Sunday, February 22, 2015

When he's gone.....


Curt has been gone a week and two days.  It feels like forever already and I'm missing him terribly and just wishing that these months would fly by.

It never gets easier, if anything I think it gets harder.

But I have to keep myself and the kids busy so that we don't dwell on how much we miss him, or the fact that he is not here with us.

I throw myself into packing and housework and the things that make me smile. 


Those little things that remind me each day that though this current situation may be hard, it's for a worthwhile cause and so I keep pushing through.

I have taken my camera out and started snipping little bits of my day, trying to record it all so that I can add it to the already extensive collection of memories here on my blog.  You know one day I will sit down, look back and enjoy reading through all of these moments in time.


The house is starting to look empty, I've just been packing and moving boxes to the garage and getting things ready for the move.

I thought at first that I would get a moving company but after receiving some quotes, I quickly decided that there is no way we can afford it. Between $6000 and $10 000, way out of our budget. We are going with UPack, they drop off the trailer and we pack it and then they pick it up. Still around $3000 but much better than the previous quotes.

Oh boy!!!!

So yes, I'm packing and getting it all ready to go in the trailer.


This corner is everything ready to go, I'll just keep adding to it as I pack.

That washer and dryer I am going to try and sell before I leave. I love the washer but the dryer is gas powered and I can't use it. Hopefully someone else can.


Look how empty my fireplace area is already looking. I am going to move this bookshelf to the garage this week and finish moving those boxes too. My plans were to do it today, but since yesterday I have not been able to walk much because of a Sciatica flare up.


Thanks to this crazy Idaho weather, went from 50 something degrees to waking up to snow.



Anyway, wanted to come in and chat a little, let you all know what was going on here, how I was doing and what progress is being made towards the move.

Oh before I forget, I mailed off all the crochet orders last week and you should all be getting them this coming week, so keep an eye out for that.  Again, thank you all, I know my goodies will find good homes :)

Alright, I have a ton of laundry to get through and need to make a dessert to take over to my brother's house later for our Walking Dead night.   I'm taking one of our favorite meals too, the Slow Cooked Italian Beef Sandwiches.  If you've never tried them, you don't know what you're missing :)

Italian Beef Sandwiches

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend.


  1. Keep going dear and know that you will soon all be together again! xx

  2. Good to see a post from you. One of the hardest thing about being the keeper of the home is to keep the home fires burning when your man is gone. Praying the time flies!

  3. Chin up Sandra. Keep going, one day at a time.

  4. Praying the time goes smoothly and you are all reunited again soon.

    Didn't wale up to snow but it is 24 degrees so know how you feel - this weather is crazy!

  5. Sending hugs for all you're going through and know it must be difficult. Keeping busy is smart and hopefully will help the time fly much faster.

    Hang in there and God bless sweet Lady. xoxo

  6. One step at a time. You have got so much done already!!

  7. Sandra,

    We've been looking at a moving from one coast to another and love your option of the moving trailer instead of trying to hire a company to do it for us. You know that they always manage to add some additional fees in when they arrive anyway!

    I can understand how difficult it is when our husbands are away from home. My time is not quite the length yours is, but the pain of their absence is very much the same.

    Hoping the time will pass quickly and praying for you in those moments when their absence is felt the most.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Moving across the country is so expensive. We only moved 225 miles and it about did us in (rented a Uhaul; packed and loaded ourselves).
    Hang in there and keep checking those days off the calendar!


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