Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cloudy and Dreary!

That's what it looks like today and it matches the way I feel.

Whatever this virus is that is going around it's really persistent and annoying to boot. Last week Jasmine was home from school 2 days, she had a bad cold, a bit of a fever, sore throat, cough etc....I should have known it would come my way but I didn't think of it, see I was kinda busy dealing with the sore neck/shoulder whatever, so I kinda/maybe/definitely forgot to arm myself against a possible cold.

Needless to say yesterday my throat started hurting and last night, oh last night.....UGH, I spent the whole night trying to sleep through the knife that someone so kindly left lodged in there. Please remove it and take it back, I don't want it.

Yes I know my template has changed, I got a craving for green. Everyone is going green nowadays, there's all these programs and shows and all this green splash of color everywhere and I HATE to be out of the loop, so why not?

I hope you like it, it's simple but it's making me happy, it's like a perpetual summer time on this blog. Think of it this way, I'm trying to provide a hideaway for all of you that are still dealing with the crazy cold and snow out there. See? I do love you all! :)

I'm not sure what my day is going to be, actually, I have an inkling because this poor old (lol I love referring to myself as old lately I don't know why....maybe it's to see Curt's annoyed look) body of mine is going nowhere. I will blame it on the clouds and the fact that I'm sick and maybe climb into bed with a hot cup of tea with honey, pop in my "Road to Avonlea" and just drown out the world.
Forget the laundry, the floors that are asking to be mopped, the living room that the kids have messed up while playing last night. I'm going to rebel today and do something I NEVER do.....I'm not making any beds. YIKES! *I literally felt the gasp of shock around the world*

Jasmine is old enough to make her own, Nicholas can just pull the covers up over his and mine, well mine is going to be holding my little body in, so no use making it right??? If you only knew how it gives me hives to think of unmade beds and an untidy's like my fingers are itching to go, but NOPE, I'm putting my foot down today. It's MY turn to lay down and recuperate and get's less than a month now for our trip and there's no way I'm showing up there after 10 years with a snotty nose and a croaky voice.

Dinner tonight is whatever the kids and daddy are fixing, I guess. I was supposed to make some seafood gumbo but I'm not sure I'll be up for it....that will have to be tomorrow's meal.

Right now Curt is running to Taco Bell....Oh I love him, I love love love this man. He sees me not feeling well and he knows what will cheer me up.....a Bacon Chalupa! YUM!

I'm out of here, my head is pounding and the knife is still hanging here waiting for it's rightful owner to claim it, please be don't be scared to step forward I promise no charges will be filed, as a matter of fact I'll be so thrilled to have it gone that I'll cook you dinner. Not tonight, read above for details....but maybe another time?????

God Bless you all.....


  1. Sorry it's dreary and you're sick! I really like your new template though. It's cheery!

  2. Sorry you're sick, we all have colds here too. My throat got better pretty quick though, I hope yours does too.

    Hugs and love.

  3. Oh no ... we've had the sickies around here as well. YUCKY ! I didn't get it (yet) but the I know what you mean about the knife in your throat ! Two nights ago I got really bad heartburn and had some of it come up into my throat and actually burn it ! That hurt !! I had to sit up to sleep. Horrible ! It was better in the morning though ... I hope that after your day of resting with beds unmade (!) you will feel better too !!

  4. That actually is a beautiful picture though. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. I love your new template.
    Hey- that's what I had and it was a 3 week haul and finally antibiotics to get over it- take it easy and pamper your body. I so don't want you to be sick on your trip!!!

  6. sorry that you are under the weather. The sky did not look all that great.
    I love the template that you have.

  7. I hope you feel better soon. Going from one thing to another is not fun.

    The new template is wonderful. Love the header! Wish I could do all that kind of stuff.

  8. I like your template - I need some colour in mine.I love the picture too
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I don't make beds either ... or mop - who cares (LOL - my DH does the floors)

  9. I just can't do the not making the beds thing! I do remember one time, right after I had Eliza, I didn't make the bed, that night when I went to go to sleep I discovered the unmade bed. I promptly made it and then climbed in. I know, I'm very weird! :) I just can't do it though!

    I hope you kick this virus! And quick because girl, you have places to be and people to see! No time for being sick!

  10. Hope you feel better really soon. I like the new look!;)

    And that Darn yummy pasts looks like something my whole family will like....yipee... I'm going to try it soon:)

  11. Get feeling better soon :)


  12. Hi Sandra,

    I just bounced over here after having a gander at your cooking blog. I love your background, it's so pretty. This is an attractive blog; and I like how despite your cold, your post still has a humorous tone to it. Now, I do send best "chicken soup" wishes to you for a speedy recovery. Spring colds are the absolute worst, aren't they? Well, knock wood, I have escaped the cold monster all winter, amazingly eluding all those cold germs lurking everywhere. Here's a tip for the sore throat. Gargling with very warm water into which you've poured a generous dose of table salt. Also, if you have honey in the house, put some on a spoon and let it slide down your throat---this is a little different from swallowing, but the effect is, it coats the throat and is very soothing. Oh, so is chamomile tea with honey in it.

    Okay I'm laughing....I'm a mother, can't you tell? I want to mother the world..don't we all? Sickness brings out the nurse-in-overdrive in me, I guess...:), but these old home remedies really are beneficial.

    Here's another mother hen comment: stay in bed! Rest is the best thing to stave off anything worse and shorten the length of your cold.

    ***Don't worry about the beds***they'll still be there in the morning!


  13. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, Sandra. I hope some rest and that bacon chalupa have you feeling a lot better by now! :)

    Take care!

  14. I hate that you feel bad. Hugs to you on a quick recovery dear friend.

  15. Your new template is too cute. I love it!

    Feel better soon! You can't be sick you got a big trip to plan. (As if you don't have everything planned down to a "T". I know you all to well!!)

  16. I'm so sorry you're feeling sick again! What a bummer. I hope it all goes away in time for your fabulous trip coming up.

    That picture of the sky is spectacular!!

  17. Ugh - sorry to hear you were under the weather...even though the weather wasn't so great either! Hope you're feeling better.

  18. Ugh - sorry to hear you were under the weather...even though the weather wasn't so great either! Hope you're feeling better.

  19. Hi, I found you from Gab's blog and I am glad I did love your look and love what you had to say about the book you just read I always hear people talking aobut her books but have never read it only b/c I have so much to do list ,well don't we all.
    I am soory you are not feeling well May God bless you soon with good health again,blesing marina


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