Thursday, December 28, 2017

[ The past few days }


It's been a pretty relaxing week for us.  Curt took the week off and so has been home, just relaxing, taking it easy and spending some good quality family time.


Unfortunately, as the temperatures have plummeted here in North Texas, so have our immune systems, so we all seem to be fighting off colds.


And to top off the colds, some of us have also been dealing with some sort of minor stomach bug.  Hasn't developed into anything serious, but we have the upset stomachs, heartburns, nausea and so on.

It's safe to say that when it strikes the whole family, the best thing to have on hand, are huge bowls of homemade chicken soup.  Just like my greatgrandma used to make.


I've started taking down the Christmas decorations.  I think by now you all know that once Christmas is done, I need it all removed and my house put back to normal.



As I started working on the tree, I noticed some big white flakes started to fall outside.


Nothing major, matter of fact it's been floating down all day long but none of it has stuck.  I'll be honest, I kind of wish it would but beggars can't be choosers right?

He loves watching the snow too.  How adorable is this little face?


A couple months ago, I was sent a new faucet set from Pfister, for a review.  So much has gotten in the way and so many things have been happening, that I didn't get a chance to try it out until today.


My husband got right to work this afternoon, and in about an hour, we had a new faucet, which I'm completely in love with.  It is gorgeous.

I will have a review up for you all tomorrow :)


While he worked in the bathroom, I threw together a quick Casserole for our lunch.  I still have quite a few leftovers from Christmas, and so I made a layered casserole using the ham, potatoes and green beans.

I'll have the recipe up for you later tonight.  It's super quick and easy and is a nice twist on the usual Christmas dinner.  I don't know about you all but I was getting quite sick of the same old ham and mash.

I also watched The Miniaturist today, which was brilliant.  Wish it wasn't just 2 parts.  If you haven't watched it yet, you might enjoy it.  I've given you the links below :) (Please keep in mind that if you don't have a program such as AdBlock Plus, on your browser, you may get some pop up ads.  AdBlock is always a great free program to have installed as it blocks all the ads on website pages)

The Miniaturist Part 1
The Miniaturist Part 2

I'm still looking for the Little Women BBC Adaptation to watch.  I guess I could wait until May for it to be released here in the States but there is no way I can wait that long Hahah

Well I'm off to do a little crochet and also finish my grocery list for the morning.


  1. Happy New’s freezing cold here in Ohio and snowy....I’d love to share ­čśÇ. We hit a record low of 4 degrees a few days and our highs have only been in the teens and this goes all next week....wood stove is working hard to keep our home warm...thank goodness for it....I’m with you on Christmas decor, tree is down, everything is repacked and storage area even got a good 6 hour cleaning yesterday....all organized and looks the faucet.....feels good to have new things around....I hope all are feeling better we’ve had a bit of something too....look forward to seeing your crocheting.....what are your plans for 2018? Selling crochet?

    Have a wonderful day

    Blessings Rhonda

  2. But it's still the Christmas holidays! I can understand if it were the end of January lol. I enjoy sitting back after the hustle and bustle and just enjoying the decorations.

  3. Taking a moment amongst all the craziness here to have a holiday moment for myself catching up with dear blogging buds like you. ;) Love seeing what you've been up to and love seeing your updates and photos. Your photos always make me feel so cozy. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas with family. Ours flew by too and we've been busy with lots of hockey of course! Looking forward to New year's here with some besties of ours coming over. Hope your New Year is blessed dear Sandra! xoxo


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