Thursday, July 30, 2015

{ Random Thoughts }

White tail Dragonfly

What did I do with all my shower curtains? :::::
No really, where did they disappear to?  I had at least 4 different ones but when I went to change out the one in the master bathroom, I had none.  I'm honestly confused, did I leave them behind in Idaho?  Why would I do that, it makes no sense and I could have sworn I packed everything. The hunt for the elusive shower curtains will continue.

Sand spurs hurt :::::
I mean like really hurt, the kind where you find yourself biting your tongue or letting out a long list of expletives because you stepped on one and jump up only to land right on it again and further digging it into your toe.

Kinda missing the rain :::::
Apparently I'm never happy because when it rains I complain about the humidity and when it doesn't I complain that I miss it.  We're very unhappy humans in general, aren't we?

Bacon Cheddar Burgers or Chicken Spaghetti for dinner? :::::
That was the debate in my brain for a good hour and a half, but I settled on the burgers because I'm really fancying one at the moment.  So burgers it is, Chicken Spaghetti will be this weekend some time because tomorrow night we're having Chinese which we've all been craving.

I hate dark circles under the eyes :::::
It runs in my family, really it does.  My grandmother, father, older brother have very pronounced dark circles and I do too and it's annoying because even if I've had good sleep I still look half dead.  I need a really good concealer.

Dishes in the sink :::::
It's always such a great idea the night before when you're tired from the day and just want to relax.  You leave the dinner dishes soaking overnight and tell yourself it won't be that bad in the morning, and then you wake up, walk in there and want to cry.

Scorpions :::::
That's 2 we've killed in the house so far, always going under the same couch.  Where are they coming from, how are they getting in and how can I get them to go away?  I'm so scared it will sting one of the dogs or kids.

School starts in less than two weeks :::::
Can you believe that?  And I'll have a kid in 11th Grade and one in 7th Grade.  How is that even possible, where has the time gone?

I'm out of dog treats :::::
I use them to give Lola her medicine and to treat the girls too.  I wanted to make them some but I don't have anything on hand because I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.  I guess a slice of ham will suffice.

So many good Period Dramas :::::
There are so many good on right now, I don't know where I'll ever find the time to watch it all.  Today I'm going to watch the first episode of Partners in Crime, which is based on Agatha Christie's work.  Also Life in Squares looks very good.  Coming up very soon is The Scandalous Lady W. and I'm really looking forward to that one which stars Natalie Dormer as Lady Worsley.

Need to get off here but don't want to :::::
I should be doing laundry, or looking for the shower curtains, maybe even washing the 3 dishes left in the sink, but I don't feel like it.  I'm feeling extremely lazy this afternoon, and I think it's because I'm so tired.

Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight :::::
Bella is getting old folks, like really old and so she's become like a baby and wakes us up throughout the night.  It's frustrating and Curt and I are both walking zombies at this point, especially when 5am comes around so fast.  I'm just hoping to get some good sleep tonight because I found myself actually nodding off to la la land while sitting here at the laptop.  Oh boy!!!!

What about you?  Any random thoughts today?


  1. Oh I hate sand burrs and goat heads and all those pokey things that smart! And missing things annoy me to when I know I have packed them. Just found my missing beads last week! Yikes on the scorpions!

  2. I have those days too! And this week seems to be full of them. Full moon? Change in the tides? Change in the weather? Have a better evening!

  3. I have done dishes 3 times today and I have a full sink right now. Wah! I am missing the rain too. We had our fair share down here in Houston but now our grass is all yellow. Best drugstore concealer I have found is NYX above and beyond concealer pods, followed closely by Maybelline age rewind dark circle eraser. Sometimes I have to use both because my dark circle get so bad.

  4. It's funny that you say that humans are never really happy. My hubby and I were just talking about that very thing! I don't think you have dark circles but if you're looking for a concealer, my daughter uses a good one. It's cover girl ready set gorgeous concealer. Sorry to hear about Bella. :(

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  6. Your sand spurs sound the picker weeds we get here. They hurt something awful if you step on them barefoot! And they stick like velcro to our clothes or Ruby's fur.

    I'm freaking out for you about the scorpions!! Aaacckkk!!! I think I couldn't live in Texas. Lol Maybe there's some good info about how to deal with the on youtube?

    Poor sweet Bella. It's so hard to watch our sweet animals get old. Hang in there Honey. Blessings for a beautiful weekend. xoxo

  7. Sandra, you'd probably love Jennifer Fulwiler's blog (, if you don't already know her she's a blogger who lives in Texas and one of her pet hates is scorpions - her stories are so funny:

    In fact, she's written a funny little ebook that I've just downloaded her book to my Kindle called Like Living Among Scorpions.

    Praying for your cute doggie and you xxx

  8. My younger two go back to school soon too. Then my next older one goes off to college. I feel like my house is shrinking to quickly lately.

  9. I must add that life could get even crazier if the kids were closer in age and both of them had jobs at all hours of the day and night! That's what my life is now. I have three kids 22, 21, and 19 that have an average of two jobs apiece and they share 2 vehicles. We are constantly figuring out transportation and they come and go all day long, eating in between jobs, dishes piled high, laundry piled high, showers running mornings, noon and night. It is just nuts with three kids so close in age. Two are heading back to their dorms/apts. later this month and it will be a bit less hectic. The oldest has graduated from college and is living at home and working while she pays off student loans. Enjoy these times now because when you wake up tomorrow they might be doing the runaround!


  10. Hope you find your shower curtains! Hope you get everything else sorted too and that you enjoy your Chinese meal! xx

  11. Those burgers sound good. And I have one starting 11th grade this fall too. But we don't start until the end of the month. A little more time to relax.


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