Monday, September 18, 2023

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 09/18/2023 }

Good morning!!!!
How are you all doing today?  
It's a quiet cool morning, here in Texas.  It actually feels like a fall day, it's only 65 degrees at the moment, which I love.  
I totally meant to put another post up last week, then got extremely busy and had another issue come up that I had to deal with.  I'm hoping this week I can edit the photos and get a catch up post up.  Fingers crossed!
Before I get going with this post, I just want to ask you all for a quick prayer for Jasmine.  She has to do an EKG on Wednesday, for a possible heart murmur.  It's never showed up before, but she had her yearly women's appointment last week, and her GYN suggested she get one, because she heard what sounds like a possible heart murmur.
I know that everything is fine, and I've told her not to worry, many people have heart murmurs, but she's still anxious about the situation.  
Anyway, let's get right on with our post for today.  Have a blessed week friends.

♥♥ The Weather ♥♥ 
I couldn't be happier with our temperatures, at the moment.  We are finally out of the heat waves and have been blessed with wonderful rain, and temperatures in the 80's.  This week looks like we're going back to the 90's but thankfully, next week we're back down to 80's and hopefully the temps continue to cool down.   
Monday -  Sunshine, 94
Tuesday - Partly cloudy, 93
Wednesday - Mostly sunny, 96
Thursday - Partly cloudy, 94
Friday - Partly cloudy, 93
Saturday - Partly cloudy, 95
Sunday - Sunny, 91

♥♥  As I look outside my window ♥♥
There is a slight breeze, and the branches on the tree right next to my window, are waving back and forth.  The sun is also reflecting off the branches, so as they move, it sometimes looks like diamonds sparkling.  I don't think I'll ever get used to just how beautiful nature is. 
♥♥  Right now I am ♥♥ 
Sitting on my bed, working on this post.        
♥♥  Thinking and pondering ♥♥ 
Just have a lot on my mind lately, and sometimes I have to force myself to stop thinking.  It's easier to just leave it to God, after we pray about it, obviously.     

♥♥ Listening to ♥♥
My daughter, she's working and video called me.    

♥♥  How am I feeling ♥♥ 
Tired.  SURPRISE!!! hahaha  
When am I not tired right?  But, I didn't get much sleep last night, it was one of those nights where I kept waking up every hour.              
♥♥  On the breakfast plate ♥♥ 
I've had a cup of coffee but no breakfast yet, I will eat something soon.                   
♥♥   On the lunch plate ♥♥ 
Probably leftovers from dinner last night, I made some fish fillets with a onion and tomato sauce, and then some garlic parsley potatoes to go with it.  There's a little left, so I will probably have that.            
♥♥  On the dinner plate ♥♥ 
Turkish Delight Chicken, Broccoli.
♥♥  What I'm wearing  ♥♥ 
Still in my nightgown.  I'm very slow to get going this morning.                        

♥♥  On my reading pile ♥♥ 
Bible, starting the new testament again. 
♥♥  On my TV this week  ♥♥ 
SIC Portuguese TV.  
Bambaska Biri
Dilek Tasi
Üç Kız Kardeş

♥♥  On the menu  ♥♥ 

Monday - Turkish Delight Chicken, Broccoli
Tuesday - Taco Spaghetti, Salad
Wednesday -  Chicken Pot Pie, Green Beans   
Thursday - Smothered Pork Chops, Potato Wedges
Friday - Oven Chili Dogs
Saturday -
Sunday -  Slow Cooker Butter Chicken, Rice

♥♥  Looking around the house  ♥ 
I plan on getting my Fall decorations, and starting to decorate today. 
♥♥  To Do List ♥♥ 
Cleaning the house

♥♥  Devotional, verse, thoughts, prayers  ♥♥ 
Your Father knows what you need, before you ask him. - Matthew 6:8 


threesidesofcrazy said...

YAY for fall in your overheated area! Prayers for Jasmine and I'm sure you're right that it's nothing to worry about. Have a Blessed week. BTW you didn't put a linky this morning :D

Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

Happy Monday and have a great week.

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Leah @ Little House of Sonshine said...

Happy Monday, everyone!

Schotzy said...

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said... Here is my link as I see there isn't a link box this week. Prayers for Jasmine for sure!! And I hope you (& all the wonderful friends here) have a wonderful week ahead. xoxo

Stacy said...

Yay for a taste of fall!! I'm very ready for it too! Hope your temps fall soon and it feels like fall! as always, your menu looks amazing! Have a great week!
Here's my link!

Jean said...

Prayers for Jasmine. Glad you are all getting a bit of cooler weather finally. Now, we just all need some rain! Hope you have a wonderful week.
My link:

Aritha Vermeulen said...

I wish you a good Tuesday. Oh, what a shock for you. I hope everything is or will be fine with Jasmine. Warm regards, and this is my link:

A Runners Mom & More said...

Good Morning! Praying for Jasmine to get fast results and everything is ok. I'm loving the cooler temps! With 6 cats I don't decorate much but love seeing everyone else's. Have an Amazing week.