{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 05/02/2022 }

Good morning my sweet ladies, how are you all doing?
It is a cloudy and rainy morning, here in my neck of the woods.  I love rain, we need rain, and knowing that we are expecting it pretty much all week, makes me happy.
I've already gone out to get Jasmine to work, and I'm back home, have my breakfast with me and am now going to sit down and work on getting this post up.  I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead, full of blessings and miracles and everything good.  
Now, let's see what's happening around our homes.

♥♥ The Weather ♥♥
Super cloudy this morning.  It rained all night long, and we are expecting some more rain.  I don't like driving in it, but it's a small price to pay for the rain we so much need at the moment. 

Monday -  Windy, cloudy and a stray thunderstorm - 93
Tuesday - Partly cloudy - 69
Wednesday - Thunderstorms and windy - 77
Thursday - AM Thunderstorms - 81
Friday - Sunny - 88
Saturday - Sunny - 95
Sunday - Sunny/wind - 98

♥♥  As I look outside my window ♥♥
Cloudy gray skies and lots of wind.  The trees are waving to and fro (these poor things have been getting a beating for months now, with these winds).  Everything looks so beautiful and green though, it's just stunning.
I'm so thankful that I can sit on my bed, look out the window and see nothing but green, fields and trees as far as the eye can see. 

♥♥  Right now I am ♥♥
Having my breakfast, getting the furry babies to sleep, and working on this post.  I was just thinking the other day, how it feels like I have young toddlers in the house again.  These animals actually wait for me to put them down for a nap every morning.  Hahahaha 

♥♥  Thinking and pondering ♥♥
I have my mammogram on Thursday, so if you could send a prayer my way, I would greatly appreciate it.  Friday we are heading to Oklahoma to deal with the sale of my mother in law's house.  It's been bump after bump, wrench after wrench, obstacle after obstacle.  But I'm already thanking God in advance for this victory. 

♥♥  How am I feeling ♥♥
I'm doing quite well.  Yesterday my sciatica decided to rear it's ugly head, I think a combination of the temperature changes and me accidentally walking backwards into a door knob, right on the sciatic nerve.  
I had such a hard time walking and even driving yesterday, that I had to message Curt and ask him to come and pick me up for church service, because I couldn't drive.  That whole motion of  stepping on the gas and brake, was soooo painful.  Thankfully I am all good today!  

♥♥  On the breakfast plate ♥♥
Cup of coffee with Speculoos Creamer.  I'm not sure if I like it, will see how it goes.  I also had a toasted bolillo roll with ham and cheese. 

♥♥  On my reading pile ♥♥
Exodus in my Bible
My devotional
Janette Oke's Women of the West
The Resistance Girl (book review)

♥♥  On my TV this week  ♥♥
All done with Outlander, so just random things on TV. 
Youtube homemaking channels

♥♥  On the menu  ♥♥ 
Trying to make easy and inexpensive meals, and basically using what I have on hand.  I am trying to keep my meat and poultry purchases to a minimum, since it's all so expensive at the moment.  I only purchased one pound of ground beef and a bag of chicken legs.  All the other meat in the menu is from the freezer.  I started buying a little extra a few months ago, if something was reasonably priced, I bought one or two extra to pop in the freezer.  

Really glad I did that now.

Monday - Taco Bake, Salad
Tuesday - Portuguese Chicken Drumsticks, Spaghetti, Sauteed Squash
Wednesday - Goulash, Garlic Knots, Salad
Thursday - BBQ Country Style Ribs, Oven baked wedges, roasted corn
Friday - Zucchini Pizza Casserole, Salad
Saturday - Chicken blender pie, tomato/cucumber/onion salad
Sunday -BBQ Burgers, Potato Salad

♥♥  Looking around the house  ♥♥
I gave the house a really good clean this weekend, you can see on my previous post.  At the moment, I have my scentsy warmers on in the living room and dining room, it smells so good.
The house is quiet, both Elliott and Kaia are asleep on my bed.  Everyone else is off to work.

♥♥  To Do List ♥♥
-  Zumba (I am restarting it this week, hopefully today if I have time, but definitely this week) 
-  Water the veggies out on the back porch
-  Work on a blog post with the upcoming period dramas
-  Post the cake recipe on the food blog

♥♥  From the camera  ♥♥
I have to re-share this photo from the gorgeous sunrise on Saturday morning.  So beautiful, I am always in awe of God's beauty and attention to detail. 

♥♥  Devotional  ♥♥
True, humble, joyful, and perseverant love is not born out of rare duty, but out of worshipful gratitude.  We love because he first loved us. 
New Morning Mercies Devotional by Paul David Tripp


  1. Your sunrise photo is stunning! I'm glad you're getting much needed rain and that the worst of the storms is staying east of you - I think of you often at this time of year especially. I know what you mean about meat prices! I've been doing the same thing when there are sales, trying to make it all last so much longer. I hope you have a blessed week and are feeling better soon.

  2. We are just now finally putting a for sale sign in Mom's yard. It will be on the market in a few more days. Already got calls for showings and a realtor call (which we are trying to avoid)

  3. Hello my Dear Friend! Many prayers sent your way - including closing on your MIL's house, your mammo appt, and that you feel better from your sciatica. This aging stuff is for the birds! I hope sunshine finds you soon. Have a blessed week. xoxo

  4. Hello! The photo of the sunrise is beautiful. God's work for sure. Prayers for your intentions. Get that mammo aout of the way for another year! Have a cozy evening!

  5. Praying for the good report on your mammogram! Also safe travels this week!!!

  6. Beautiful sunrise. Hope your sciatica is better and that the house sale will go well. good luck on mammo appointment. Have a great week

  7. Sorry to be super late this week and just realized I forgot to link up. Hope you've had a wonderful week and are enjoying a great weekend!


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