Friday, July 31, 2015

{ Friday's Letters }

Friday's Letters

Dear body::::
I know you're not feeling 100% and I'm sorry for whatever I did to bring this upon you.  I have tried to make you feel better but you are not healing as fast as I would like, for that I apologize, I guess I'm just antsy.  I promise to continue trying my best and to be patient.

Dear Curtis::::
I'm so proud of you, you do so much for us as a family and you work hard every single day to provide.  I know you are loving your new job and being around the jets again, and for that, I'm truly thankful.  God has blessed you tremendously.

Dear Jasmine::::
I know you're 16 and I know you're supposed to *know it all* and think that at times I'm just nagging, but sweet girl, slow down, take your time growing up, and try to remember that everything you're going through, I've been through too.  I promise not to smother you, and I promise to let you find your way on your own, but I am your mother and I WILL be there every step of the way, guiding you and advising you whether you like it or not.

Dear Nicholas::::
Where did my little chubby cheeked baby boy go?  You tower over me, you lift me up with such ease and you are sporting the start of a mustache.  I can't even with this, I'm not ready to have no little ones around me anymore.  You're such a sweet heart though, but I could do without the attitude at times, I know, puberty and growing up is not easy, but again, mom and dad have been through it and we're just here to help.

Dear Lola::::
I love you, you're my sweet little pug, even though you can be quite ornery at times.  I'm sorry you still have to deal with seizures once in a while, I wish there was a magical word or medicine that could take them away forever, but since there isn't, just know that I will be there holding you and making you as comfortable as possible when they happen.

Dear Bella::::
Oh my sweet Bella, you are getting so old.  You're trying so hard to keep going and do the things you've always done, but I see you struggling at times.  You are still such a happy dog and thankfully not in pain, though I know that your much slower than you used to be and it frustrates you at times.  I don't like the pee all over the house, but you can't help it, and I guess it's time to look into some doggie diapers, but just know we love you so much and can't imagine our lives without you.

Dear weather::::
You're nuts, that's all I really can say.  I have enjoyed the whiplash of sun and rain, and humidity and dryness, just wish you would make up your mind.  Pick one, stick with it.  Ok?

Dear house::::
I am still loving you, still enjoying waking up every morning in this beautiful area and smiling at the land before me.  I however have a request....could you try, just really try to not let any scorpions in???  I promise to keep you clean if you can do that for me.

Dear me::::
Saved the best for last, I guess.  You're awesome, you're strong, you're loving and kind and generous and you take yourself too seriously at times, you can be your worst critic and often worry too much about what others are thinking about you.  Life is to be lived, start living it, stop worrying, stop trying to control, and guess what?  Be who you are, if you want to be nice then be nice, and if someone has a problem with it or doesn't return the feelings, let it go, it's their loss.


  1. Dear Sandra.
    I am so glad to read you posts everytime. You somehow inspire me as young wife and mother that God made me to be.
    God bless you

  2. Dear Sandra.
    I am so glad to read you posts everytime. You somehow inspire me as young wife and mother that God made me to be.
    God bless you


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