Monday, August 16, 2021

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 08/16/2021 }

Good morning dear friends, I hope this Monday finds you well, both physically, spiritually and emotionally.

The last time I posted this feature, was 2 weeks ago, and I was so happy to report that my Marley was eating again.  I had no clue that just a week later, to the day, my boy would be crossing the rainbow bridge and that my heart would be shattered.  But that's life, we don't know what is coming around the corner, and so we learn to take each day as it comes, love the people around us, and appreciate each moment we are given on earth.
I'm doing ok.  One minute I'm falling apart, not able to handle the pain in my heart, then the next I'm ok going about my day.  It definitely is a process and it will take time, but we will be ok.
Thank you all for the prayers and the kind comments, they mean so much to me and my family.
But, let's get back on track, let's get back to life and to what God has assigned us to do.  I am planning on being back blogging full time, I have many posts I want to get out, a lot I want to share with you and I just need to get back to normal life.  It's been 5 months, of worry, of fear, of sadness, of sleepless nights and tiring days. That's all come to an end, time to move forward.

Again, I apologize for not posting this last week, I just couldn't.  Hope you all have a blessed week!!

It's been pretty hot here, and I'm really missing the rain, but it looks like we will get some of that this week.  My garden needs it badly.     

Monday - Sunshine and a few clouds, 92
Tuesday - Thunderstorms, 89
Wednesday - Isolated Thunderstorms, 89
Thursday - Scattered Thunderstorms, 90
Friday - Sunny,  97
Saturday - Partly cloudy, 93
Sunday - Partly cloudy, 95

♥♥How I am feeling this morning♥♥
I'm ok.  That's the best I can do right now.  I think my body is catching up to me though, we've been going on adrenaline for so long, but now that it's all over, I am feeling exhausted, been getting a few headaches and even my stomach is a bit off.  Nothing some rest won't cure.  

♥♥On the breakfast plate♥♥
Cup of coffee with Peppermint Mocha creamer, will have some toast soon.    

♥♥Looking around the house♥♥
It needs a good cleaning, top to bottom.  I am making a list today so that I can busy with that this week. 

♥♥On my reading pile♥♥
I am reading in Acts in the Bible. 
Have a few more review books on the shelf that I need to get to.

♥♥On my TV♥♥
Started watching Labyrinth yesterday, on Amazon Prime.  It's an old series with just one season, but it's just what I needed to watch while I crocheted.  
Also trying to get back to my homemaking vlogs on Youtube. 

♥♥On the menu this week♥♥
Grocery shopping will be Friday.  I need to start working on my new menu, and I'll do that through the rest of this week.

Monday - Portuguese Steak and Egg, Homemade Fries
Wednesday - Chicken Tikka Masala, Rice
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -

♥♥From the camera♥♥
As I move through this grief process, I find that what helps me, is to stay busy.  Homemaking has and always will be my safe zone, my comfort.  So even just doing laundry, calms my heart. 

♥♥I am thankful for♥♥
My family, my life, and God's mercy.     

♥♥I am hoping to♥♥
Get back into my daily blogging, share some wonderful posts with you, and continue sharing the love I have for homemaking.   

♥♥Something fun to share♥♥
I recently found a really neat Youtube channel called Mother the Mountain Farm.  Here is what their about info says:

We are sisters, Julia and Anastasia — caring for a regenerative farm on Bundjalung Country on the East Coast of Australia. We have a dream to build a self sustainable future and regenerate the land for generations to come. Join us as we learn to build, farm, garden, and care for the animals and land regeneratively. We live and farm on the land of the Arakwal and Minjungbal People of Bundjalung and these practices of regenerative agriculture and permaculture owe their roots and theories to Indigenous knowledge — they have been practiced by Indigenous People around the world for so many years.

They share really neat videos and I thought you would enjoy seeing them too.  

♥♥Happening this week♥♥
Our usual homemaking, driving back and forth, running errands, and grocery shopping on Friday.  I hope to get back into my grocery hauls and weekly meals videos as well. 

♥♥ Prayer List♥♥ 
♥♥♥ My SIL finished her last round of the Red Devil chemo treatment, which is the worst one.  In two weeks she starts her second round of treatments, weekly.  Praying for her through this battle. 
♥♥♥ My husband and children, that we continue to move forward through this grief over losing our sweet boy.  That God continues to heal our hearts.
♥♥♥  For Afghanistan and the innocent people caught in what is going on there.  I pray the Lord protect them through this.


  1. Good morning dear Friend! I continue to send out endless hugs and prayers for support. Just keep taking it as you are- one day at at time, keeping busy, and leaning on all the support you need (especially Him ­čÖĆ ).
    Love the videos you find and share! Have a blessed week ahead. xoxo

  2. Sending you lots of ((hugs)). Have a good week

  3. Take care. Enjoyed the video. Have a great week.

  4. Honey, I'm sorry for you for the loss of your beloved child. The bible is the best book for receiving comfort. She promises to bring our loved ones back one day. John 5: 29 / Acts 24: 15 / John 11: 25 / Luke 8: 52 / John 5: 28,29 / Revelation 21: 4
    Coming back to the blog is wonderful. I look forward to following your diary. We are here to support you. God be with you. Kisses
    Lady Samy

  5. Hugs. The Book of Acts sounds perfect for where your heart is right now. I hope it will begin to heal in time.

  6. My friend, my heart is aching for you. One foot in front of the other is all you can do. Cherish the memories and know he is no longer in pain. I hope you see some heat relief from the rain when it arrives. HUGS & PRAYERS


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