Sunday, June 20, 2010

{ Goldfield Ghost Town }


I want to update my blog more and share with you all the photos I've been taking and all the fun we've been having, but there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.

I know you'll forgive me for being so bad at updating, won't you?

But let me show you a little of where we spent yesterday.

The Goldfield Ghost Town in Apache Junction, AZ. It was so so darn hot, I mean, the kind of heat that makes you feel sick and want to cry at the thought of taking another step.

Our main reason for going was that they do gunfights every hour, but wouldn't you know.....they don't when it's too hot, so bummer for us.



Nicholas and my nephew Colby



My brother Miguel

Superstition Mountains




If you're near the area, it's worth the trip, especially if you're into Ghost Towns like we are. It does get very hot during the day, we were there around 2pm and it was 108 degrees...good grief.

But we plan on returning to get our family portrait made at the antique photography place, I want to play dress up *haha*


Elenka said...

Looks like something from Disneyworld!

Nancy said...

How fun, we have been to many ghost towns out west but not that one. Thanks for the pictures, makes me want to get back out there to explore more. And we both love the heat... but that is hot!! Whew

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Christina said...

I'm really enjoying your pictures. Arizona has lots of history. Lots of haunted history too, so right up my alley!

Wow the cactus by your brother was amazing. Didn't know they got this huge!!!!