Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One of those days....


I've been scrambling around getting the house finished, in anticipation for family arriving this coming 4th of July weekend.

I love having family over, there's nothing like it, being able to sit and visit and enjoy good food.  But I'm weird in the sense that I want things done right, and I don't have a dirty or untidy house, but I always feel like I have to go the extra mile.

With just having moved in here a month ago, things are a bit more stressful because not everything is in it's place or completely unpacked.  I really could just leave it be, I know my family wouldn't care one bit if something is out of place of it there's a box lurking around.  Problem is....I can't do it, it kills me LOL

My kids will tell you that I'm always behind them picking things up and cleaning.  I disagree, I don't think I'm THAT bad, but what do I know?


See what moving does?  I finally got my kitchen benches put together only to find that I'm missing some hardware for the yellow one and the bottom for the blue one.  Where did they go?  I have no clue, I'm assuming somewhere in the garage and I'll eventually come across them.

They also took quite a beating and the paint has completely come off in some areas, which means, I need to retouch or sand down or whatever, decisions, decisions.


Got my chalkboard up in this kitchen.  I don't know, but I always feel much happier when I have one on the wall.  I still need to do some touch ups around the edges, and actually want to find some sort of trimming to place around, but for now, I couldn't resist getting it ready for the weekend.

I'm no artist and I'm terrible at drawing, but it's cute nonetheless.

Books for review

I've had some books come in for review this past week, which I'm quite excited to read.  I reviewed a Charles Todd book not too long ago and enjoyed it so much.  I'm thrilled to be asked to review his other two.

I did have another book come in for review this afternoon, so I have plenty of reading to keep me busy over the summer.

Something else keeping me busy is the costume I'm working on for Jasmine.  This is the pattern I made for her shoulder pieces, and the design is just random free hand shapes that will be embroidered in gold thread once on the actual white satin.


My living room is now done.  I will take photos of it tomorrow as I plan on doing a house tour for tomorrow's post, so if you're interested in seeing my new home, be sure to come on back :)


Mind you, some rooms are not finished, I am still missing some furniture and some wall stuff, and my bedroom and office NEED to be painted because I can't handle the pink walls any longer.  Driving me insane.

But, I will still show you how things look and introduce you to this huge house I now call home.

Will save the outside for another day.

And speaking of outside, ever wonder what a dandelion looks like up close?  I know I did, and was so surprised to see just how stunning it is.


It never ceases to amaze me just how gorgeous nature really is.  How intricate the designs and colors on the simplest of things.  We take so much for granted, just knowing it's there.


Like this guy.  He was playing hide and seek with me. 

Here's the thing, I don't like Lizards, like....ugh, they move too fast for my liking LOL  But even I have to admit that he's beautiful, there's no denying that.

Well friends, it's almost 10pm and 5am comes around too fast.  I'm going to head to bed and try to get some much needed rest, I've been feeling very tired and unwell and I think I need to really take some time to myself.

Have a great night :)


  1. I hope that you don't wear yourself out too much preparing. It sounds as though we are very similar in that respect though so I understand. You want everything to be just so don't you. Love the picture close up of the dandelion! Hope that you find some time to relax. xx

  2. love that you are posting regular now sandra..love all the photos you take..
    dont stress yourself out, iam sure everything is beautiful..
    take care,

  3. We are definitely cut from the same cloth Sandra - as I'm the same way about my home. I know my friends or family don't really care, but I always need everything to be just right in my mind. I'm sure it's just because we want things the best for the ones we love. Try not to stress too much and just enjoy! Love love love that chalkboard!

    So fun to see how Jasmine's costume will go! Love the photos of the dandelion and lizard. Beautiful!!

    Can't wait for tomorrow's tour. ;)

  4. I'm the same way with my house. My husband doesn't understand it at all, but I can't handle anyone being in my home with it less than what I deem as acceptable. I can't wait to see Jasmine's costume. It will be so cool. The photos of the dandelion and lizard are really cool. We have cute little skinks like that too. Ours have dark bodies with neon stripes down the sides and a bright blue tail. Dandelions, I'm all too familiar with. They are really beautiful although my allergies don't like them, and I often have the kids pick them out of the yard. They think they are just picking flowers and don't mind. Hahaha!


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