's my link too:

Debbie@SimpleJoysofHome said...

Thinking of you and your family at this difficult time. You are a strong woman and you will make it through.

Debbie :)

Pamela said...

Praying for your family as you prepare for Curt's departure. I live in the Seattle area - I know just what you mean about the pitter patter!

Here's my link:

Sweet Tea said...

Always enjoy your posts. Hope you get a break in the weather soon. A little sunshine makes everything seem better.

Liz said...

There is no link up, but I did participate, just wanted to throw that out there, as well as to catch up with you.

When Curt leaves, where will he be staying? Will he be on base, a hotel, or do you guys already have a place to rent?

I know these next few months will be very tough. I can't imagine being away from my hubby for that long, but you will be so busy the time will fly. Bet you never thought you'd be spending months apart after he retired, did you?

I'm continually praying for you and your family.

Jean said...

I hope the next 4 months will go by quickly for you and your family. As much as I love our sunshine, we could use a bit more rain around here.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family. I know it will be hard right now but I pray Texas will be a blessing for your family.