Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's wednesday already???

Wasn't I just saying that the weekend had flown by and it was already monday but it seems that I blinked and it's wednesday??? Why are there not enough hours in the day anymore???

Do you all remember growing up the days seemed to drag, I used to say "I'm bored, there's nothing to do" but then my stepmom or dad would say something like "if you're bored I have some things for you to do, like clean your room". Boy was that enough to make me find something fast LOL

So it's the 25th of April and it's my little girl's birthday, yes, 8 years ago today she was born. I am just amazed at how much she's grown, it's so hard to wrap your mind around the fact that they were so little and now so big and independent. It's like she's turning 18 years old instead of just 8, the attitude is there, the phone calls from friends and the "whatever's" are ALL there, scary I know.

She's not having a birthday party this year, she just wants to go out to dinner with the family and really who are we to argue, I just figure it's cheaper on my pockets LOL

Curt is still having a hard time realizing that his little girl is growing up, he went out yesterday to pick up some last minute gifts for her and when he returned he said to me "I got her all these girly things", but if you could have seen his face LOL
It was like he was telling me that he got robbed or mugged or overcharged....I wouldn't know it but I've always heard about how hard it is for a daddy to watch his little girl grow, NOW watching Curt gives me some insight into what they may be feeling. It's not pretty I tell you LOL

I'm sharing some more pictures of beautiful Margate and also the Ushaka Marine World, my brother and SIL and the kids are just LOVING their vacation and I don't blame them, here we are in the cold and they're sitting at the beach enjoying the ocean, eating seafood platters and watching the dolphins......*SIGH* I feel the jealousy nagging at me LOL

I posted a new recipe on my food blog and will continue updating throughout the day so if you're looking for something new to try be sure to go by and take a look.

Our move is underway and there's so much to do, we pretty much have 2 months left here in Idaho before moving on to Arizona, so now the crunch begins, planning, planning and more planning. The one thing to remember is to stay calm and not get stressed out, the move is going to happen whether you fight it or not, so it's best to just get excited about it and think of how you'll be seeing new places and trying new things, it's like I've said before "being in the military you get to travel around and live in wonderful places" MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

The only thing that is worrying me is Jasmine's school, trying to find the right one and where she'll be comfortable at. It's tough, you want the best for your children and it's not easy to drop them off every morning and leave them for hours, it's doubly worse when you're not familiar with the school, the teachers and students......pray for me people, pray that I don't get all caught up in it and end up sitting in the back row of Jasmine's class everyday LOL

Nicholas just turned 4 and he's extremely smart for his age, I think having an older sister helps because he wants to do everything she does. In getting ready for Kindergarten next year, I want to be sure that he's ready and knows the basics and more if possible.....I found this great screening tool online for 4 year olds, it's developed to get an idea of your child's prereading skills. It's a simple 20 question game that you do with your child and at the end it gives you the score....Nicholas actually scored 20 out of 20!

Go ahead and give it a go, it's wonderful and after you get your score you're also given ideas activities and resources to help them strengthen those prereading skills.

Get ready to read - One on One Activity Cards
Get Ready to Read website - tons of great ideas and tools

Alright and with that I'm out, I have tons to do around here. Don't forget about the Slow Cooking Thursday tomorrow, get those recipes ready and get the word out, would love to have more people join in :)

God Bless,


  1. Happy Birthday Jasmine!! :-)

    Don't worry, she'll be fine at her new school!! I tell you that, but when we moved from CA to NM, my oldest daughter was in first grade... she did absolutely great with the transition, but I worried like crazy!! I had 3 other little kids, and I dragged them into the classroom and onto the playground to spy on her, and she was always just fine. Oh yeah, I also followed the school bus to and from school, the entire route, and she was always fine then, too!! (I don't know what the bus driver thought about the wierd lady in the Suburban-me- but that's neither here nor there.)

    She will do great!! :-)

  2. Kitty LOL I had to laugh at you following in the suburban LOL That will probably be me too, you know Jasmine is all excited and not nervous at all and I'm the one freaking out LOL

  3. She'll probably adapt a lot easier than you think she will, Sandra. They make new friends so easily at her age. Happy Birthday to her!

    This is a big move. And you're right. It's going to happen so you might as well be excited about it. Much better than being stressed.

    It's a big change, from Idaho to Arizona. But Arizona is beautiful. You're goint to love it. You're definitely going to like the winters there a lot better than Idaho's winters. LOL

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  5. Happy Birthday to Jasmine!!!!

    Our move was quick! I figured ya'll were already out in AZ or getting there within a week or so!! lol

    Love the pics! Will ya'll still be going to Africa this summer?


  6. I forgot to mention that I love the song you have up! I also like Il Divo and Anastacia.

  7. happy 8th birthday Jasmine! how nice that she wanted a nice family dinner instead of a party! I'm sure she'll adjust and adapt quickly to her new school - us military brats are resilient ya know :)

  8. Hope she had a great birthday!
    You'll get everything figured out in time, with school and the move. Should be exciting too!

  9. Jasmine is such a pretty little girl, no wonder her dad is having a hard time with her growing up. My hubby is like that with my daughter who will be 17 on May 23. I think it's hard for dad's to have daughters who will one day grown up and leave the fold. Hopefully it won't be too soon.

    I really am enjoying the pictures of Margate and your brothers family. Glad to hear they are having such a great vacation.


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