Saturday, July 28, 2007

# five senses saturday


Good Morning everyone, I know I've been MIA (missing in action) a bit but I've been so busy here and you understand, with the move there's still lots of stuff to do. I do plan on taking some time today and visiting your blogs and replying to emails etc...........but first I need to go find Costco LOL

It's been a while since I've done my Five Senses Saturday, so here we go, if you decide to do your own just leave me a comment so that I can come and check it out :)


- Avril Lavigne "When You're Gone"
- F-16 Jets flying overhead
- Family voices on the phone
- Kids laughing hysterically at their own craziness
-The pit pat of the water from the leaky shower


- Animals at the Phoenix Zoo
- My first Arizona Rain
- Food cooking on the stove
- New Cookbook that I'm dying to buy
- All the Knick Knacks at the Cracker Barrel Store


- The soft goats at the Petting Zoo
- The pages on the new book I'm reading
- Yummy fuzzy peaches
- Wet clothes stuck to my body from walking around the zoo
- Hot coffee mug as I take a sip of the velvety coffee


- Chicken Fried Steak at Cracker Barrell
- Chocolate Cobbler
- Garlic and Beer Shrimp
- Cold mug of beer
- Portuguese Bread Rolls


- The morning air
- The smell RIGHT after the huge thunderstorm we had
- Fresh bread at the bakery
- Lavender Air Spray
- Dove Bath Soap


  1. I love the smell after rain when it's been so dry for a while...I guess you'll always get that smell in Arizona when it rains.

    Loved to read all about the sights and sounds of Sandra's world.


  2. Hi, I just found you somehow and loved your 5 senses. Thank you for sharing the Avril Lavigne video. I would probably have never watched it if I hadn't come across it here.

  3. I always love your 5 Senses, Sandra!! I also love the pink in your new picture, very cute. I really like that Avril song, too. My daughter thinks I'm too old to listen to her, but see? I'm not the only one in my early 30's who appreciates her music!! =)

  4. How nice to see you do this again, Sandra. You always do such a beautiful job with this - I really can sense everything you describe here.

  5. Yeah 5 senses is back;-)Nothing wrong with Avril a good canadian girl...have a good week..

  6. how fun to read your 5 senses Sat posts again!

  7. Good ones....I love this song.....and I love the smell of the air too after a thunderstorm. Hope things are going well for you.

  8. Very cool...I saw that you visited my blog and I guess I didn't ever check out your food blog before but it's FABULOUS. Can't wait to try out the Strawberry Stuffed French Toast & Ravioli Lasagna. Thanks and I will be back (to all your blogs ;)!


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