Friday, April 20, 2007

Is there anything worse

than watching your children in pain??? Seriously, is there???
I can handle whatever life throws my way but when I see one of my children crying and in pain, I find myself feeling the most helpless I've ever felt.

This morning Nicholas had his 4 year check up and with that comes Immunization shots. As a parent I'm always on top of the shots and check ups, they get them everytime they're scheduled for one and will continue to do so, I just think that it's so important to protect our children any way we can.

As I stood there talking to his pediatrician, I listened as she said how well he is doing, he looks wonderful and is very smart, he's doing everything he's supposed to be doing AND more for his I'm smiling right?? Then she says "he gets immunization shots today mom",
so I'm thinking ok, I knew this was coming.....she goes out and calls the immunization doctor and he walks in with 5 needles in his hands.

I must have had this terrified look on my face cause he quickly said "I'm sorry I know this is hard". I got to hold Nicholas on my lap while the doctor poked him 5 times in a row on his little boy tried so hard to be a big boy but by the 3rd shot he was in pain and crying so hard, which sent me into tears LOL

As I sat there with tears in my eyes and feeling his pain I thought about God and how he must
feel when we're going through a bad time, grieving, in pain, crying or heartbroken. This is exactly how He must feel, reaching out and feeling helpless to see us this way. Just like I did with Nicholas, I let him know I was there and whispered in his ear how much I loved him and that everything would be ok.....but in the midst of the tears and the pain he didn't even hear me, he was so focused on what was going at that moment that my words were lost.

Wow, how many times have I done that myself??? I find that I'm so caught up in my problems or in not feeling well that I fail to hear the Lord, fail to even pay enough attention the fact that I'm NOT alone, He's right there with me, holding my hand and whispering in my ear, jus
t like I did today with Nicholas.

I have to tell you, I LOVE reconnecting with Him, it makes everything so much easier and life that much more pleasant.

So Jasmine has been home for the past 2 days, she's got a cold and as usual running a fever, I'm sure I don't have to tell you how common this is with her.

What frustrates me is the fact that she didn't need to get sick, but again, on wednesday while it was freezing cold, raining and snowing, the school allowed the kids to have recess outside. Why is my question???? What is soooooo wrong about letting the kids stay indoors while it's raining???

But moving on, last night I made Beef and Cheese Lasagna which turned out really good, the recipe is posted on my food blog along with another recipe for Caldo Verde, which is one of the traditional portuguese soups and just wonderful, one of my favorites.
Last night I realized that I had a bunch of Paperbackswap book credits just sitting there waiting to be used, you don't have to twist my arm to get more books. I don't even know why I get so many, I have tons at home and my TBR (to be read) pile is huge but I can't help adding to the collection, especially when it's by wonderful authors such as Lori Wick.

Here's the books I picked up:

By Lori Wick, Tucker Mills Trilogy
Moonlight On The Millpond
Just Above A Whisper
Leave a Candle Burning

Every Storm by Lori Wick

Lightkeeper by Susan Wiggs

Grab a Broom Lord: There's Dust Everywhere by Karon Phillips Goodman

I'm finishing off my English Garden Series by Lori Wick, I can't say good enough things about it, just love it.

Being friday night it means that mommy gets to lay in bed watching tv while the kids stay up late with daddy. Boy do I love friday nights LOL

I'm going to give the kids their bathes, take my own bath and then head to bed to watch tv and read, I hope you're all having a wonderful day.
I'll be back in the morning with my Five Sense Saturday!

God Bless,


  1. i hate shots! i cry every time!
    friday nights sound wonderful at your house!

  2. So true how our Father loves on us when we're in pain and we are crying so loudly we can't hear. Poor little guy -- and poor mommy. I always cry too!

  3. Our doctor's office does the shots two at a time. Two nurses come in and each give a shot at the same time (one in each leg) so that it is done twice as fast and with less of a shock. Same amount of pain, but less fear/anticipation of the pain since it is over so fast.

    I am with you; I hate it when my daughter has to get shots.

    I liked your post about how God is always with us but we may not always feel it or notice it in the hard times. Like that, sometimes the things that are hard or difficult are also for our own good in the long run. Just like immunizations.

  4. I just made a crying fool out of myself when my kids had to have shots. Honestly, and I'm not kidding, our pediatrician always gave ME the lollipop afterwards, for being such a big brave girl.


  5. Hi! I need to ask you a question. Can you email me? I can't find your email anywhere on your site.

  6. jo at

    thought I'd save you some time looking for mine.

    Hi spambots! You don't see this.

  7. Aww you made me cry thinking about your little one getting immunisation shots, I hate that too.

    The constant colds and illnesses you talk about, I read that vitamin D is the latest cold buster vitamin. 20 minutes in the sun a day to ward off colds...but when it's snowing I guess just take a vitamin pill. We've bought some vitamins because we are constantly suffering viruses. Me n' hubby are on echinacea tablets too. LOL.

    Hugs n' love to you my friend.

  8. Oh, I know how you feel with the shots, it's so hard to watch them suffering and we can't do anything about it. Blood draws, and for one of my babies, a lumbar puncture, are even worse. When my newborn got his blood drawn he was screaming and I swear he was looking at me like, how could you do this to me Mommy? Awful, but then we know it has to be done.

    Your comparison to how we sometimes don't realize God is right there with us through OUR suffering was very insightful. I never thought about that before!!


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