Monday, December 12, 2016

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Happy Homemaker Monday - 12/12/2016

Happy Monday Y'all!!!

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, ours was pretty amazing, nothing spectacular happened but we finished decorating for Christmas, we watched our National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, which is a family tradition to do each year, we got our real Christmas tree and I watched more Christmas movies.

I think I'm ready for the season :) 

As I look outside my window:::

Beautiful morning.  We have had really cold weather the past few days but it seems to have warmed up a bit today, thank goodness.   

Right now I am:::
Still in my pajamas, warm robe and slipper socks.  I'm so cold still even though it's warmed up.  I'm typing up this post while enjoying my beautiful Christmas tree twinkling away :)

Thinking and pondering:::
Oh friends, I have such a busy December.  I'm afraid I've bitten off more than I can chew, and have committed to quite a few things in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas.  I'm already tired just thinking about it, honestly LOL

On my bedside table:::
The usual, though I need to give it a clean, it seems to be collecting all sorts of bits and bobs that shouldn't be there.

On my tv:::
General Hospital
Dr. Phil
Lots of Christmas movies on the DVR.  I've been recording them off Hallmark and just watching as I can.

Listening to:::
This category was titled "playing on the radio", but I don't always have the radio going, so I think "listening to" makes more sense.  Right now I'm actually listening to nothing but silence, well, unless you count the keys on the keyboard as I type this up.

On the menu for this week:::

Monday -  Speedy Ghoulash
Tuesday - Chicken Stew  
Wednesday - Salisbury Steak Meatballs with Mash
Thursday - Instant Pot White Bean Chicken Chili
Friday - Hubby and I are going Christmas shopping with my brother and sister in law, so making Pizza for the kids
Saturday -   Slow Cooker Thick and Chunky Beef Stew
Sunday -  Slow Cooker Parmesan Meat Sauce with Fettucine Noodles

On my to do list:::

Kitchen.....dishes, dishes and more dishes.
Housework.....Vacuum living rooms and tidy up anything out of place with kids to catch up, though they have winter break next week so they'll have to work then.
Christmas baking.....making Italian Christmas Cookies and Snickerdoodles today
Baking.....Making Sandwich Bread today for us and for my sister in law
Christmas.....Make a list of who I'm sending Christmas Cards to
Blog....Blogmas post for today, Grocery Haul, Thrift Store Haul

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

Part 14 of the Sophie's Universe, is well under way.  I've also been making a few of the Messy Bun Beanies. 

My simple pleasure:::

Sipping Eggnog while watching Christmas movies

Lesson learned the past week:::
That no matter how young I feel, my body is certain to remind me of my age  hahahah
Oh sciatica, ohhh pains and aches.

Looking around the house:::
I am so happy with my home at the moment.  Last year I didn't really decorate for Christmas, except for getting the trees up and that was because my brother was visiting from South Africa and I wanted to get them up before he left.  This year though, I'm going all out again and decorating as I always do and I love just sitting and looking at the decorations.  Makes me smile. 

From the camera:::

Marley is scared of this snowman, because it plays music. It's quite funny when he forgets about it and starts trying to bite it only to set it off. hahaha

Christmas Tree

Bible verse, Devotional:::


  1. I am so glad you had such a good weekend. I had to laugh about Marley and the snowman! sounds like a good title for a short story does it not?

  2. Hope you hang in there and just get lots of time for family and all the real reasons for the season! Try not to stress too much Hon! Love your tree! ;) xoxo

  3. You can see how late I'm joining in this week so I certainly get the super busy month of December part of your post. Tis the season, right? Hope you are having a wonderful and fun week so far!


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