Monday, June 4, 2018

{ MemoVase }

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by the awesome folks over at Splash Brands, and sent this beautiful vase to review.

I had never heard of the MemoVase, but after reading up on it a bit, I became quite fascinated with the whole concept of being able to write on the vase and really change it up to go with different seasons.

The MemoVase is a heart-shaped ceramic flower vase with a detachable bamboo whiteboard. It was designed and is assembled right here in the USA.

It took us over 3 years to develop this product. From the design of the perfect heart-shape, to finding the most suitable ceramic mix, to getting the feel of the magnets just right.

This would make the perfect gift.  I love the heart shape, I love that it's ceramic, and I especially love the detachable white board that can be used with any kind of dry erase marker, though it does come with a marker inside.  Yes, INSIDE!!!

So it provides a perfect spot to store your marker while you're not using it.

The possibilities with this vase, are endless.  It can be used as a flower vase, or I'm thinking even in the kitchen to store cooking utensils.  The fact that you can write whatever you wish on the whiteboard, makes it even better.

At the moment mine says Spring.....

But, I'll be adding fresh flowers soon, and changing it to Summer.  What would be kind of cool too is to give it as a gift say for, Mother's Day and writing Happy Mother's Day, or for a birthday with a cute handwritten Happy Birthday message.

I can change it up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and so on.  I honestly can't wait to try it with different flower arrangements and different sayings.

If you're interested in purchasing one for yourself, be sure to check out Splash Brands' website or Facebook page, and you can even find these adorable Vases on Amazon.

I'm really happy with mine, it's gotten a few compliments on it already and I just think it adds such a cute touch to the living room.

Thank you to Splash Brands for sending me the vase in exchange for an honest review on my part.


  1. What a cute idea! So easy to make up to fit the occasion.

  2. This vase is beautiful! I gave it to my Mom and she loves it. Thanks for putting so much thought and care into designing such a great product!


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