Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{ Where have I been? }

I know you probably think I disappeared off the planet, I've been horrible at updating my blog, other than reviews and giveaways and that is certainly NOT what I want my blog to become.

I apologize.

I've noticed not many of you come and visit much anymore and I'm just going to chalk that up to it being summer, and everyone being busy. Or, I'll just pretend it's because you're gearing up for the World Cup 2010. *tee hee* Oh? That's just me? I'm sorry.

Well I plan on posting more later but for now I just wanted to tell my Cooking Thursday and Happy Homemaking Monday participants that I haven't forgotten about you, I'm coming around to say hi tonight. Hope you have coffee and cake, you know how I love a good cuppa and a good yummy treat while I visit with friends.

In the meantime, I have dinner cooking and can't stay long, I'm making Smothered Pork Chops....YUM! I will have the recipe up for you shortly, but for now, you can go on and check out my newly posted recipes at my food blog.




  1. I must say I do check your blog daily but don't always comment. I going to check out the recipes of these two items both look very delish!!!

  2. HI! I found your blog recently and get your updates on Google Reader. You have a fun blog :)

    My hubby just retired after 30 years in the AF; I'm going to ask him if he has run into your husband in the past. That would be pretty neat if he has, eh? Thank him for his service for us.

    Enjoy the World Cup -- we'll be watching too!

  3. These both look so good! I think it's always quieter in the summer, and I notice that some of my regulars aren't blogging as much either, so it all adds up to less comments for me too.
    PS - guess what came to my house today? And Arizona goodie box! It all survived the trip except the cute little globe. :( Anyway - thanks so much for doing this. It was so sweet of you!

  4. OH MY GOSH!! I would love that lemon pie--and the pasta looks mighty tasty too. I'm off to bed but I will be back for recipes really soon!! I hope you are feeling better after the tooth extraction.

  5. I used your blt pasta salad recipe this weekend and it was so yummy! I am still reading =)

  6. I am very impressed with the lemon meringue pie in the backyard, wonderful stuff Sandra.

    I find it hard to blog in the temperatures you have been having.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  7. Lemon pie by the yard looks so yummy. You are such a nice mommy to make a treat like this.

    Yes I've missed your posts, but I have been just as busy as you so my poor blog is totally neglected. You know by the fall things will settle down once again.

  8. The pasta salad looks yummy!

  9. Yum, the pie looks very tasty indeed. Lemon being one of my favorites.

    I have not been too motivated to blog lately, either.

  10. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Hello! You know I love to come and visit you often. I enjoy hearing all about your life.

    Have a good visit with your family. Can't wait to hear all about it.


  11. I love your blog I just recently found ti a few weeks ago. I watched all of sense and sensibility and am now a Jane Austen fan (never really was before) watched them all on u tube and now am waiting for them to come in at the library. Thanks for all you share and man that lemon meringue pie looks so yummy. Can't wait to make it!


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