Friday, June 4, 2010

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{ Are we really that dependent on technology }

I used to think that as things evolve and technology advances, that human beings as a whole, would be happier.

But sometimes I just have to wonder, because if my household is any indication of how it is nowadays, then I have to say that's a big fat lie.

When did we start depending on computers, internet and cellphones so much?

It's taken a lot away from personal contact, from actually talking to people face to face, from making an effort to go out of the way to see them and use words instead of punching letters into a phone or a computer screen.

Perfect example, we had no internet for about 5 hours today and it was like the world was ending. I have never heard my kids say so many times "I'm bored, there's nothing to do"......5 minutes later "I'm bored, what can I do?"

I don't remember it being like this when I was a child, matter of fact I didn't touch my first computer until I was 17 or 18.

What happened to just being a kid? To using your imagination, playing with your toys, inventing games?

What happened to spending hours entertained without being near anything electrical?

It just seems to me that in this day and age we rely far too much on these modern things, and I'm not saying just the kids, I think me personally and other adults too are so used to these things which we say simplify our life, that we're forgetting or actually choosing to oversee the fact that they really don't.

Simple for me was making popcorn on the stove with my stepmother and brothers, hearing it pop............not shoving a bag in the microwave.

Simple for me was putting in a movie on the tv, having the whole family gather around with blankets and watch it together........not having everyone at their respective computers watching it online.

Simple for me was sitting in my bedroom with my toys around, playing for hours......not sitting on the computer with games.

Simple for me was picking up the phone and talking to a family member......not picking up the cellphone and texting.

Simple for me was taking the time to send out pretty invitations for a party........not finding an invitation online and emailing it.

Simple for me is opening a book and reading through the pages.......not downloading an ebook and listening to the words.

Life was simple, and it was far more enjoyable than it is now, that is for sure!


  1. I agree - we are way to dependent on technology now. The sad thing is I'm just as guilty!

  2. I totally agree! I have been debating many times about canceling our TV. Of course we have an annoying contract with Direct TV so no go there (well for now). Anywho! I can flat out admit that I am on the internet too much. I am glad it's summer because I can glance outside and say, I need to get off the computer and get outside! :)

    I love sitting outside and crocheting. Sandra I am hooked (no pun intended)

    Does Ms Jasmin know how to crochet? She can do that instead of internet! haha

  3. Sandra, I so agree with you!

    I am another one of those guilty ones though! I've got to always have my cell phone with me, and also know that our internet works..


  4. Sandra,

    What a great post and you're right, our kids are so immersed with electronic things they are constantly running a mile a minute. Long gone are the days of being creative and I finally had to put a stop to it when my oldest daughter insisted on texting me instead of calling me.

    We are going to try an electronic free week here soon to see how life changes for all of us.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Well, I woke up this morning to no power at all - the whole area was out, and so everyone who lives round here has been out in the gardens chatting.

    You are right, Sandra. I grew up before tv even came to SA - I was at uni when the first programmes were allowed, so my entire childhood was spent entertaining myself, and the love of books stems from this. Not to mention my imagination, and the hobbies and skills that lead to as well. What has always worried me though, is the lack of social skills now - because kids all seem to stay in their little "cells" with their tv, computers, ipods, and phones, and not in what we used to call the "family room", interacting with all ages.
    Simple is good. It does not mean getting rid of technology - just using it wisely, instead of being controlled by it.

  6. I do agree with your post. My girls are lost when the power goes out or the satellite is not working. I myself, enjoy the peace and quiet!! We got our first computer in 1985 or so. I never touched a computer until the late 1990's. One of my favorite things I used to do---going to the library to look up some information I needed instead of looking it up on the computer.

  7. I love this post about simplicity! I feel the exact same way as you do. And sometimes I fall into the technology trap to watching mindless tv. Thanks for the reminder that simple is better.

  8. I'm with you on this!

    Our kids are growing up in a totally different world than we did. All we wanted when we were their age was to be outside, making forts, playing with the neighbors, scouting through the woods near our house. From early morning to dusk we'd entertain ourselves with our own imaginations! You think I can get my boys to play outside for more than a half hour now? Ummm, no. It's ridiculous.

    We're slowly trying to pull away from the technology obsession here. We did cancel our cable about 5 months ago and that has helped tremendously. Where our base sits we aren't even able to pick up the signal for PBS- which means no Rick Steves or Antiques Raodshow for me, booo. lol- but it also means there are ZERO cartoons on now unless it's a special treat and we get the DVDs out. It's been really great for our family.

    We've really resisted with the video games too. The boys have leapsters but they only play them in the car on long trips or waiting at the Dr's office, etc...

    Somehow I think this might become more of an issue as they get older though :X Already we hear about how "everyone" has a Nintendo DS except for them. *sigh*

    The one thing I struggle with personally is the computer. Gosh, sometimes I feel like my only adult interaction as a SAHM is through Facebook or the blogs I subscribe to. Even though I have scaled back in the last year or so (one good reason why my blog doesn't get updated as much as I'd like now, haha) I know I probably spend too much time sitting in front of my monitor. Amazing that 10 years ago I barely knew what the internet was!

  9. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Great Post, Sandra! Awe for the good old days.



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