Sunday, April 15, 2007

Virtual Trip to Boise Zoo!!!

Illustration by Larry Moore

That is where we spent our Saturday, well, amongst other places. The kids birthdays are two weeks apart and they both wanted to go to the Zoo, so on Saturday we went out to breakfast and then headed to Boise which is about 36 miles from base.

We started at the Boise Zoo and even though it's not one of the nicest ones out there, I mean, there were no Giraffes or Elephants etc....we still had a great time. The key to having a great day is to just go with the flow and not get so caught up in what is missing but enjoy what IS available.

Now since this blog was started specifically for family to stay in touch and see what we've been up to, I'm going to be posting lots of pics, so I apologize to anyone else who may not enjoy them, though I don't know how you couldn't enjoy the animals that I'm about to share with you.

Our Trip to the Boise Zoo

The first animal we saw was the Coati, they're adorable and the kids loved them.

Next was the Racoon and even though everyone knows what they look like, it's always nice seeing one up close without fear of getting bitten LOL

Next is the Bald Eagles and they're even more beautiful up close.

Isn't this such a beautiful Pheasant??? Or as I mistakenly called it yesterday, a PEASANT LOL

As we rounded the corner we were met by this beautiful Condor.

Talking about beautiful birds, this Condor was showing off with it's wings wide was just stunning.

Now these Cranes were Jasmine's favorites, she couldn't stop laughing at them with the spiky hair (hahaha)

There's tons of ducks walking around so we had to keep reminding the kids not to chase after them.

This next guy was scary, he was a huge gorgeous leopard, I couldn't get a good picture of him though because he kept pacing back and forth licking his lips.....I must have looked like a good meal to him LOL

Next we saw a Sloth Bear, happily sleeping in the sunshine

The Amur Tigers were just beautiful, they were both resting, one by the rocks and one catching some shade under the trees.

The kids were fascinated with this huge Aldabra Tortoise

These are the Desert Tortoises

This one was funny because Nicholas refused to go anywhere near it, he was terrified of the Komodo Dragon LOL

Here is a Gila Monster, they're actually really pretty but I have this thing with reptiles, they just really freak me out.....*shiver*

I love these little guys, the Ring-Tailed Lemurs are just too cute for words

Now if you hate snakes, you may want to look away for a bit, I can't stand them, they give me the shivers but they are beautiful and I couldn't help taking some pictures.
This is a California Kingsnake:

This one was inside the Rain Forest Exhibit and I'm so glad it was in a cage LOL
It's a Boa Constrictor, it's huge, it's pretty but good grief I kept having flashes of that snake wrapped around me.....morbid I tell you LOL

Inside the Rain Forest we also got to see these beautiful Rosella Birds

Next were the Spider Monkeys, I could just sit and watch them for hours, they're so funny.

This next one is like a huge rabbit, it's called a Patagonian Cavy

We headed into the Penguin Exhibit, it was fun watching them, especially the one that kept swimming around grabbing the fish then showing off for the people watching

And here's the last one, the Zebra was having a good nap under the tree

And lastly, here are some pics of the kids on the Merry Go Round, with me holding Nic of course, I tell you that thing made me dizzy LOL

I know this was a long post but I really wanted to share the pictures with you end off this perfect day at the zoo, we headed to Toys R Us first to get the kids some extra goodies for their birthdays and then ended off the day at Red Robin for dinner. I LOVE RED ROBIN....I had their A1 Peppercorn Burger and OH.MY.GOODNESS, not only was it the best burger I've ever had but the Bottomless Steak Fries were to die for....washed it down with a Guinness Beer and by the time we got home I was pooped.

Nothing like spending a great day with the family to induce a restful sleep at night LOL

See you all tomorrow, I'm going to finish cleaning my house, it's actually spotless right now, I did some cleaning earlier but still want to get some laundry finished and put away.
Hope you're all enjoying your sunday.

God Bless,


  1. Thanks for that! I loved it! I'm not sure what my favorite was -- the ring-tailed lemurs were really cute, but I always love the penguins! And I have never seen that, um, what was it called? A Cavy or something? (I have the BEST memory, I tell you)

    Glad you had a good time!


  2. hi Sandra, How lucky are you people to have a zoo close by I remember when our girls were young we did a road trip with just zoos in B.C. and Alberta it was fun. a very Happy Birthday to your children, and thanks for sharing the pics. We only see bear, deer, moose, cougars, grizzly bear in our neck of the woods. Poor old porcupines get hit by cars on our highway, have a great week Sue

  3. What wonderful animals, thanks for sharing your pictures :)I'm impressed you had a guiness, lol it's a bit heavy for me.


  4. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad you did/. We go to the St Louis Zoo alot about 3 1/2 hours away.....Madison always loved it so.

  5. what a fun day at the zoo and eating out you all had! Kayla and I spent this morning at the zoo too, although ours isn't that big at all. We do have the coati, eagles, giant turtles etc...but we don't have a zebra or penguins :)


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