Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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{ Cleaning up after the dog }




Oh what a day!!!

Let me begin by saying that I'm knackered, like totally shattered and can not wait to get into bed.  The night before I didn't sleep well because of an allergy attack, and I'll show you why it happened.


See that?  Curt and I have been working on the yard, doing some tidying and landscaping and so on.  I try my best to be out there helping and doing my share, and not because he tells me I have to or need to, but I've always enjoyed yard work and gardening and being out there with him.


Our current project is all about digging, mulching and so on.


As my allergies have developed and worsened here in Texas, I have found it quite hard to do what I want to, without paying for it later.

I am allergic to so many things that I'm surrounded by and one of those, is something that is actually in this soil we have.  I completely forgot about it though and was right in there, albeit wearing gloves, but still, I was in there touching and grabbing and moving stuff around.

I didn't even think about it, I had taken my Allegra and figured I was good to go.  Apparently not, by the time mid afternoon hit, my nose and eyes got itchy, my nose started running and was congested at the same time and the sneezing fits took over.

No Allegra, or anything of the sort could help me.

Anyway, I didn't sleep well that night, I just can't sleep when my nose is congested, so I spent all night tossing and turning and propping myself up with pillows, but to no avail.  By the time morning came around I was exhausted.

Last night I didn't get much sleep either due to Marley constantly tossing and walking, and scratching and licking.  Again I woke up feeling worse for the wear.


Curt had just left for work and I was sitting on the couch, sipping on my coffee and trying to wake up or at least get some energy to make it through the day.

Next thing I know Mister Marley is getting sick in the other living room.  I honestly thought he threw up but he didn't, he had a runny tummy and decided the best place to relieve himself was on my carpet.

I wanted to run for the hills, seriously, when I smelled it and saw it I actually wanted to cry LOL

Thank the Lord for my carpet cleaner.  I got that mess taken care of but then he did it in the other living room, so onto that room I went with the carpet cleaner in hand.  The next 35 minutes were spent running the machine, emptying, washing out, refilling, cleaning the carpets, and repeating the cycle over and over.

You know I love my animals, but could do without these kind of messes to clean up.  And why does it always feel like these things happen on those days when you're not feeling well, or sick, or tired???  Always, without fail.



Anyway, I got him settled down and napping, he has been on a rice and boiled chicken diet today and is already doing much better.

But I took the day to knock out some crochet projects I have laying around.  Above you can see my Nuts about Squares blanket.  I ended up not finishing all the squares, and so just went with a lap blanket.  Love the final result and the colors too :)

Also finished my Sweet Caroline, here she is.  Just have to get the right cushion insert.

As I worked on these, the clouds rolled in and before long the rain started coming down.



Candles and scentsy warmers went on, air conditioner was turned off, fans were turned on in the living rooms and doors were opened to enjoy the fresh cool air coming in.

And let's not forget the scent of the rain, because it's truly indescribable.



If you're interested in a good thriller, I have a great book for you.  I reviewed earlier today so be sure to go and read that post.  The book is called The Lost ones and it's quite brilliant.

I'm also starting this one above, the cover is beautiful isn't it? 

TV wise, I've been watching American Ripper from the History Channel, it is really interesting and I'm very curious as to what the outcome will be.  I think tonight is Episode 4, and there's supposed to be only 5 episodes, if I'm not mistaken.  But I'm looking forward to it. 

On the cooking front, I added 3 new recipes to the food blog, one of those is the Whistle Dogs that so many of you asked me about.  It is a A&W specialty, although it's been discontinued in many of the restaurants.  It's a delicious variation on a plain hotdog and I'm sure your family will love it as much as mine did.

So go on over to Full Bellies, Happy Kids, you'll find the Whistle Dogs, a Bacon, Corn and Shallot Spaghetti and a Cinnamon Coffee Cake.  Hope you enjoy those :)

I'm going to grab my book, and actually head to bed with Marley, he's feeling better but is quite sleepy and ready to relax.  Not sure how much reading I'll get done because feeling the way I do, I'm afraid I may conk out within a few minutes. :)


  1. Have a good rest and hope you feel better tomorrow. ❤

  2. Oh my Sandra I feel for you....I hope Marley is on the mend.....the heat sure plays a factor on them as well as us.....hoping your days ahead are better....can not wait to see your landscaping.......how is the hair challenge going by the way? I did mine the other day thinking of you...😬


    1. He is all back to normal now. I think he got into something he shouldn't, he's such a naughty little thing lol
      My hair challenge is going quite well, I have NOT dyed it and it's been almost 2 months. It's been so hard but I'm being good. I'll have to take a picture to show you all :)

  3. Hope you feel better Sandra... take care :)

  4. Ugh! our cat decided she didn't like having to stay in the bedrooms and not have the window open and the curtains down the past 2 weeks when it was so hot here. I washed sheets and blankets nearly every day. Thankfully it has cooled down and she has had the run of the place again and is back to her normal self.


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