Monday, May 1, 2017

# happy homemaker monday

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 05/01/2017 }

Good morning everyone and Happy May!!!

Oh this is crazy, so here we are, May of 2017.  School is ending on the 19th, my daughter is graduating on the 20th, my husband is celebrating a birthday on the 22nd.  It's a month full of exciting, big milestones for our family.  Also a month full of bittersweet moments, but that's life right?

I am sorry this is going up a little later than usual, but I just got done paying bills, which you know is never a fun thing.

So without further ado, let's jump right in......

The weather:::
Insane, is pretty much the only way to describe it.  Woke up this morning to 35 degrees and I'm absolutely freezing.  I don't get it, it's May, come on now Texas get with the program and give me the beautiful warm weather I need.

On my reading pile:::
Diana Gabaldon's Lord John Series.  Been also getting a ton of books in.  One I'm currently reading at the moment  is The 5 Love Languages and oh am I loving it.  Have any of you read it yet?
Also have been receiving a steady influx of books for review, have 4 in so far and I believe there are at least 10 coming in.  Great summer reading, so I'm eager to get school finished and behind us so I can start enjoying them.

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
I am almost done catching up with Once Upon a Time, am on the last episode of Season 5 and then it's on to the current season.  After that I will jump right into Game of Thrones.

On my TV:::

General Hospital
Dr Phil
Fear Thy Neighbor
See no Evil
Murder comes to Town
Reasonable Doubt
The White Princess
The Handmaid's Tale

On the menu for this week:::

Dutch Oven Enchiladas with Cornbread Topping, Salad
Ham and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Mashed potatoes and Green Beans  
Three Cheese Pork Manicotti, Garlic Bread 
Dad's Cajun Dinner 
Chicken Pot Pie, Green Beans  
Savory Sandwich Ring 
Skillet Macaroni and Beef, Salad 

On my to do list:::
Living rooms.... vacuuming, dusting, tidying up.
Kitchen..... dishes, empty dishwasher, clean counters, take out meat for dinner.
School..... mark attendance, work on finishing up courses, phone calls
Crochet.... finish off newest project, finish last week's 3rd square in preparation for Thursday
Household.... go through new lease agreement, sign and return

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

Have one more square for last week's Nuts About Squares blanket.  Will finish it sometime today.  But I've been working on something new (I'm sure you're not surprised haha), and will finish it this morning and move on to the square above and then finally get cracking on with my Mandala Madness.  I got more white yarn so I can continue.

Looking around the house:::

We had a very relaxing, laid back weekend so it's definitely showing.  On the dining table is our game from last night, we left it set up because we didn't finish so will be doing that today.  Need to vacuum the living rooms because Mr Marley gets a little too excited when playing and literally tears up his toys, paper, napkins, whatever he can get hold of.  Silly puppy.           

From the camera:::
Family game day.  We played Eldritch Horror which is a mystery game where all the players work together to defeat the monster.  You have to fight monsters, get clues and so on. 

What I'm wearing today:::
Leggings, tank top and long black sweater.  I'm absolutely freezing. 

One of my simple pleasures:::
Watching farming videos on Youtube, I love farms, love seeing the animals and all the work that goes into it.  I would be thrilled to one day live on my own farm. 

Inspirational Quote, Bible verse, anything you want to share::: 


  1. Your meal plan for the week looks delicious! Game of Thrones is my favorite, I can't wait for the new season this summer! I've been anxiously awaiting the Handmaid's Tale and can't wait to get started watching that myself.

  2. Great quote! Have a wonderful week.

  3. You certainly have a lot going on this month! So hard to believe that your daughter is graduating from high school!!!

  4. The weather is insane lately. I said when I went in to work today, is it March 1st or May 1st? I'm confused! The sun is out this afternoon though. Your menu for this week does sound really good. Hope you have a great one!

  5. You have the same weather there as we are having today in Minnesota! 35 is very chilly! Hope it warms up for you there. I continue to be so inspired and impressed with your crocheting skills.

  6. Wow! It's a really busy month for everyone it seems!
    I have heard of The 5 Love Languages but have not personally had the chance to read it yet. Will there be a review once you finish it? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. :)
    It got cold where we live in Indiana too. We had a beautiful week last week and then it's like we are right back to winter! Crazy. Hope the weather warms up soon for both of us!
    Have a great week! ☺

  7. Love your new header, I am still trying to find time to sit down and figure out how to add photos to mine. Your quote is great! I have that written down and look at it when im in a slump. I am right there with you in preparing for Graduation-my daughters is in June. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. I'm running SOOOOO late this week - hope you had a GREAT one!


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