Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Good Morning Everyone.....I have some hot coffee

ready and I'm trying to catch up on my blogging. I've been so bad lately with emails and blogging and everything, I wish I had more than 24 hours in a day to get everything done, but sometimes things just tend to slip away from me.

Come on in and sit with me a bit, I'll tell you what's been going on over here in Arizona.

Saturday afternoon we got a phone call from my MIL and her new hubby saying that they were in town and would be over in about 2 hours. We were shocked, we didn't expect that at all, they live in Texas. LOL

They're on a road trip and were in New Mexico and decided to stop by and say hi. What a nice surprise it was!!! We enjoyed having them, it was short but sweet. They left yesterday morning on their way to Colorado before starting their trip back home to Texas.

So it was a short visit but it was nice, I'm glad they took the time out to come see us.

I think I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the house is almost completely done so I'm starting to get together all my projects, sewing, crafting etc. I also want to get into my reading pile, I miss curling up in bed with a good book.....lately as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out.

One of my favorite TV channels is the Discovery Channel, so saturday I was thrilled to see "The Deadliest Catch" on all day, I don't know what it is about that show that has me hooked, I love it. Then sunday night I watched "Ocean of Fear" the story of the USS Indianapolis sinking and the survivors being in shark infested waters......it was so scary to watch but it was amazing to see the trials that these poor men went through.

Onto other things, I have some new cookbooks that I'm enjoying, and this coming week I'll be trying some new recipes, you can see which ones on my Menu Plan Monday, with it being so hot here I want to avoid using the oven as much as possible, hence pulling out the trusted crockpot and letting it do the work.

I'm coming down with a bit of a cold, I'm not sure if it's the temperature change between it being so hot outside and having the air con inside. Something is up, I woke up this morning and my throat hurts, my head hurts and I'm just feeling miserable. I also need to have my eyesight checked, my right eye has progressively gotten worse over the months, but I'm thinking it has to do with the computer, if I don't get on here for a few days I'm fine, but the minute I get back on, it gets scratchy and dry and it burns, it also makes it blurry. It's always something isn't it???
I'm going to try and come by all your blogs this afternoon, I have no idea what is going on with anyone anymore, I have no clue what contests are happening, what meme's are IT right now, nothing, I'm completely in the dark. It's not a great feeling let me tell you!!! LOL

I better get on out of here, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.


For dinner I'm fixing Grilled Steaks with Twice Baked Potatoes and Lemon Cake for Dessert.


All My Children
General Hospital
Just for Laughs
Singing Bee


Nothing else.......need some rest today!


  1. that's lovely that you had a visit with the mil and her new husband.glad to hear that your house is taking shape.have a good week.

  2. Well, I'm glad to hear you are almost getting things together with your home...I should be coming up behind you along with getting together winter stuff for consigning.....I have been doing laundry all day. My washer and dryer just got hooked up. I have been looking at our budget and am going shopping for a pool.....oh how we have missed this this summer.
    Glad to hear from you.

  3. Glad you had a nice surprise visit with your in-laws! I hope you can get to your reading pile soon. I know I am always happiest reading a good book. I love looking forward to that time when I can relax and read.


  4. How nice that you were able to have a visit with your in laws.

    Good for you for already almost having the house together. A book is a great reward for yourself. Of course with a nice steaming cup of coffee! :v)

  5. How nice that you got to see you MIL. I love Deadliest Catch. I got hooked a couple years ago when I was on the sofa all weekend deathly ill with "morning" sickness... I watched a marathon one whole day.

  6. What a nice surprise from your MIL:)Sorry about your cold. I'm just getting over one & it stinks! Summer colds are the worst!!!
    Come see me soon. I've missed ya!

  7. Don't you worry about visiting us, just you get yourself well (get yourself some vitamins and a nice lie down ;) ) and then get all your jobs done...we'll still be here when you get time.

    Love ya to bits.

  8. Please go read my last entry today.... A reminder for when you're hot

    I think you'll appreciate it. Might be called 'political' but... NO it's not. Cause I sezzz so. -grin-


  9. I DID NOT WORD THAT COMMENT CORRECTLY! Duhh me... This is how it should read, below..... With "Maybe some other mil family blogs would like it, too?"!!! Duhh me. Duhhh me. -sigh-

    Please go read my last entry today.... A reminder for when you're hot

    I think you'll appreciate it. Might be called 'political' but... NO it's not. Cause I sezzz so. -grin-

    Maybe some other mil family blogs would like it, too? -hinting with no shame there- ,-)


  10. I love the "Deadliest Catch"! My hubby got me hooked on it! It must have been reruns on Sat. because the season is over. I wanted to watch "Ocean of Fear" but I was too scared. My hubby is an ex-navy man, I think he might have watched it.

    How nice of the in-laws to drop in. Hope you feel better soon. That menu looks scrumptious!

  11. Surprise visits by people you adore is such fun. I'm glad you're beginning to feel like you've settled in a bit.

  12. How nice, your unexpected visit with his mom and her husband. I wonder where in Colorado they're going? Let me guess. The mountains!

    Sorry to hear you're coming down with a cold. All the stress of the move and getting resettled probably did a number on your immune system. Hope it doesn't get too bad.

  13. HI Sandra,
    I have been wondering how you where. Thanks for dropping by. Now you know how my heat in Texas is. LOL We don't get much of a winter. I went outside to clean the porch this morning and I almosted melted. LOL

  14. what a nice surprise for your MIL and her hubby to stop by for a short visit!


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