Friday, April 18, 2008

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Darn Yummy Pasta!

So I was standing in the kitchen, wooden spoon in hand and staring at the refrigerator. I have a menu planned but for some reason I somehow messed up and didn't buy anything for today.........must have been during my "really tired just want to crawl into bed and sleep the week away" anyway, I had to come up with something.

In this house, pasta is the staple. You can't go wrong with it, I'm serious, you can't, so I pulled out a bit of this and a bit of that and box of this and a can of that and before I knew it I had dinner on the table and big rave reviews from the kids.

So here you doesn't have a name other than,


  1. Sandra,looks good to me.

  2. We did the exact sane thing (except I made parmarosa grilled chicken pasta) after a day of scheduling mishaps - just couldn't get the regularly scheduled menu to happen.

  3. I had to do this too last week. I needed a supper so I went to the pantry and after combining a bit of this and a bit of that I ended up with a really good supper that everyone loved.

  4. Nothing better than a bits of this and a can of that... for making an easy dinner! Yessssssssss! :-)

    And thank you so much for a nice, long comment in my entry! It's a big topic, to me. I really appreciate your comment. I am so interested in how others handle this blogging issue. I suppose 'misery loves company,' so it's nice to know that others have had to deal with it, in their own way. ,-)



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