Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Welcome to Burkburnett!!!

Before moving to Texas, I will be honest, I had never heard of Burkburnett.  Never!

I know a few cities in Texas, from visiting the State previously and from family that lives here, but this is one I had no clue existed. So with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to tell you a bit about the town and how it came to be.

I don't have a lot of info but just a few fun tidbits that you might find interesting.

A major oil discovery on a small farm in North Texas in 1918 launches a drilling boom that makes Burkburnett famous and leads to a popular Hollywood movie.

Ok now that is cool.  I had heard of the movie Boom Town but haven't watched it and definitely didn't make the connection at all.  I guess I'll have to watch it now.

Quanah with Samuel Burk Burnett.  Burnett leased Indian land for grazing.

Burk Burnett was named after Samuel Burk Burnett who owned the 6666 Ranch.

Teddy Roosevelt was a guest of Burnett on a 1904 wolf hunt and pulled some strings with the P.O. Department in naming the town.

The discovery of oil in 1918 changed the town into one of the more famous oil boomtowns in Texas. 20 Trains a day ran between Burkburnett and Wichita Falls.

As I've researched online, I've found quite interesting stories about the town.  You never really know what you'll discover until you start digging and it seems that Burkburnett, or "Burk" as it seems to be referred to by the locals, has quite an interesting start.

Photo courtesy of Barclay Gibson

Burkburnett, Electra and Ranger's oil fields made north Texas a worldwide leader in petroleum production.

Eventually, the oil boom dies out.

The town was also affected by the Great Depression, which causes it's population to decline.  Today though the population is over 10 000 and I think in great part to the nearby Sheppard AFB.

I have so much to discover and so much to see around here, and I really can't wait to get out there.  Museums and historic buildings and nearby Wichita Falls will definitely keep us busy.


  1. Hmmmmm fun facts, I'm from Texas and had never heard of it before you moved there, nor did I make the connection to such a blockbuster movie.

  2. Oh how cool Sandra!

    I love the connection to that movie. I have seen it (& pretty much every Spencer Tracy movie as I just love him) and it's really cute. I kept cheering for Spencer to get the Girl as I like him better than Clark Gable but I think partly because he was such an amazing actor, and maybe partly that I like naturally curly red heads (altho it's black & white movie) with big foreheads (ie:see photos of my hubby on my blog) Lol

    Such interesting things to learn about the area you're living. I love that you share with us so we get to learn fun things from afar! So exciting and it's so nice to see you feeling really good and happy with where you are now. ;)


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