Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Well it's just April and we are at 96 degrees.......

makes me wonder just how hot it will be by July???


I was watching the news yesterday and they were saying that by summer time there will be some areas hitting 150º. SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Am I supposed to be happy, scared, sad or should I start saving for an indoor ice rink?
I mean really, 150º, that's not even funny!

Anyway, needless to say it's really hot here, we've started walking to school in the morning and then just driving in the afternoon because there's no way the kids and I can handle walking in that heat, even in the car it's horrible.

I don't have much going on here, trying to get everything packed and ready for our trip which is just over two weeks away, I can't even believe it, I keep telling my family that I'll only really believe it once I'm there.

So what have I been doing to spend my time??? Reading and watching tv, mixed in with housework and not feeling too great......I'm seriously beginning to believe that I don't bode well with Arizona. I used to get colds and sometimes allergies back in Idaho once in a while but this is just ridiculous, I feel that ever since I moved to Arizona I've been constantly sick.

If there's anyone out there that has gone through the same or has any advice, I welcome it. I've been researching online and it seems that this area is just awful and they're actually telling people to leave if they have allergies or respiratory problems because the smog and the pollution is just horrible and a lot of people suffer all year long. Guess I'm one of them!

I can't wait to be in Africa for a month, I'll see how I feel there and if I'm doing good, I'll see how I react once I'm back here, if things don't get better, I'm going to the doctors for tests.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and update you all on my goings on, I'm about to go do bath time with the kids and then I have American Idol and Dancing with the Stars to watch....hope you're all having a good Tuesday!

God Bless,


  1. sounds like they are talking about death vally.it gets that hot there in the summer. i don't even want to think about temps in the high 80's.

  2. 150? really? YIKES!

  3. Would you believe I had to go to work early this morning (5:30) and it was snowing? We need a little warmth here, but that's too much. Our allergy season seems to be really starting too, our household should buy stock in kleenex! I always thought Arizona was a good place for people with respiratory problems - guess not!

  4. Oh my word. That is just way too hot for this girl. I think I'd just melt into one huge complaining puddle.

    Allergies are not fun. They're starting to kick up around here too.

  5. OH MY!!!! I want some warmth but that is beyond hot!!!! even the 96 is TOO hot!!!!! I like 75... heck... I wouldn't mind 67-69 cuz I am tired of being cold but that heat is ridiculous!!!!!

  6. Sandra,

    I'm most awfully distressed to learn of how much you are suffering....what a shock....I thought Arizona had some of the cleanest purest air in America....it always looks so clean and unspoilt in all the photos I've seen....

    Have you tried nasal irrigation? It does wonders for cleaning the sinuses where I believe alot of dust and so forth lodges....

    I know what you mean about not believing a trip is for real, until you are actually on the airplane, or landed on the other side.

    My eyes felt irritated all day at work today, and a co-worker mentioned the same thing to me...I think some of it might be the harsh cleaning products that the cleaners use....who knows?

    Take care,


  7. I don;'t know how in the world you will ever manage that heat! I know that I couldn't.

    I bet you are so excited about South Africa! How exciting.

    I'm watching some Tales from Avonlea tonight! I"m only on Vol 3. I'm almost finished the 5th disc of North and South and I am so smitten with it.


  8. oh my goodness!!! Be careful in that heat Sandra!! How yucky!! I get cranky when it is in the 80s here...LOL....that is pretty pathetic of me...huh??? ROFL!

  9. I agree with the others- I don't like it when it's in the 80's- 90 and higher- YUCK!!!!!
    Definately go to the Dr if your allergies keep bothering you- I have them too and there's so much they can do for them now.

  10. allergies in Arizona. I was always told that was the place to go to clear them up. I cannot wait until your trip. So exciting.

  11. TWO WEEKS!! I am so excited for you. I know you've been longing for this for a LONG time, Sandra.

    It's suppose to be 89 here in New Mexico today. Quite a shock for this Vermont girl!


  12. Bless you.. I have been sneezing all morning. Sorry it's so hot already.. I'm sure our temp will be up there soon. Have a good day..

  13. You poor thing, I hope you find out what's wrong.

    150 degrees! By gum you'll melt. I presume you have air con, etc. It's pretty chilly here still.


  14. 2 weeks! Yay!! I can only imagine how excited you must be. I can't wait to see pictures & hear all about it.
    150 degrees?! I thought I had read that wrong. My goodness our Miss Sandra's gonna melt!

  15. Wow, Sandra. I can't believe you're only two weeks away from this trip you've waited so long to make. I can imagine how excited you are.

    It sounds like the area you're living in is what's causing all these problems. I'll bet you anything, it stops and you feel great while you're gone. Hopefully, that will convince you to see a doctor. Surely there must be something people can take to ease all these symptoms. Sounds like this problem might be pretty common where you live.

  16. I know too well what you mean I suffer I form allergies myself I am alway on some kind of meds Texas is one of the worset places to live for allergies I am with you all the way.
    I have been through Arzona in the summer and it was 110 back then and I wanted to die! it really gets hot I hated that place b/c of the heat . Hopefully Africa well be cooler don't forget to blog us if you can once you are there or are you moving there? marina

  17. A lot of people here in Hawaii develop allergies. They say possibly to mango plant. Who knew. Anyway I'll bet it is your move to AZ that makes you feel yucky. I think the dry heat is probably not the best. There isn't much you can do since you are part of the military but hopefully you will adjust over time. You know how it goes though, once you adjust it will be time for another move.

    Good luck with your packing. I can't believe your trip is finally here. That's awesome.

  18. I think the idea of going to a doc, when you get back, is wise anyway. How much more being worn down, can you take?

    Sure wish you'd be looking forward to a transfer. But... He is home with you... Trade offs hu?

    And you must be so very excited with the trip home, coming soon. Yes, more excited, when the passport arrives, I know.


  19. Wow! I can't believe you are in the midst of summer now (or at least it must feel that way).


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