Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good Morning from HOT Arizona!!!

We've been here since July 2nd but only got our internet connected today.

I'm sure you're wondering how the move went and for the most part it was good, I was able to survive 15 hours in a car with two bored cranky kids.....THAT is a feat in itself.

As for Arizona, well, what to say, other than I don't like it???? I really really don't like it?????

I think being in Idaho for 10 years and getting used to the 4 seasons really spoiled me because I got here and all they have is HEAT and I'm not just talking about 90 degree heat, look if you want to know what it feels like try turning on your oven to about 450 degrees and then walk up to it and open the door and stand right there. THAT is what it feels like everytime I step outside, it's making me cranky and frustrated and I'm not a happy camper.

Unfortunately this is the life that I chose, a military wife, and we don't always like where we go or where we move but we have to suck it up and make the most of it.

We finally got our internet and all our belongings yesterday, right now I'm surrounded by boxes, I don't think there's a space I can squeeze through without knocking one down. I'll be unpacking and redecorating for the next million years, wanna come help???

We didn't get the house that we wanted, they told us they had a few for us to look at including one in the neighborhood we really liked, but when we showed up magically, they had ONE house to look at and it's the one we're in right now. It's not a bad house, I actually like it because it's a one level and has no stairs which you know when you have little ones is a hassle to have around.

I haven't been able to take any pictures, I don't think you want to see all my boxes do you???

I did take lots of pictures on the trip here, we went from Idaho straight down to Nevada which led us through Las Vegas. Man is that place crazy, I'm not a "lots of traffic" driver, I actually cringe thinking of driving on highways and busy roads so when I was slammed into the middle of Vegas traffic I was hyperventilating, trying to stick behind hubby's truck only to have tons of cars just cut in between us. I think I may have cried a few times but for the most part I was really good. LOL

Right after we left Vegas we got to travel through Boulder City, NV which I absolutely fell in love with. I think I'll be retiring to that city, it's a small town, cute little streets, right near Lake Mead and it's just the kind of place I love.

We also got to go over Hoover Dam which is just gorgeous, a little intimidating to drive through but beautiful none the less LOL

I have more pictures to share but I need to get this house unpacked....I just wanted to check in with everyone and say hi. I will be back tomorrow with my Slow Cooking Thursday so I hope you will all join me :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


  1. Sorry about the heat....Glad to see you posting again though.


  2. I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering where you were in the moving process. If it's any comfort, the temps in Idaho have been hovering at 100+ for quite some time now, so it's beastly hot here, too.

    I hate the stack of unpacked moving boxes, but my motto is "one box at a time, break it down after it's empty and take it outside." That helps keep the clutter down.

    Glad you arrived safely.

  3. I've been wondering how you are doing, Sandra! I'm glad you made it to Arizona safely but sorry about the heat...yikes!! I don't like driving on freeways either and I try to avoid it. I've cried a few time myself so sending ((((hugs)))).
    I hope the unpacking goes well, just do a little at at time!

  4. Welcome to my nightmare :) I'm a "seasons" person, too.

    What part of AZ are you in? We are in the NW side.

    Either way?


  5. I've been thinking of you and wondering how your move went. Good to hear a little bit... sorry it's so HOT. At least it's a dry heat. ha! All the best as you unpack, etc. I've done that lots in my years, too. It seems to all come together in the end.

  6. Sandra, from one AF wife to another ~ I understand and I definitely empathize! We've spend 15 of the past 18 years in the South ~ that one 3 year break was an assignment to Alaska. So I can definitely understand your feelings of frustration and displacement. I will be praying for you and your family! :)


  7. I've been wondering how you were. Welcome back!

  8. Yes, Arizona is hot. If there was one time of the year to move here...this was probably the worst time. Our summers can be terrible, but our winters are great. Good to have you back.

  9. Yeah, you made it! You'll feel better once your unpacked and settled!!


  10. glad you all made it safely..
    So happy to see you blogging again..

  11. so glad you made it there!! We live in AZ too and I can tell you that it was even hotter last week. This is monsoon season (until Sept) so it should cool down a little after the daily rains. Glad to see you back!!


  12. We're in NM but nowhere near that kind of heat. So sorry. Glad you made it and get to make your new place a home. Thanks for popping in to say hi. So glad you did!

  13. Wow, that's quite a move and quite a contrast for you. I don't think I'd be liking all that traffic either. Funny I checked out one of my friend's blogs today- Lynne on my link and she's posted a pic of Arizona and another blog friend SassieKiwi on my links has put out an awesome posting on deserts and desert experiences with God.

