Good morning friends, hope you've all had a restful weekend and are ready for the week ahead.

This morning, my husband heads back to work, and I can not begin to express the gratitude that I have flowing within me.  I will miss having him home with me every day, but, that is something that I am gladly giving up, to know that at least that area of our lives is returning to normal.

My mother in law still needs prayers, she is on a downward spiral, quickly going before our eyes.  I choose to continue praying for a miracle, or for a quick passing with no pain and suffering.  It breaks my heart to see my husband and brother in law going through this, they lost their dad 17 years ago and now they are facing losing their mom.  The pain in their hearts is palpable, and I wish I could do something to take it all away, but I can't.  So, please, continue to pray for my mother in law Pat, my husband Curt and his brother Chris.

Now, let's see what is happening in our homes.  BTW, I am so sorry for last week, I completely forgot to add the linky.  My head was all over the place and it just slipped my mind.

Wish you all a very blessed week ahead.

♥♥The Weather♥♥
Our temperatures have finally dropped and I couldn't be happier.  I am more than ok with 80's. 

Monday - Cloudy, 78
Tuesday - AM clouds,83
Wednesday - Sunny, 86
Thursday -  Mostly sunny, 84
Friday - Sunny, 83
Saturday -  Sunny, 81
Sunday - Sunny, 79

♥♥How I am feeling this morning♥♥
I am feeling extremely blessed.   

♥♥On my mind♥♥
My sweet mother in law.  I am really hoping to be able to get back down to see her soon. 

♥♥On the breakfast plate♥♥
Cup of coffee with peppermint mocha creamer.    

♥♥On my reading pile♥♥
Book of Psalms in my Bible.

Finishing up last pages of The Brothers of Auschwitz by Malka Adler. Review will be up TODAY, so keep an eye out for that.

♥♥On my tv♥♥
 My Portuguese Soap *Quer o Destino*
Youtube vlogs

♥♥On the menu this week♥♥
Some of the meals from last week will be shifted to this week.  With my mother in law being sick, my husband has been traveling back and forth, which means I never know which day he is going to be home for dinner and when it's just the kids and I, we tend to eat sandwiches or cereal or whatever is easier.

Monday - Great Grandma's Portuguese Meatballs, Homemade Fries, Salad
Tuesday - Chicken a la King, Rice, Rice, Creamed Spinach
Wednesday - Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes
Thursday -   Spaghetti Pie, Garlic Bread
Friday - *grocery shopping*
Saturday - Crockpot Grinders
Sunday - Costoletas de Cebolada (Pork Chops in Tomato Sauce), Fried Potatoes. 

♥♥From the camera♥♥
We were at Tractor Supply sometime last week, and this book caught my eye.  We want to become more self sufficient and would love to turn our 3 acres into a homestead.  Does that mean we know how to, or where even to start?  Nope, but that is where books like this come in handy.
I quickly flipped through it and it is filled with so much interesting information.  Can't wait to really get into it.  

♥♥Looking around the house♥♥
Fall is definitely right around the corner.  The days are getting darker sooner, and taking longer to get brighter in the morning.  It is currently 6:48AM and still pitch black outside. 
The house is dark as well, save for a light here and there, but I've already opened my curtains and blinds, so when the sun is ready to arise, we will be waiting.

♥♥New recipe I tried last week, or one that we really enjoyed♥♥
No new recipes, like I said, the past two weeks have been very unscheduled and haven't been in the kitchen much.   

♥♥To relax this week, I will♥♥
Continue reading.  I asked my mother in law if she still had her copy of Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place.  I read it years ago and loved it, and really want to read it again.  She did have it and sent it back with my husband this weekend.  I do have other review books to get into as well.

Also want to do some more crochet.  I played around a bit yesterday and made a plant hanger.  Love how it turned out.


♥♥Something I want to share♥♥
Visiting a Textile workshop in Transylvania.  What an interesting place and the work being done is absolutely beautiful.

♥♥On my prayer list♥♥
My mother in law Pat, my husband and brother in law Chris.
Our country, our world, and every single President who is being faced with such evil before them.


  1. I love your idea of homesteading and being more self sufficient. The best I did this year was tomatoes and zucchinni, but would love to do more in the future. Keeping Curt and his mom in my prayers. Have a good week.

  2. Your plant hanger is beautiful! If we ever complete our bedroom remodel, I'm hoping to have some hanging plants in there. Many prayers for your family during this difficult time. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Here is a link to a blog you might want to check out. Lots of good info on homesteading topics and she just published her second book with real, down to earth information.

  4. The 2 books you mentionned look really interesting. Glad your husband gets to go back to work. Hugs to you and your family for your mother in law


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