  14. Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound. Have been tracking your progress via Nela, but I believe you were incomunidado for a while. Keep your chin up, I know you'll make the best of it. Remember, your first start in life was in a hot and humid climate, which is the worst combination... I'm sure you'll get used to Arizona. What are the winters there like? do you know? Take care and God bless.

  15. Glad you made it safely but sorry you are so miserable. If it makes you feel any better, it was 99 degrees here in Kent,Washington (a suburb of Seattle). It has been in the '90s for 3 days---yuck! We don't have air conditioning either which really makes things around here ugly. ;) I bet you will feel better when you get things unpacked and feel like you have a home again.

  16. Hey Stranger!

    Wow, lots have happened since the last time I've been on here... seems like years ago. Good luck with unpacking! AZ! That's crazy about the heat. I hope things are going well with your new home!
    Take Care,

  17. Sandra, What a blessing that you had safe travels to your new home.....I know moving is a hassle...thanks for visiting with me.....God Bless...Betty

  18. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Yey! You're back online I missed you. I kept checking on my bloglines for you!

    Sorry to hear it's so hot. Over here it's constantly damp at the moment.

    I'm sure you'll soon be settled in. You'll be in my prayers.


  19. Glad to see you back!! Take your time and settle in. Moving is rough. We just did it last August and I still have a pile of pictures and things I have not hung yet.

  20. So glad you made it safe and sound, with everyone in one piece! PCSing always throws you curve balls ie. housing, But, I'm glad you are happy with the house you got. I'm hoping for a one level myself, this next time. It's much easier with little ones.

    I feel for you - with the heat. I basically wilt. Daniel loves it, I do not. Hopefully, your body will accumulate quickly.

    Glad you are back, and looking forward to the pictures!


  21. I think once you have your house put together and you all get into a routine, you'll get used to the whole new location and climate, Sandra. I know it's hotter than heck there (Rob grew up in Scottsdale) but I'm assuming you have a/c. And this is all a shock because really, Arizona in July, for petes sake? I'll bet you love the winter there.

    It's nice to hear from you again. I've been wondering how your move is going. Glad you made it through Las Vegas safely. LOL

  22. I visited Hoover Dam as a teen. Amazing! Then we went on a house boat for a week. Great memories.
    Thanks for hosting the slow cook Thursday. I posted a recipe.
    Blessings to you in AZ

  23. I can so, so, so identify with your feelings, believe I really can!

    I was living in beautiful Colorado Springs, with a view of Pikes Peak from my apartment balcony. Nice 4 seasons, mild summer, snow not too bad in winter as it usually melted by the afternoon...I loved it there.

    After Joe's remote to Osan his follow on orders were to New Mexico. The first time I visited him there I cried when I was about to leave...we were getting married and I knew this was where I would be living. I hated it. It was brown, dusty, dirty...did not compare to Colorado at all. Summer is HOT HOT HOT here too. Oh but it's a "dry" heat. I don't care - 100 degrees is too darn hot! I've now been here for 7 yrs...and yes as a military spouse you make of each assignment what you can because you don't want to spend your time being miserable.

    I know you'll get through this, it'll be an adjustment to the different climate etc, but you'll get through...and just know I've been there before too :)

  24. Oh, I'm so glad your back on the internet! I've missed your posts.

    Sorry about the heat. I despise hot, humid weather with a passion, too. Hopefully, ya'll won't be stationed there too too long. I'm nervous about our next duty station already. It'll be here in less than 2 years!

    I'll be looking forward to seeing all the pics from your trip.


  25. Yeaaaaaaaaaa! She has net connection!!!

    Oh Dear, I do so feel for you, about the heat. I too would not be a happy camper. But it just makes me all the more grateful to all of you, for the life you have chosen. That of being the Warrior protecting us... And the Warrior's family.

    I don't like big-time driving any more and I can't imagine all of it, you had to do. Especially not being able to keep "your leader" in view, because of crazy drivers. You are one Super Gal!!!!!

    Relax. {Hahh, I can hear your maniacal laughter, at that!!!} Unpack stuff. Get acclimated. Don't worry about blogging. We won't forget you. :-)


  26. I have missed you. I'm so glad you made it though....your one of the first blogs I went to and I have missed reading your everyday and you have alot going on right now......we will look back at this and laugh one day.


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